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New Player / Alpha Clone Event - Dec 19th 19:00 & B.I.G. X-MAS BONANZA

Fer'isam K'ahn
SAS Veterinarians
#1 - 2016-12-11 20:06:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Fer'isam K'ahn
Hy everyone,

Dec 19th is the last draw (#355) of The BIG Lottery this year. And in its honor of running the lottery since the Beta 2003, the fun we have during the draws in channel .... and because I always forget to show up in local with my fireworks, I would like to run a small event for Beginners (new Alpha Clones) during the time of the draw.

The goal is to catch and destroy a suspect. Pirate Aim for everyone is to be on a shiny killmail, Final blow and top damage will receive prices. The suspect will very likely defend itself and might bring friends if overwhelmed too easily. Twisted

Date: Monday 19th December. 18:30 - 19:30
X-up for fleet till 19:00

Location: Bourynes (system) & BIG Games chat Channel
(Where BIG Games is docked up since 2003 in the probably oldest Velator in the game)

Participants: All new players with clone birth of November+
I might make some exceptionsBlink
Even though I have no way of checking, if you are just an alt, pls don't take part What?

Ships/fits: Bring combat ships you can fly.
More then one, in case the fight goes on and you need to reship. You might lose a ship, so don't bring any mission bling. Scram, Web etc..
Pilots deciding to risk the main prices to fly Logi might get extra rewards.
Maybe we will also find some sponsors for ship reimbursement.

Final Blow - Will be PLEXed as an Omega Shocked
Top Damage - Will receive a faction cruiser pimped for Alpha Clone requirements Big smile

The How:
Fleet will gather at Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille Bear
Suspect will .. well, turn suspect and be viable for anyone to shoot. Pirate
Fleet will be warped to location to catch the thief. Arrow
Explosions Attention
Take a picture Idea
Prices Big smile

PS: Bring Fireworks and Snowballs -> ! more explosions !
Fer'isam K'ahn
SAS Veterinarians
#2 - 2016-12-16 23:58:14 UTC
Small Update:

All New Players (young characters) will be welcome to participate,
though I hope that Omegas and other rich players will step down from accepting the prices and hand them down to the 'next in line'.

If final blow and top damage coincide, the next highest damage will get the second price. I want to spread the prices to at least two.

I will add some more small features and valuables to the event.

I prepared to up- or downscale the event depending on participation.

If anyone wants to FC the 'Police/Revenge Fleet',
send me an EVE-Mail. If you have Coms available (TS3, Mubmle, etc.), the better, cause I don't.

Update on 2nd price:
I decided to give out an alpha-pimped
Augoror Navy issue, Caracal Navy Issue, Vexor Navy Issue or Stabber Fleet Issue,
depending on the winners faction.

X-Up is in the Channel "BIG Games Event"
- So we won't spam and interfere with the draws. Those are already enough trouble. You are welcome to participate in those draws, but please don't spam or ask for fleet there -

Cheers o7