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Bank accounts with divisions + access lists

handige harrie
Vereenigde Handels Compagnie
#1 - 2017-01-27 15:15:51 UTC  |  Edited by: handige harrie
You can open up a bank account with any of the banking NPC corporations in EVE. This can be done remotely. Opening up a bank account has a monthly cost, that is dependent on the number of divisions you open. Like corp divisions, 7 is the max you can open per character. The more divisions you want, the more ISK per month you pay. There should be two kinds of Bank accounts. One for industrialists who don’t do a lot of trading and a trading account for those who like to trade a lot and will have lots of transactions.

Why two kinds of accounts? Because it suits different playstyles better. Paying 200M per month for 3 transactions is stupid, but so is paying 1M per transaction while having 200 transactions per day.

The costs of the trading accounts could be structured like this (flat fee):

1 Bank account Division costs 50M per month
2 Bank account Divisions cost 100M per month
3 Bank account Divisions cost 140M per month
4 Bank account Divisions cost 170M per month
5 Bank account Divisions cost 180M per month
6 Bank account Divisions cost 190M per month
7 Bank account Divisions cost 200M per month

The costs of Industrial accounts could be structured like this (pay per journal line):

7 Bank account Divisions cost 50M per month.
Then an additional fee of 1M isk per journal entry.

the ISK per month will be taken from the first Division, if there is not enough ISK in the first Division the amount will go negative and you won’t be able to use any of the account unless it is to transfer money to the first division (incl. closing them) until you fill up the first division to 0 or a positive amount again.

To make things more fun and handy to use between players. These accounts should be able to use an access list so the owner of the bank account can give query, send and take roles to other players. Corporations and alliance can be added to the access list aswell.

This would allow people to finally have divisions to play with, without having to open up alt corps and allow multiple players to set up trading and production, while not being in the same corporation and give alliances the option to have SRP wallets without the need for alts in special corps etc.

Why have costs at all? Because i like isk sinks and the game could use some more.

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