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mining drone mechanics

The Last Crusaders
#1 - 2017-01-26 15:14:03 UTC
OK so I may have a suggestion for mining drones that may be useful. once mining drones 5 is learned you can specialize mining drones. I noticed once specialized ; however, the drones still do not progress from target to target on their own. I personally think that as you progress in "specialize mining drones" your drones should be able to advance from one rock to the next all by themselves. without having to be commanded. as the skill levels increase perhaps they may progress to more targeted rocks increasing to 5 total also at level 5 each individual miner should be able to progress to the next closest rock all by itself. just a suggestion.

Also as far as attack drones go once a drone is set to aggressive no matter when it was launched it should attack anything that attacks you or themselves.. as it is if you are already being attacked and launch drones you must target and tell them to attack in either aggressive or passive... just more feedback maybe you can fix some of these things ccp :)