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Get Yo Free Sh*t

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Catastrophic Experiment
#1 - 2016-12-28 03:43:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Dredward Teach
Hi I'm Dredward Teach, the guy who gives away some free **** on his twitch stream. The get yo free **** community is growing pretty quickly, already at 290 people which I'm fairly happy about. I'd like it if more people showed up to get some more free ****.

For those wondering how "get yo free ****" works, I'll give you a simple break down.

I stream, and get drunk while asking people to donate some isk. I don't keep any of the isk, I use it to buy ships which I then give to people based on how I'm feeling about them. We laugh, have a good time, and generally get to do a secret Santa of sorts all year long.

We've got one of the nicest most charitable public communities that I know of in eve so far. I do free **** streams everyday where I give away free ****, so go ahead and check in on us! We have a pretty big giveaway going on January 31st, going to be a lot of fun.

For those of you in the get yo free **** community who enjoy my streams, go ahead and leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what you have to say about us!

public chat " Get Yo Free Sh*t"

Tomorrows stream starts at 8:30pm eastern time, it finishes whenever I get bored, or I'm too drunk to move. Drunk roam after, hope to see you there!
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2016-12-28 03:52:12 UTC
This dudes stream is legit. Entertaining streamer + free ****, you can't beat it. Sometimes you win a pirate BS, sometimes you win a few corpses, always have a good time.

Stop in at
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2016-12-28 17:49:23 UTC
I admit,... a totally "chilled" time. I'll be back.
#4 - 2016-12-28 17:50:48 UTC
Me too!
#5 - 2016-12-28 18:00:57 UTC
can confirm it is legit. Won a Machariel for just chilling around on the first day. Entertainment, free **** and cool people to hang out with. Also, drunk fleet.. who doesn't love drunk fleet?

give this guy a follow at
and come chill out ingame at channel "Get Yo Free Sh*t"
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2016-12-28 18:43:09 UTC
Excellent operation here, shoot the breeze, have some fun and get a chance to win some free items. Multiple opportunities to win, and then to top it all off you get to do on a drunken fleet roam. Hours of fun no hassle entertainment.

Plus if you donate ISK to the cause it gets paid back out and more items can be given away.

Forget all the bogus contracts and scams you see on local channels. Here is a real chance to get Free Stuff, and have a great time while doing it.

Shout Out To Hair Spray, the man keeps on giving!

Shout out to Fleet Commanders, putting up with us fleet noobies!
#7 - 2016-12-29 04:04:21 UTC
The Best Sh*t
#8 - 2016-12-29 04:05:33 UTC
Legit Free ****

Worth a look

p.s. Have your Drinks Ready
LowSechnaya Sholupen
#9 - 2016-12-29 04:06:07 UTC
He is a madman, but actually a really nice dude. There is good Scotch and lots of fun to be had.

You can and will get free sh*t, but not only that: you'll have a good time.

Bumped for that feeling of hanging out with friends in the backyard.
G0N3 F1SS10N
#10 - 2016-12-29 04:07:52 UTC
He's a guy who gives things away to people who are part of this community. For those of you who were told that this stream is a scam then please know that those people are upset because they didn't double their money. Anyone can get free stuff regardless of whether or not you donate. I repeat YOU DON'T HAVE TO DONATE IF YOU CAN'T OR DON'T WANT TO.


This group is purely about getting together chatting and getting to know other people. This group is in no way, shape or form a serious group. Roams are for laughs and not for any kind of bragging rights. Please know that if you try to scam other people in this stream or group you're gonna have a bad time.

For those of you who want a group of people who just want to make each other's days a little brighter feel free to join the chat, stream and corp.

Enjoy your time here!
Pandemic Horde
#11 - 2016-12-29 06:08:59 UTC
Just go to
and grab some free ****!!!
#12 - 2016-12-29 06:58:39 UTC
Not a scam, just a friendly community where people chat and can get free stuff. I got a hat and a Hurricane for posting a few relevant comments in the chat and listening to his stream Beware of impostors, though. There is (or was, if he gets banned) at least one person with a deliberately similar name.
Caldari State
#13 - 2016-12-30 13:08:27 UTC
100% Legit. Based out of Jita IV, Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant. Teach so far gave me 250 MILLION ISK worth of ships XD Just come talk with us and you'll have fun. Trust me :)
#14 - 2017-01-03 06:21:56 UTC  |  Edited by: OmahaStationTrades BattleMachin
Dude has given me over a hundred million already. One of my friend won a 250 million ship a couple days back. Legit and cool. Additionally, is a really nice guy and donates to the American Cancer Society and such for ISK donations.
Gallente Federation
#15 - 2017-01-05 23:42:56 UTC
Do you have a more or less stable streaming schedule or just stream whenever you feel like it? I'll definitely check it out.

#16 - 2017-01-07 08:52:13 UTC
Legit fun Big smile
#17 - 2017-01-10 23:22:18 UTC
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