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Request for Interest (Merc Services)

Lynchpin Limitations LLC
#1 - 2017-01-08 11:29:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Symmitry
Contract: Service Requisition
Category: Mercenary
Security: >0.0
War Declaration: Possible
Duration: Open Ended
Constellation of Occupation: (REDACTED)
Compensation: Shared Profits
Estimated Value: (REDACTED)
Primary time zone: East Coast USA, some EU

Lynchpin Limitations is a new High/Low sec industrial corp with industry situation pvp content. This requisition is for the acquisition of a mercenary corp services which include:

+Destruction of hostile or otherwise space vehicles which could pose a threat to industrial assets.
+Forced removal of competing interests.
+Assumed fleet command during risky operations.
+Planning of dangerous missions including communicating intentions to non-combat personnel prior to operations.
+Any required training of personnel to achieve intended outcomes as required.
+Any scouting bookmarking or otherwise to achieve intended outcomes.
+Combat fleet maintenance and logistics.

This is a request for interest. Interested mercenary corporations interested in a contract of this nature are required to provide:

-Evidence of 4 months history doing this work
-Brief summary of previous experience including specific references to 4 previous clients and direct contact references for a minimum of 2
-Specific background details on intended commander(s) for the contract including at a minimum months of experience in pvp situations, fleet command experience, and time of activity
-Force availability. This shall be a rough description of what can be fielded and combat ready at this time during fleet commanders time of activity. I am looking for maximum numbers as well as what can be expected to be available on a daily basis.
-Typical contract values that your corp is experienced with servicing.

Interested parties are to mail me the requested information. Corporations determined to meet the scope of the contract will be contacted with more specific Terms and Conditions of the contract as well as compensation details. Requests for information may or may not be filled.

This request will be active until 1/15/17
ivona fly
Black Fox Marauders
Spaceship Bebop
#2 - 2017-01-11 10:38:04 UTC
I will assume fleet command during risky operations, just let me know when and where :)
Mark O'Helm
Fam. Zimin von Reizgenschwendt
#3 - 2017-01-21 02:50:57 UTC
Move to C&P

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