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Hacking Mini Game to Real Game

Caldari State
#1 - 2017-01-11 01:05:48 UTC  |  Edited by: 78 Aster
Disclaimer, Not Originally written in English, may have bad spots

Covers: Raw, Fluid hacking, viruses, new sites, rewards/loot, modules, scanning, PvP, Reworks, CCP benfits


The hacking in game is good but a bit jitter (has a few graphical errors or other) With all that goes on in the game at once this "mini-game" tends to lack if you try to attempt to do it fast when pressed for time and doing it fast is still slow. SO, why not add it to something that has a better interface? Bring in the touchscreen (phone, ipad, chromebook?) Modernizing an old feature and bringing eve to more platforms in more ways.

Though, this version would be vastly different form the in-game version

Fluid Hacking

Instead of just clicking multiple points you would be able to drag along a line and hack multiple points at once (rapid succession) and not have to adjust a mouse though if you hit a virus it will stop where the virus was found.


There would be new types specifically for this version. Since there is "no risk" XD [talked of later] the sites would need more risky viruses and here are a few ideas

Time-Bomb: If you come across this you will then have a limited time to complete the hack [non-destructible] if you fail to hack within the time limit you would lose the site, your hack tool (pad), and maybe even some of your loot [later]

Worm: Drains virus consistency every move/action

Scrambler: Re-arranges the board [moves viruses/core randomly or makes new board, like a reset]

New Sites

With "little" XD player threat some sites must be harder and here are some ways

A.) Timed sites
B.) Limited moves
C.) Multi-core
D.) Multi-layer [hack one core move to new level, hack another core, etc]

Rewards and Loot

The rewards work just a little bit differently than what you are used to. You will have a daily cache that can only be claimed after downtime of the server and this cache is comprised of all the loot you gathered in that day and it is not safe until redeemed [in a station after downtime]

Since the player threat is lessened it would seem appropriate to reduce the rewards that come out of these sites BUT site rarity can also come into play. Such as "high sec" sites spawning 7/10 times and may carry ISK and the standard high-sec loot, low 2/10 and could have T1 BPC/BPO with low odds, null/wh 1/10 but with no T2 BPC/BPO chance [maybe more ISK instead] (example values, would be more like 1/1000)


To fit the Eve theme it would good to have modules for these devices as well as better devices following the Dust 514 trend of Militia [permanent], basic [bought with ISK, Advanced [bought with isk], Prototype-Officer [bought with Aurum] and they would have slots ranging from Militia 0,1,0 to Officer 4,5,3. Where the high slots are for "damage" modules, medium for utilities like relic/data analyzers or range amps, and low slots for virus coherence. To also fit the new way of Eve, anything above advanced would Omega access only as well as T2 items. Of course, each "pad" would have limited PG/CPU and other stats.

Like all things in Eve, someone would have to produce them, and to promote the game, all modules that could be used on the pads would have blueprints [T1] scattered through out the sites in game to a limited amount and the higher tier ones might be inventible in game if CCP allowed it.


If you thought this was going to be like "turn on phone, click site, get 1 billion" you are wrong. To get the sites you would have to scan down the sites first.

[note: there was much argument here as wether it should be 2-D or 3-D but that depends if CCP wants to link it to a real world map or have a large game world that you can scan in 3-D]

The map would have to be 2-D if it were in the real world for the given risen… let's say you find a site 3 kilometers up, are you going to get a helicopter just to hack a site? No. Though if it were an in-game world, you could make it 3-D and have some 10,000 Signatures Every day. How this could work is you equip a probe launcher or have one "built-in" to the pad with various upgrades to them as well [hybrid, both core and combat ;)]


Not the traditional shoot and kill PvP but more of a hunt and be hunted thing. Here comes one of the first PvP hacking in Eve. As stated your cache is not safe until down time and that means a player can hack and steal or even ALL of what you managed to get. Here comes the defense grid where you place Viruses of your own to defend against other players. After much revision I have decided to use this version of finding a PvP fight, use scanning. By scanning the entire grid (assuming the world is in game and it is the information network of Eve) you scan them down like you would a ship, the only thing is that if you scan them and they are yellow, regardless of if they are still there or not, you can take at least some of their stuff. Should you scan down a player at 100% and they did not move you would get ALL of their Cache. Just because someone is offline doesn't mean they are safe, in New Eden no where is safe/no one is safe. To make it a little fair I will put some logic in… Since the signature is offline not all the data would on the inactive "node" so you could hack up to 95% of what they currently have before the downtime.

Born Caldari, Raised Minmatar

Caldari State
#2 - 2017-01-11 01:06:15 UTC  |  Edited by: 78 Aster
Defense Grid

Comprised of your own set viruses and extra security measures. To get viruses you could
A.) buy high end ones with aurum (T2 viruses)
B.) buy them with ISK (maybe)
C.) have to find them as loot from sites

And beyond just setting viruses your "pad" would also have an influence as Militia would have a smaller board and low virus placement cap while Officer would have Multiple Layers and/or Cores with more virus allowance [maybe call it firewall] meaning investing in an aurum version would be beneficial unless it gets destroyed by a low/null site or the time-bomb virus. The defense grid, even if you are using the permanent pad, needs to be bought, so if you forget to buy one and set it up you are kind of screwed.

Why Not Real Life

As pokemon go has taught us, going out with a phone and looking at thing trying to get them could lead to death, and I rather not have CCP get that kind of lawsuit, so an in-game world seems best.

CCP Benefits

They would bring more of Eve to more platforms in a way that helps the core game. They could charge for the app, charge for high end modules, put things behind Omega status, whatever they feel would be more profitable


This idea is far complete, at this point it is presentable but has only 35% of it's potential thought out with ways of implementation. I hope you guys enjoy the idea. Though, if it seems that it would not Eve or be too easy to get ISK, make it a mobile game or something.

Thank you for listening

Born Caldari, Raised Minmatar

Caldari State
#3 - 2017-01-13 01:38:44 UTC
Other Ideas were centered around a pokemon go style but seemed too dangerous to the players

Born Caldari, Raised Minmatar

#4 - 2017-01-13 16:23:00 UTC
Personally I like the minigame but am too busy to explore.

Outsource the development of phone app/game that you can play that connects to your characters. I would pay RL money to buy a hacking game that had in game repercussions/prizes whatever...

#5 - 2017-01-13 18:33:04 UTC

lets get project discovery onto our pads/phones first and see how it goes
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