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Tutorials not working correctly on February 7

First post
CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2017-02-07 14:53:31 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Leeloo
[img][/img]  [img][/img]

Update at 17:23 UTC

The tutorial is properly working again, all issues have been fixed!

Original message

We have noticed that the in-game tutorials (the NPE) have stopped working correctly for Amarr characters with the deployment of the latest patch during the downtime on February 7.

The initial dungeon in the tutorial will disappear from space, blocking tutorial progress. Unfortunately, there is no way for you, the player, to fix this situation. You have to wait for our dev team to fix this bug. We recommend that you, in the meanwhile, explore the fantastic EVE Online universe on your own, look around a bit, chat with other players and check out the in-game Rookie Help!

Do not abort the tutorial. Once we have fixed the issue, you will be able to continue the tutorial.

Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar characters are unaffected by this issue, and should have access to the tutorial as normal.

We apologize for this outage. Our developers are working hard to fix this issue. Please stay tuned for further updates!

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Uncle Bork
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2017-02-08 04:33:17 UTC
"Amarr and their crystal methods of killing things. It is obvious that they tried to measure the extent of the problem but they only found that it was less accurate each time". -Heisenberg.
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2017-02-08 07:30:44 UTC  |  Edited by: DeMichael Crimson
CCP Phantom wrote:

Update at 17:23 UTC

The tutorial is properly working again, all issues have been fixed!

It's great to see CCP quickly fixing the issue.

Keep up the good work.