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NWN - Neu Weeden Network: Looking for Chat Moderators

Sylanthis d'Terran
EVE Republic
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#1 - 2017-01-11 18:28:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Sylanthis d'Terran
NWN - Neu Weeden Network is a new chat channel, and we are looking for interesting, compelling and imaginative Chat Moderators either as solo or co-hosts. In time, the plan is to have 24/7 regularly scheduled programming such as you can find on talk radio and cable news channels. And we are looking for people to develop their own program format.

Idea NWN is open to a wide variety of interests--anything from Alpha Clones to Zkillboard. Here are a few suggestions on topics that you and other players might find interesting:

  • Real-life Politics
  • New Eden Contests
  • Newbros Mentoring
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Eve Lore
  • Human Sexuality
  • Comedy

  • Question So how about it? Do you have the personality to be the next Rush Limbaugh or Dr. Phil? Can you fill a one- or two-hour time slot with your own creative content? Can you draw an audience?

    Shocked If you can, your time could be richly rewarded. As part of the MOTD of NWN - Neu Weeden Network, those tuning in will be allowed -- even encouraged, to tip the Moderator. The bigger the audience you can draw, the greater the likelihood you will be tipped by some appreciative guest. You already chat; why not get paid to do it?

    The MOTD for NWN - Neu Weeden Network has not been finalized, but it will include prohibitions against trolling, spamming and scamming. It will also include an advisory about "mature subject matter" and "profanity" as the goal is to build a network that encourages mature, thoughtful discussion of topics that are often censored in other chat channels.

    To apply for a position as a Moderator, send me a detailed description of the topic you would like to host. Include a suggestion for the title of your program and the hours of the day (in Eve Time) you prefer. Ideally your program would run at the same time every day, Monday through Friday, so people know when to tune in. If you cannot devote that much time to a program, consider a Saturday or Sunday time slot. Note: NWN - New Weeden Network is an English-language-only channel. So let your creativity and personality shine in your format submission.

    Additionally, NWN is looking for someone to create a 15 second video suitable for posting on the in-game bulletin boards.

    If you have questions, you can contact me in-game by searching "NWN" in the Channels or by sending me a message.