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Alpha Hunger Games (Tournament)

#1 - 2016-12-09 21:28:17 UTC
This Article was published generously by Imperium News

As Alpha Clones undock for the first time and old bitter-vets return to EVE to see the changes with trepidation or anticipation or... maybe both. One question on many minds is how viable will Alpha Clones be? Or maybe, will they really do more than just add easier spy alts for existing players? Will it revitalize the game with new blood, perhaps?

I think maybe a combination of all three. Personally, I take the stance I've always tried to take with new players coming to EVE. We need to welcome every new body with open arms and make their first experiences in the game memorable. Beyond just scamming all their hard earned ISK for easy laughs or popping their first cruiser because they got bold and ventured into low security space for the first time. We need to make sure to realize that if we treat them TOO badly, we'll just chase them off for good. Looking back we all have positive experiences that kept us in the game, from a corporation that was exceptionally helpful, friendly, or shared some common interest to just a great scenario that played out in a way that made us realize 'Holy s***, I need a minute to soak all that up.'. Everyone's story is different, that's what makes the game awesome. However, we all have that friend we tried to get into the game or that newbie we popped who just didn't get it. They left the game before they knew what they were missing, and no amount of trying to talk them back in is going to change that.

In an effort to provide the awesome scenario, or something like it. I'm organizing the Alpha Hunger Games. A tournament for welcoming new players and old players alike, with real prizes at stake. The battle will take place over an entire constellation with three man teams in Frigates. The teams must include at least one Alpha Clone, and must only use equipment that an Alpha Clone can use. No buy in will be required, but our resident veterans are welcome to provide sponsorship or donations to help with prizes. The entire list of rules will be at the end of this article and a link to a character template for EFT will be provided in game to those who ask for it.

The battle will be a battle royale across multiple solar systems and every team will only have the three ships they step into the event with. There will be no limit to the number of teams participating, so depending on how many people enroll, the battle could last a while. Logistics items are usable by Alpha Clones, as are Electronic Warfare. So I expect to see a lot of various tactics coming into the event, and I firmly believe that even a veteran will find this type of battle a challenge.

1st Place Prize: 3x PLEX for each pilot on the team.
2nd Place Prize: 2x PLEX for each pilot on the team.
3rd Place Prize: 1x PLEX for each pilot on the team.

The event will begin in February; specific date is TBD.
The location is not decided yet, but I am willing to work with any nullsec alliances who may want to host the fighting in an empty pocket of their space, preferably with some way to safely/easily get ships into position.
The in game channel is called “Alpha Hunger Games” and the mailing list is the same.

Ground Rules;
3 Pilots per team. No maximum number of teams.
T1 non-faction/pirate Frigate hulls.
Equipment must be non-faction, but can be anything an Alpha Clone can use (including the t2 gear they can use.)
Omega Clones can participate as long as they follow the fitting requirements above and include at least one Alpha clone on their team in order to promote balance and the spirit of this competition.
Each team will be required to provide at least (1) API that shows just the character and account status to verify that it is indeed an Alpha clone account. All other team members can be Omega or Alpha and follow the fitting requirements. Returning veterans can be the team's Alpha Clone!
Fighting will not be done as a bracket, but instead as a Battle Royale across an entire constellation.
Pilots are not allowed to dock or go to safe spots or off grid bookmarks. All pilots must be at a belt, gate, outside of a station, or planet (not moons, because that gets ridiculous.)
Other awards may be added for assorted miscellaneous objectives or achievements during the fighting depending on the amount of sponsoring we receive. (Killboard games, team composition challenges, themes, Roleplaying, etc.)
No buy in required, donation is welcome but not required either.

If this is something that interests you or may be of interests to friends, please contact Deckhard Aura in game, and join the Alpha Hunger Games in game channel! Updates and information will be posted regularly and it'll be our primary meeting place to get together and talk about the event.
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