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[WIP] Fleet-Yo fleet management tool.

Snitch Ashor
The Mjolnir Bloc
Templis CALSF
#1 - 2017-01-21 20:40:09 UTC
Hi there,

I came up with a little tool (webpage) to manage and track fleets. This tool is inspired by others out there, mainly the agony fleet manager which relied on the IGB.
Heres a short list of current features:

  • Select backup FCs so they can see what ingame is visible to the boss only
  • Fleet members can post fittings so the fc gets a precise composition
  • Backup FCs can make fleet invites using the webpage

The page is written in php/mysql and uses esi as the only api.
Source is here:
Demo is here: (restricted access)


  • php 5.5+
  • php-curl
  • MySQL
  • php-mysqli
  • For certain features (persistent cookie login), site should be running via ssl

So here's a couple of screens:

And last but not least a couple of credits/software used:

ESI php client generated with swagger-codegen
Auth was adopted from Fuzzy Steve's EVE SSO Auth
Fuzzy Steve's Static dump mysql conversion
jQuery datatables
Twitter typeahead.js
Nakupanda's Bootstrap Dialog