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[P-D-E] and {LOCAL} recruiting WH pilots/corps for c5->c4

Crash McCoy
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#1 - 2016-12-17 10:11:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Crash McCoy
We are now recruiting for our c5 corp and alliance.
As opposed to a laundry list of brags and bulls---, I provide you with a full picture of our wonderful little community. Flavor and history at top, list of perks at the bottom. contact me in game or join our rec chat.

Success does not come easily in New Eden. This is a rule that can be proven time and time again. Through my experiences as a capsuleer I have seen many examples of this, many of them often coming from myself.
Prior to the foundation of [P-D-E], the roots of its success have been nestled in the ashes of countless failures. These roots stretch back to the fall of the Novaku alliance to RED, through the rise and fall of the Phoebe Freeport Republic, the creation and demise of Some Assembly Required and the Pegasus Coalition, on to see the civil war of the Oldguard turn into the second Fountain War. The clever pilot has already deduced that each of these stories is in itself a failure, however, through each of these unhappy circumstances the lessons remained the same.
Each of these previously mentioned instances were made possible due to some variation of a lack of structure and leadership, moreover, a shortcoming of each of these teams to work successfully as a group. Many of the pilots in this corporation have flown together through multiple alliances and just as many corps to be able to reach this point: a point where success is not only achievable, but likely.
As a group, we have experienced quite a bit. We have been locked out of stations, tracked like dogs, executed dire exit strategies under horrible circumstances, been nomads, lived out of POSs, and fought wars we haven’t believe in. On the same token, we have found causes we believed in and made a difference to the New Eden community, participated in nearly every aspect of the game, made fantastic contacts and friendships that will last a life time.
In my time as a member of corporate management within New Eden, I have served (in many cases quite poorly) as an assistant director, director, C.O.O., C.E.O., alliance director, and alliance executor. I created 5 corporation before any of them could be called successful and several after that, of which only 3 remain.
My message is one of experience, and by no means is a boastful one: through failure and teamwork great things can be achieved. Before finding our place in New Eden we lived in High, Low, and Null Sec. While we may have taken missteps, stumbled several times, and been presumed dead more times than I would like to admit, we have come out on the other side stronger having finally found our place.
Do not be afraid to fail, that said, work for success.
It is with these lessons of both success and failure in mind that Presumed Dead Enterprises presents to you this corporate bible. In it you will find our path forward, our ways, our customs, and our processes. It is our hope that this document may serve to guide our way for the foreseeable future. It is a living document, made to be changed as necessary and as the circumstances arise.
Be proud, pilot, as you have finally found your way home.
“Some people are lost in their fires… Others are forged in them.”

Presumed Dead Enterprises is alive and thriving. What that means is this:
We are operating at a passive net gain of isk. We have all but one planet type at our disposal and POCOs on all of them. We have active reactions. We hold two citadels set up that are tether-to-tether. We can kill drifters and sleepers with just two battleships. We own BPOs for the Astrahus and ALL citadel pieces. By the start of next year we will have an Azabel and be able to build capital ships. We provide ships for mining, huffing, PvE, and scanning. We have a factory and produce most anything in-house. We have a mapper and bookmarking standards.

Beyond all of these in game assets, we also now can boast about ourselves as well:

We have 24/7 communications. We maintain connections with Null Sec powers. We have tapped in to the independent WH community. We have developed a close group with great teamwork. We are highly organized. We have weekly open meetings. We are beginning scheduled ops. We have experience in almost all parts of the game. We accept all walks of life and listen to our members. We have a strong system of leadership and management.

All of this is due to us being forward thinking and challenging ourselves to rise to achieve our goals.
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#2 - 2016-12-19 07:40:53 UTC
I've flown with these guys for the last 2 years. And as a member of this corporation I can say that these guys are the best. They are very knowledgeable about many aspects of the game. We operate in a C5 Wormhole and we are having a blast shooting drifters, blasting rocks, and building stuff together. I can't state this enough. We play EVE but we play so many other games together as well. Most nights we play EVE and sometimes we take a break to play Overwatch, Civ 6 and so many other fun games :) Our main game will always be EVE. This last year many of us attended EVE Vegas together and it's a time I will never forget.

Hit us up we'll invite you to our discord channel you'll find that we're a great community to play with.
Ven Tarquin
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#3 - 2016-12-21 01:53:54 UTC
If you didn't read the words from Crash McCoy read them! They contain hard and true words about PDE and now, LOCAL. As a former Director of PDE, and now adviser within PDE, I can say that we are a well oiled machine that continues to strive for excellence. We are constantly tweaking structure and policy to better suit our pilots and find the most efficient way to deliver content, ISK, fellowship, and fun. There's work involved, but you wouldn't be playing Eve if you were averse to working, now would you!?

We are not hard-**ses about everything, but we do value consistency, honesty, and integrity.

Consider joining and help us to create a strong alliance, and efficient force to combat all that crosses our path as we rise from teh shadows of our presumed death.

Ven out.
Apokteinoe K4
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#4 - 2016-12-22 06:48:22 UTC
I first started playing Eve back in 2007. It was cold, dark... and LONELY. I played off and on for several months at a time before ultimately discontinuing my account and saying, "No more, New Eden." When I cam back at the end of 2013, it was as a part of this group of people. Since then, I have become the CFO of PDE, a director, content-creator, and lover of the game!

Connecting with other pilots in Eve is what this game is all about. What PDE really embodies is a great group of players who have become some of my closest friends over the course of the last 3 years. I can't speak highly enough about these great guys. Honestly, hit us up, join our in-game chat and talk with us over comms. If you aren't happy, no harm no foul. But don't let this game get lonely for you while there are incredible groups of people out there like PDE.

Master of Wallets
Star Navagator
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#5 - 2016-12-23 08:47:13 UTC
Hi all Star here from the best group of guys that you can throw together. This bunch has all the experience and nohow to get you started with us , I mean to have fun do sites , run PVP mine if you wish build anything your heart desires. I'm am proud member ,director of P.D.E. and some other roles that we have and since I've been with this group I have done it all. Some things Im good at and some I really suck at it but we all have fun doing it nothing is to hard or a wrong question , what can I say look us up have a chat join a great bunch that love playing EVE you wont regret it ! your move
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#6 - 2016-12-27 09:19:00 UTC
Hi my name riptin i member of P-D-E and the only sentient meerkat of the group love cookies i have been playing this game for a bit 5 years but i have never found a group of people like this there very fun to be around to joke and to play any game with very welcoming we love having fun and blowing things up oh and cookies we love cookies not mine thought riptin only gets riptins cookie we all have good days we all have bad days this is the group you want to be with when you have bad days if you want to blow things up and have fun with a great group of people then come fly with us come fly lets fly away and thats why i hate them Big smile i mean why i love them

Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#7 - 2017-01-05 08:22:26 UTC
Fuel Blocks for Dante
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#8 - 2017-01-12 08:32:15 UTC
My personal experience with this corp has been a good one. We started out in nullsec when i joined about 6 months ago and moved into a C5 Wormhole.
I have to say the transition has been a smooth one and everyone is making isk and having fun.
We are more than just an EVE corp as we play other games together as well.
We have been growing a lot lately and personally I would LOVE TO SEE MORE PVP PILOTS!!
p.s if Crash is not online you can convo me with any questions
Crash McCoy
Presumed Dead Enterprises
Requiem Eternal
#9 - 2017-01-28 05:56:36 UTC
P-D-E is still recruiting. Looking for pilots of all kinds.