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Scraps With Fragments Of Theories

#1 - 2017-01-28 03:37:37 UTC  |  Edited by: DrysonBennington
.......Eagles Talons Survey Vessel: Nepthys
.......Location: Providence, QR-K85, friendly territory

It has been nearly a year now since the fleet crews of the ships of Eagles Talons have been living in Provi Space. They have adjusted quite well to their new home millions of kilometers away from their families in High Sector. Some have moved their families to QR hoping to establish a new life for theirselves, others have returned to High Sector, some even to new adventures of their own and unfortunately some have not returned at all.

The mining operations yield vast amounts of wealth for the families of the corporation and many have made very beneficial investments in High Sec as well as well other regions. I wish them luck in their pursuits, where ever they may pursue, as Null Space is a dangerous place to be.

An interesting memo crossed my desk the other day from one of the Senior Resource Managers who recently took a position on a freighter in High Sector. According to her data files and scans, asteroids that we have been mining for the past several months returned unusual scan results. What was unusual was not the mineral composition of the asteroids theirself but the fact that some of mineral lattice returned a scan that appeared to be as if it had been drilled through at one time or another and other metallic allows used to line the hole. Rust basically. Rust from metallic pipes used to build conduits through the asteroid. Although only trace amounts of data has been recovered the trace amounts do appear in other asteroid belts across QR and the surrounding regions of Provi space. Far to many results to be natural. Few to many samples to generate a concise base. One table of discussion is that the asteroids could have been part of an ancient network of conduits linking that asteroids together to a central location. The trace data is less than five feet in width and varies from there down so I am assuming that the conduits must have been used to transfer water, electricity and other needed resources for station of some sort.

Other's have suggested that the fragments might have been part of a small inhabited moon that broke apart millions of years ago as there are also trace amounts of chemicals in the data that would only be found on planets able to sustain life.

Only time will tell what the Nepthys and her crew discover.
#2 - 2017-01-28 03:42:37 UTC
Glad to hear that the single phrase could inspire a story.

A Minmatar warship is like a rusting Beetle with 500 horsepower Cardillac engines in the rear, armour plating bolted to chassis and a M2 Browning stuck on top.

#3 - 2017-02-06 01:40:45 UTC
Or could the alien fragments really have been part of an ancient cult that dabbled in one of the most illegal uses of Cloning Technology, Clone Shifting. Clone Shifting was regarded as illegal in all High Security space and was often times met with death if found to be in use in the more lawless regions of space.

Clone Shifting came as a result of a group of Clone Technicians mishandling the encoding software in a station cloning facility one evening that transferred the recent arrival into the clone of a ancient beast from the child's bedtime series of stories, The Nine Worlds, that had somehow found its way into the software. As the beast emerged from the Clone Tank it rapidly increased in mass the more frightened the poor Capsuleer trapped inside the shell became until the beast passed out. The technicians quietly erased the events of the cloning facility that evening replacing the actual data with test and simulation data that would not be discovered for thousands of years, if ever.

It wasn't until another malfunction occurred at the same cloning facility where Slaver Hounds were cloned and Capsuleer's memories implanted in the beast's that previous 'experiment clone shifting' had taken place. The technicians were eventually tracked down to a far reaching solar system that had never been explored completely but it was too late. They had already amassed close to ten million followers in what had been called the "Clone Cult."

The Clone Cult, lead by the now renegade Clone Technicians had a lot of wealth, well into the hundreds of billions of ISK that they had made through their illegal smuggling operations as well as pirating operations. It was also later discovered that the Clone Cult had been responsible for numerous murders for pay under the guise of Slaver Hounds that came into and out of the planets history like the ghosts of a myth. The cult members had been able to become Slaver Hounds through the use of Clone Shifting to gain access to highly secure facilities as the pets of the CEO's and other high profile individuals. Once inside the Slaver Hounds simply turn on their masters and kill them and then flee into the night to be transported off world by the cults Clone Shift carrier as if nothing had happened.

With the navies of New Eden sending in their best of their elite Special Operations and Black Operations to combat the cult at its very core the cult itself made the made most daring escape ever thought possible. Several of their Clone Shifting Carriers somehow managed to use their Micro Jump Dives to jump into the Void. The Void is considered all of the space around New Eden that has not yet been explored or has had any Jump Gates established. But somehow the Clone Cult had managed to establish a network of nodes that they were able to jump too.

As the last Clone Carrier jumped into the Void, explosions were monitored for thousands of AU into the Void. With the last Clone Carrier jumping into the oblivion of the night and no longer registering on scanners the case was closed on the Clone Cult. Data banks were scrubbed while data files were destroyed in the heat of industrial centers never to be read again.

Every so often a badly damaged Mobile Micro Jump Drive Depot will appear in an outlying system without any registry designations or appear on a scanner and then vanish. Not even the best survey pilots in New Eden have been able to locate these Ghost Depots.

Even today mentioning the Nine Worlds invokes horrific nightmares in those listening and those reading this simply fascinating, but true, child's bedtime story.
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