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Casserina Leshrac
Sanguine Illuminations
M.A.D. Consortium
#1 - 2016-12-19 23:52:02 UTC
She awoke with jolt as the pod finally released her.

“Greetings Captain,” Aura began. “Your latest clone is now ready for use.”

She was cold, wet and naked. The pod’s nutrient-rich fluids poured away down from the drains in the room. The room smelled differently the medical centers that she would normally wake up in. In fact there were no technicians. Just Aura.

“Status,” she commanded after breathing recycled air.

“Captain, you have been issued a standard Alpha Class Clone. There were cosmetic changes made on your behalf. When you are ready, there is shuttle standing by to take you to your ship.

She was starting to get cold, she struggled to her feet. Normally medical specialists would be assisting her, helping her adjust to the new body. The door was a few feet away and she staggered towards it.

It hissed open and stepped into a brightly lit room and she recognized her quarters in Fensi. Where it all began. Where she met, the “Sovereign.”

The memories flowed back. The rituals, the teachings the forbidden knowledge that only one of the Blood Veil could know. She remembered her Ascension and fall from the Dark Seraph and her quest for Nigrum Optimus.

She remembered, that at one time there was power and fear in New Eden. Never hers… always transient.

Casserina Leshrac’s last memory was seeing her beloved Sovereign at a ball. Casserina remember the shock as she was hit by the slug and was declared dead. That Casserina had died, insane trying to please a dream that had turned into a nightmare.

This place, her last refuge was perhaps created by a person more rational then what she had become. That person had always been good with dealing variables. Now she was that person again.

She took a shower, washing the pod-goo off her. When she got out she finally noticed her appearance. This body was essentially the same, however Aura had mentioned some cosmetic differences. Her ebon locks were tipped in red. Her green eyes were now aglow with an almost golden color.

She then opened the cubby that was a bedroom, and closet and selected another flightsuit. She also grabbed her formal dress. The one she was saving for the right husband and packed it. It would have another use now.

After getting something to eat, she sat her computer and scrolled through the myriads of information that was there. Things had indeed changed.

Drifters crossing into Empire Space. Drifters who causing others to view the Sani Sabik as allies of the barbaric and impure pirates. And the Loyalists of Amarr as ineffective as ever.

She shut down the screen and her reflection stared back her. It seemed all that she accomplished would be all for naught. The Sani Sabik were not some animal who just preyed on capsulleers. There was the logic and method for everything they did.
This clone was the reinvention of an idea. Not just flesh housing a soul. She would have to build and prepare. The Sani Sabik will have to cross every aspect of the galaxy. The blood of sacrifices would flow again, the flesh would be teased with pain and pleasure. And souls would be purified to the Sani Sabik belief.

Most of all they would be free to do so. Free to come and endure trials and rewards.

She powered on screen and scrolled. She would find a place in hi-sec space. Where friends and foe alike would lie in wait. She would gather to right pilots and start building and working together for those goals.

Her fingers tapped on the console below. She smiled. First she would need to find the perfect location start the movement.

We stand at the Abyss, drawing the Patterns of Fate - Casserina Leshrac, Savant, Sani Sabik.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#2 - 2017-01-01 22:49:59 UTC
I'm liking the start. Ends with a hook; something to look forward to.

My only suggestion is putting in dates if this is things that you are actually doing and following your own, real narrative. If it's purely fiction and not based on game play, then awesome! Keep it up.

The truth is peace. But nobody is looking for truth.

Casserina Leshrac
Sanguine Illuminations
M.A.D. Consortium
#3 - 2017-02-01 01:39:49 UTC
Quincyy wrote:
I'm liking the start. Ends with a hook; something to look forward to.

My only suggestion is putting in dates if this is things that you are actually doing and following your own, real narrative. If it's purely fiction and not based on game play, then awesome! Keep it up.

Rest assured there are more chapters to come.

It's nice to have an psuedo beginning. :)

We stand at the Abyss, drawing the Patterns of Fate - Casserina Leshrac, Savant, Sani Sabik.

Casserina Leshrac
Sanguine Illuminations
M.A.D. Consortium
#4 - 2017-02-01 23:31:48 UTC

It had taken some time before Casserina was to get her bearings. She had again taken steps to separate from the authorities of the Empire. She might be a new person, but the Amarr Empire was still an invasive and controlling force. She had remembered the Empire’s treacheries and cowardice. While she was proud to call herself an Amarr.

She was no servant of empire created by a false god.

She was Sani Sabik, like her mother before her.

Criminal and traitor under Emperor Doriam II, and restored by Jamyl I, Casserina realized that she not so much a pawn in a greater game. But at the center of several games being played at once.

Her ships and funds restored she readied herself for what the galaxy had to offer.

It took her week to once again dance into the void. Just her in her capsule. Once she had returned to space she remembered what she had missed in her academy days. The freedom that the void offered.

Her next step was to create a corporation. Aura had been most helpful with that and she made Sanguine Illuminations. She was most proud of that achievement. Until that moment she had belonged to other. Now here was proof she was now Holder in the traditional Amarr sense of the word. House Leshrac was restored, instead of Chaven it would be in void surrounding Nakri.
It was now a month later and Casserina was happy with the living she was making mining and selling ore. She could never do this when she was under someone’s thumb. She had started to carve her destiny.

In her Venture she saw that she had file of an unknown origin in her mail feed. Crimson eyes tightened in suspicion. Curiosity, one of her true failings made the decision for her. The link glowed the three words “Archaeus of God.”
She pressed the link

And the voice of her old teacher filled the capsule. Soon it was added by the recording another teacher. The names haunted her from time before knew either of them. It or text spoke of an artifact or text of unimagined power.

The trip back to her home stations felt longer even though she was at warp. When she docked she left her ore seeking the sanctuary of her quarters. The terminals there would offer her the opportunity to research in private.

She found more files. Each with names like Sleepers, Takmahl, Talocan and Yan Jung.
There were of course more beyond that.

Casserina realized that each entry was from her in former life. While the memories were more or less intact. Her writings bore no resemblance to her current thinking or logic.

They were the rantings of mad woman.

There were discussion on finding more artifacts and even the possibility a fifth ancient race. But Casserina could not fathom what was left behind for her, by her former self.

Casserina realized that they were bread crumbs from ages ago. If she had been a bit more lucid Casserina thought to herself.
She also had to admit that this voice from her past. Her voice was fevered exploration of where her mentors had gone before her. They had go where few dared. They had challenged Divinty itself and it left them missing. And perhaps as mad as her former self.

She gave herself comfort that she was neither of these people and this time she was truly on her on path. She was effectively immortal, so she time and patience to figure things. She could decipher the notes of a mad woman.

And yet she was nagged by her won curiosity. There were questions that were being asked from stars and the answers that were nagging to sought out.

The answers she sought would begin with Archaenus she would now have to prepare.

Her eyes fell on the plastic plague that made up the certificate of incorporation for the Empire. She would dig for it.
Mining would be one option, but each of the ancients contributed to creating items in the modern times. The Takmahl would be where could begin.

This time her quest would be in understanding the mysteries. There would be others that sought it out too. And perhaps the Sani Sabik would sprout another strong branch this time covering more of the galaxy.

We stand at the Abyss, drawing the Patterns of Fate - Casserina Leshrac, Savant, Sani Sabik.