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The Step Onto the Stage

Pryce Caesar
Cloak and Daggers
Fidelas Constans
#1 - 2017-01-02 17:25:54 UTC
Pryce Caesar was there at the Battle of F4R2-Q.

It was a new age of war. The Citadels were the new battleground. The remnants of the Imperium were now staging a new offensive into the regions near the space of his new home, and Pryce promised himself that he would not be left out of the war this time around. The first chance he got, he entered into the first major battle of the war as Logistics support for his allies.

It was his first taste of the long, head-ache inducing effects of time dilation.

Warp Drives cause friction with space-time, so Pryce learnt at the University of Caille. As it was learnt when bigger and bigger fights began to break out between Capsuleers, the more ships with warp drives that congregated in a single system for battle, the greater effect on space-time it had, to the extent that time outside the confines of a ship's interior starts to slow to a crawl from the perspective of those inside.

As Pryce realized, it made a battle that normally would have taken less than an hour extend out to 8-9 hours, when time dilation hit 10%, the theoretical limit to the furthest extent time can dilate. The strain of compensating for the time dilation and all of what was going on even caused him to black out at one point.

Nevertheless, he survived the fight. The Imperium were able to attain their objective of destroying the two Fortizar, but the price was excessively costly. One Fortizar just on-lining is worth less than a fully fitted Supercarrier. The Imperium and its allies lost at least four such ships, and they lost so many ships that the overall ISK lost could have funded the construction of up to two Keepstars, or 5 to 8 Titans.

Pryce even heard that Jita was emptied of all Machariel by the Imperium just to keep up their Machariel fleet presence in the system.

He was not applying damage or destroying fellow Capsuleer ships in the battle, but as a Logistics ship he did help keep his allies in the fight.

This was the moment he had been working towards for so long.

He had finally made his first step onto the stage of history.