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Mercurialis Inc. is looking to expand! [All timezones] [The Bastion]

First post
The Bastion
#1 - 2016-09-29 23:13:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Belegvaethor
Mercurialis Inc.

Mercurialis Inc. (MINC) is one of the oldest and most established 0.0 corps in EVE.
Established over 13 years ago, MINC has spent the last year being part of The Bastion.
Over the lifetime of The Bastion, they have been a strong and well run alliance and calls the southern region of Delve its home.

What we provide.

Straightforward and quick logistics that get you what you need where you need it!
Activity in ALL timezones
Fantastic selection of fleets for all ship types (Frigs to SuperCaps)
Friendly non elitist players from all age ranges. Many old and experienced players that will help you learn and have fun.
SRP to help support your pvping needs and addictions, making sure you always get into the fleet action.
Not to mention being part of one of the oldest corps in EVE, and one of the biggest coalitions in the game.

What we are looking for.

Players willing to learn and have a (relatively) mature attitude.
A minimum of 5mil SP.
Someone willing to join fleets to help achieve alliance and corp goals.
Willing to step up and volunteer when needed, corp comes first!
Be able to be on Teamspeak/Mumble, we have few rules but we need you on TS when you're logged in.

If you have any questions please drop into our public channel “MINC” and ask away.
Or if you wish to speak to someone directly please convo anyone below.

Belegvaethor EU
Mannakin EU
Snakebite943 EU/US
Guapo Udan US
The Bastion
#2 - 2016-09-30 07:23:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Belegvaethor
Recruitment is still open!
The Bastion
#3 - 2016-09-30 16:22:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Belegvaethor
Recruitment is still open!
The Bastion
#4 - 2016-09-30 17:35:45 UTC
bump if you are good or want to get good Big smile
#5 - 2016-09-30 19:28:15 UTC


Bumping is allowed by any member of the corporation that is recruiting, however corporation members who are bumping must have their corporation affiliation clearly displayed under their forum avatar.

It is the responsibility of the corporation recruiting to ensure that they do not bump excessively. If this rule is abused, the recruitment thread will be closed permanently.

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Bumping must consist of a real sentence, not simply the word "bump". For example, "Recruitment still open" is an acceptable bump.

Thread Closed for 24 hours.

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The Bastion
#6 - 2016-10-02 02:28:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Belegvaethor
Recruitment is still open!
The Bastion
#7 - 2016-10-03 00:23:10 UTC
Recruitment is still open!
The Bastion
#8 - 2016-10-04 00:16:56 UTC
Why is the rum always gone? Ugh
The Bastion
#9 - 2016-10-05 00:39:51 UTC
Got me some new rum! Big smile
The Bastion
#10 - 2016-10-06 00:44:34 UTC
Next bottle, anyone care to join me? Bear
The Bastion
#11 - 2016-10-07 18:39:37 UTC
I'm kind of a big deal
The Bastion
#12 - 2016-10-08 17:36:30 UTC
People know me
The Bastion
#13 - 2016-10-09 19:56:06 UTC
I'm very important
The Bastion
#14 - 2016-10-10 21:29:51 UTC
I have many leather-bound books
The Bastion
#15 - 2016-10-11 00:21:36 UTC
My captain's quarters smells of rich mahogany
The Bastion
#16 - 2016-10-12 00:12:55 UTC
They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works, every time
The Bastion
#17 - 2016-10-13 19:05:06 UTC
That escalated quickly
The Bastion
#18 - 2016-10-16 17:00:01 UTC  |  Edited by: Belegvaethor
You stay classy San Diego
The Bastion
#19 - 2016-10-17 00:32:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Belegvaethor
I'm Brick Tamland. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally handicaped
The Bastion
#20 - 2016-10-20 19:06:17 UTC
Place a buzzword here
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