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New Pilot Feedback

Shingeno Asanari
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#1 - 2017-01-17 17:56:04 UTC
I have a good friend who played this game ages ago and we also played DUST together. I finally got around to playing the game myself. A lot has changed since my friend played it long ago.

First of all, the game does a very good job of getting you started and teaching you the basics of flying, mining, and fighting. This is a pretty in depth game so it certainly helps to have all of that information.

The one thing I found lacking; and I am not sure if there is a mission that teaches you this aspect of the game or not, is when you need to use those probes for the Exploration line of quests. The first quest you get does virtually nothing to tell you how to use them at all and doesn't even mention anything about in game tutorials being available. I only found that out in a discussion in the rookie help chat. I actually found some tutorials some users made on YouTube before discovering this.

Using Probes doesn't seem all that difficult once you actually understand what exactly it is you are supposed to do. It is just a rather involved process that I think EVE should do a bit better job of explaining it to you.

So far though this is the only thing like this I have come across in my young new piloting career. Now that I know you can hit F12 on the keyboard to bring up tutorials if I ever have an issue like this again I can check there for some help.

Thank you for making such an awesome game. I am very much enjoying my space faring life!