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Notifications Via Crest (Simple content generator)

Mr Twinkie
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1 - 2016-09-12 16:02:54 UTC
Right now we're able to pull notifications via the API but with caching it's kind of useless for a lot of the time sensitive things (toading etc...)

I think a way to get the notifications with minimal/no delay via CREST does nothing but help get people logging in.

Example, my discord bot (which currently uses the API)would now get a notification as it occurs ingame via CREST that we have systems getting toaded, it immediately pings our server letting people know that our **** is getting hit. More people login, fight occurs, content generated via crest.

This would be especially beneficial for smaller groups that don't always have people online to organize a defense fleet. Allowing an FC to be notified instantly he/she can tell the wife/husband/dog/goldfish that they'll be right back they have **** to kill.

An alternative that would be super easy to implement but doesn't follow the idea of shifting more things to crest would just be to cut the cache timer for notifications wayyyyyyy down. Obviously CREST is the better option but figured I'd state the alternative.