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WTB Custom Trading spreadsheet.

Irn bru enterprise
#1 - 2017-01-27 12:02:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Zeshita

Looking for someone to make me a custom trading spreadsheet (google doc is preferred but excel is fine) paying isk for the service.

What i need:
  • Trading from corp wallet and orders so will need ability to pull data from corp api.[/list]

  • Records and tracks profits on a daily/ weekly and monthly basis factoring in custom broker fee's.

  • Displays total isk value - In escrow/ sell orders/ wallet and corp wallets/ assets

  • Able to pull regional info about items and display - spread/ % profit/ daily volume factoring in broker fee and tax and able to create list of items to buy from this info using select able criteria for both station trading and Inter regional.

  • Able to identify own orders and % being underbid by other orders.

  • Option to compare prices from one hub to another to identify trade opportunity / potential profit.

  • Asset tracking across Tranquillity showing estimated m3/ isk value per system.

  • Separate page to input weekly total of loyalty points vs previous week and a multiplier to estimate total isk value.

  • Stores Total value at end of week to track total isk value that week vs previous week (estimated lp value being factored in also)

  • (LP tracker and value at end of week vs previous week doesn't have to be anything fancy just an added thing to have everything in one sheet :) )

    Basically i am after something that is being described in this video (its just he first hour or so no need to watch whole thing) tried to include all of it in my points but if i have missed something please include :D

    Realize this is a very complex request and i have no clue about programming apologies if anything is off.

    If you have the skills and this thing interests you and you are capable quote me a price sure we can come to an agreement Big smile

    Sorry in advanced CCP if this is not the appropriate place for this post.