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The Biomassed Podcast in 2017

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#1 - 2017-01-01 21:15:32 UTC
Depending on where you're reading this, you may have been listening to our show for the past two and a half years, or you may have never heard of us before. But we're super excited to tell you about what we have in the works for next year. We've extensively covered DUST 514, we've continued to move into wider realms of gaming and movie news, and as we move towards our third anniversary as a podcast, we're continuing to step up our game and expand our coverage.

We are pretty excited to say that we'll be going much more in depth into virtual reality. Soraya has acquired a Vive, and we'll finally be able to directly talk about and review VR games, and cover the latest developments in VR gaming. We're hoping to go more in depth into Valkyrie, Gunjack, and the rest of CCP's continued efforts in the field, and Soraya's wallet will be bled dry to bring you reviews on the greatest (and worst) games in VR. We're going to talk about Star Citizen, as it moves forward in it's continual development cycle, and the FPS game inside it, Star Marine. And of course, we'll continue to discuss the latest news and rumors of CCP's own shooter, now dubbed Project Nova.

In 2017, we're going to continue to refine our show format, continue to improve our show notes, and continue to evolve our livestream. We're going to stream more games, cover more platforms, and do more segments outside the weekly show. We're going to be bringing in new guests, and bringing back favorites from the community. We're continuing to look for feedback, guests to come on our show, and more. And we're expecting our host on hiatus, Jaysyn Larrisen, to return to the show early in 2017.

If you've been with us for a long time, I want to convey our sincere gratitude for your continued support. We absolutely love you, and you guys are why we do this thing. If you haven't heard of us before, we hope you'll join us. You can find us at


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