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Circadian Self Awareness

#1 - 2017-01-01 03:45:46 UTC  |  Edited by: DrysonBennington
I wonder scanning the wreck of this Circadian Sleeper if it had self awareness? Did it feel any needs or desires? Through its travels across New Eden and its countless hours of scanning stations, asteroids and ships did it achieve something that it longed for?

After analyzing thousands of lifeless Capsuleer corpses floating in the frozen tomb of space and storing any residual memories found, did the Circadian in its final moments finally realize that Capsuleer's were almost immortal?

Did the Circadian compute that by downloading its own programming into a clone that it could continue its mission more efficiently and without interruption to its original programming?

In that final moment when it's system were shutting down permanently no matter how many routes it tried to take to ensure its programming survived to continue its mission, did the Circadian develop the desire to be a Capsuleer? Or at least the need to be able to transfer its cache into a clone for immediate retrieval?

Did the Circadian desire it's programming to evolve in order to survive?
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