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Drones in overview

Vex Munda
Anti Enslavement Movement
#1 - 2016-12-14 08:14:39 UTC
Hey everyone,

I had a little fight with 2 drone ships today. I came to the conclusion my overview is far from optimal for dealing with drones. The drones clutter the overview and I lose track of the information about where the ships are. The ideal option would be to seperate the drones and ships in different tabs and display them next to eachother. I know I can make a tab for drones, but the problem will be that I only see one at the time. As far as I am aware I can't display 2 tabs at once.

Another option would be to give the drones another color in my overview somehow. But I don't know if it's possible to do this.

Any other tips in regard to optimising the overview to deal with drones are welcome.

Thx in advance for your reply ;)
Mark O'Helm
Fam. Zimin von Reizgenschwendt
#2 - 2016-12-26 03:27:43 UTC
Activate auto targeting. Your ship will then target the drones that are shooting you.

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RaVeN Alliance
#3 - 2016-12-26 04:49:50 UTC
If your overview shows ships and drones only, it should be easy to identify the ship itself. Everything else is drone.
Excepting Sentries, I think the drones will be closer to you, you could set your overview by range.

Dump things from your PvP overview like; stars, beacons, stations, etc.
Gates and targets is fairly easy to comprehend in almost any fight.