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Cloned MTU's and Modules

Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-02-04 17:28:32 UTC
Recently I have had two issues with modules or items being cloned.

The first issue came when I fit a Medium Targeting System Sub-controller to a Hurricane. After I fit the module a clone remained in the Inventory Hangar that allowed me to move the module into a station container.

The second issue was with an MTU that was cloned. After I moved the MTU from the Noctis and into a Typhoon, I moved all of the loot from the Noctis' cargo hold into the Inventory Hangar. Once again the MTU appeared in the Inventory Hangar as well as the cargo hold of the Typhoon.

I know the Typhoon's cargo hold was empty of MTU's because that is where I had taken the MTU from in the first place for the salvage mission that I had used the Noctis in.