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Covert Hauling: Delivery Drop-off Bins/Boxes for Stations and Citadels

#1 - 2017-01-11 14:17:00 UTC

I would like to suggest to find a way to deliver to a station or citadel without the need to dock up. I think this would offer some very interesting new option for gameplay without any drawbacks:

- Anyone in game could fulfill any hauling contract no matter the docking rights
- Perhaps one could even sell to buyorders without docking up
- If the Drop-off would be optional and not mandatory no one would lose any ingame options (like market control in your own territory or delivery contract scams. If the drop off could be unanchored the timer should show up on contracts to keep it fair)

Covert hauling to drop of boxes could become an interesting profession and hunting the covert haulers too. If selling to buyorders and/or WTB contracts was an option too industrialists could supply all sides of a war, as long as their corp./alliance does not know about it. One could make delivery to a drop-off anonym or let the client know who brought the stuff in, both could be a nice source of drama.
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