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Gila and drones in pvp - to use augmented? and what's with missing

#1 - 2016-12-24 14:17:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Linkette
I'm struggling to figure out if certain medium drones are better to use for Gila small gang pvp. I know a lot of people like gallente drones because they have the highest paper DPS. They're also the slowest drones, and i can't help but wonder if that slow orbit allows gallente drones to better apply their DPS too. Is that the reason why gallente drones are so popular?

I want to use Valkyrie's and Infiltraitors because I already use thermal damage missiles so I thought that explosive damage drones to use vs armor tanks and EM drones to use vs shield tanks would be a good way to go. But when testing Valkyrie II damage I feel that it's a bit lacking. I've tested it using Augmented Valkyrie's as well and though the damage seems marginally higher, sometimes these drones completely miss the target, a stationary cruiser.

So what's the deal with medium drones for Gila in pvp? Is there an optimal setup, or, do Valkyrie's do significantly less damage than Hammerheads for some reason? The reason I haven't taken Hammerheads is because I already do thermal missile damage and hoped Valks and Infiltraitors would be a good alternative.
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#2 - 2016-12-25 00:43:58 UTC  |  Edited by: W0lf Crendraven
Drones do different dps, the higher the dps the slower the drone. Augemented drones also do higher dps and more ehp and are faster- they are by far the best drones but the cheap ones are 40mil a drone (with infils being 80mil a drone) which is why people dont use them, or if they do only have 1 set.

Dps wise it is hammerhead>vespa>infiltrator>valkyre and the other way in speed.

So your drones need to be fast enough to reach the enemy, have the correct damage type and if useable do the most dps.

There is also damage types to consider, both thermal and kinetic are similar (bad vs gal and cal t2, decent otherwise) and vespas arent that great so people dont use them.

This means people usually carry t2 infils - decent dps still and quite fast, t2 valks because if you meet t2 minnie or armor tanked stuff em damage doesnt cut it, t2 hammerhead vs the slow target that they can hit well.

This covers 60m³ of your 100m³ of your drone bay, so you can either double up your most used drones (so 2 sets of infils and hammerheads usually) or get 1 augmented set (usually hammerheads, as the extra speed is super important for the slower sets) and double up on another set.

Id usually go 4 infils, 2 valks, 2 hammerheads, 2 augmented hammerheads (or otherwise 4 hammers).
#3 - 2017-01-13 07:29:21 UTC
I use a similar mix to the one mentioned above .

1 (Set) Infil, 2 Hammer, 4 Valk, 1 Warrior. That covers most Holes while also having an anti Inty set (5km/s+ long point Inty will still wreck your day though ).

As far as drones go I personally like Infiltrators , They are fast , Tanky (Hammers and Orges have way less Tank than most other drones) and do OK DPS
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