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Looking for script to import several corporation wallets

Dharr Guartonzec
#1 - 2017-01-19 14:14:01 UTC

o7 nerds,

i googled, i tried searching this forum and i played around with google spreadsheets and even some tools like zapier...

Looks like if i want to import the wallet journals from several corporation API keys i need a script, because import XML doesn't work like i need it or doesn't like the amount of data being pulled.

What i want to setup is a google document that will collect the wallet data from members of my alliance so that i can filter it for bounty payments and charge the member corporations a tax based on the monthly total PvE activity.

Has someone maybe done something similar and would like to share the solution?

If not i would not mind to pay a bit for assistance to get such a solution to work.


-Dharr Guartonzec-

CEO of Non-Sedentary