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Citadel and assets

Deep Space Conquerors
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2017-01-05 12:31:00 UTC
this part of eve is very new to me.... (been away fro a super long time coz of capitals nerfs)

First question what happen to my normal assters - Ships / Carriers / Drednoughts / load of usual modules and stuff, when citadel blows up?

Second question what happen to my docked SuperCarrier?
1. when docked Super has pilot in it logoffed
2. just docked Super in the citadel and pilot far away
3. Repackaged Super in the citadel assets (it that possible)


why in gods name CCP decided after years and years remove POS >.> the only save heaven for Supers
Nat Silverguard
Aideron Robotics
#2 - 2017-01-05 12:41:55 UTC
fyi, supers/titans will be much safer in an L and XL citadels.

this is the lastest dev blog regarding cItadels. previous dev blogs are linked inside so just read them all and you'll know the answers.

Just Add Water

Deep Space Conquerors
Goonswarm Federation
#3 - 2017-01-05 14:31:43 UTC
"Items with exclusive sizes will have restriction on delivery, which mainly includes capital and supercapitals. For example, a titan that was lost inside a Citadel XL structure cannot be delivered to a NPC station or any other Citadel size than XL. Furthermore, a capital or supercapital ship cannot be delivered to high-sec."

found this bit i am not sure what does it mean

What happen to my SuperCarrier it it was docked in Citadel that my alliance lost?
If it cant be delivered to NPC station or any station of any kind what then?
Deep Space Conquerors
Goonswarm Federation
#4 - 2017-01-05 14:36:09 UTC
Dev blog does not cover some areas

What if i had repackaged Super? (if i can dock it i can exit it and repackage right?)

or it setted up as Contract on that citadel (any kind of - public sell or private)

So question is still same

What happen to Super if Citadel die?

POS always safe if POS killed your just log in and jump out even if there is Enemy POS
Keno Skir
#5 - 2017-01-05 14:37:41 UTC
Hopefully it'll be like in Wormholes, where the contents of the citadel are scattered around space in containers when it blows up Pirate
Tipa Riot
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2017-01-05 15:11:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Tipa Riot
When the XL blows up the super goes to asset safety (except WH space). Then your alliance sets up another Keepstar and you can deliver your super there. In same system it would be for free iirc. But how many Keepstars get destroyed before you can evac your stuff?

I'm my own NPC alt.

Major Trant
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
#7 - 2017-01-06 10:35:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Major Trant
If you are sitting in the Super, you have the option of undocking and safe logging while tethered on the undock. Then you get the same functionality as with a POS, ie if the Citadel is destroyed, you and your cap survive, albeit possibly in hostile space. If you stayed docked in your Super, you get podded but your Super goes into asset recovery.

As for packaged or unmanned ships left in the citadel (assuming K Space), that is no worse than leaving them in a Capital Maint Array or whatever they are called which are vulnerable to a POS takedown. However, in a Citadel they go into asset recovery which doesn't provide the enemy with a Killmail or the ability to take them (that also goes for corp theft too), and the possibility of actually recovering them if your corp/alliance has another Keepstar in system.

BTW POSs haven't been removed yet and while there is talk of it happening there are no definite plans and it may never happen.