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Intel Map project.

Satchel Darkmatter
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1 - 2017-02-04 20:14:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Satchel Darkmatter
First of all, not sure if this should go here so if there is some where more specific it should go please tell.

Hello all, this is a little side project that I started a week or two ago because there were things I wanted vIntel to do that it just could not, I initially looked at vIntel's source with the intent of forking it and adding in the things I wanted but it's been more than a decade since I last saw anything like python so I ruled that out real quick.

My only option left was to simple write my own from scratch in a language that I enjoy using, and the results are bellow, it's still early days and I am still in need of people to help in the form of testing, hence this post.

So if you find what you see in the video bellow interesting, and would like your name listed as a tester/helper, either on some credits page or hidden in the source some where only visible with a top secret key code, then check the webpage smack the download edit the config.xml and have at it.

Some Key Features.

  • Ability to theme either the Art the Sound or Both. The Download comes with a few themes some are still WIP [ default, dark, starwars, startrek, orbs ]
  • Something a Corp could do is have their own Corp theme might be nice.
  • Set any system or systems on a Watchlist, which has its own alert sound fx.
  • Set any system or systems on a Homelist which has its own more frighting sound fx
  • Display shiptypes that were reported allowing you to glance at the map and have an instant idea of what's out there.
  • Two versions of an Intel Request on a system, basically when some one says "8P9-BM status?" it will display this on the map along with a sound fx, if you happen to be in the system that's mentioned you get a diff sound fx allowing you to immediately know when some one is asking about space your in, giving you the chance to be a good scout and feed the appropriate intel to your intel chennels.

There is more in the current build and I have more planned for future builds, like top score tables tracking intel reporters, chat commands that you can enter into a private chat that the map will read and execute, at the moment I have things like "!Reminer h:m text" which is actually really handy and I use it a lot for odd things.

Video Tutorial :
Download Page :

TLDR: - I am writing my own intel map for windows (possibly apple) and I need help from people who can test it for a few hours and provide feedback and or suggestions.