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is the current deal on aurum good?

Ficus McCloud
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#1 - 2016-08-13 08:37:50 UTC
i don't know if this is the right forum, please move topic if not.

i've just seen there is a 50% discount on aurum, so for 50€ (=12.5k aur) i can get 15 skill extractors. is this a good deal or not?

i was thinking of getting a steady source of income by filling those extractors and selling them (rather than farm missions). i don't think it is a good deal to buy game time:
- with a 2700 sp/h character i can fill about 4 injectors/month, which is roughly 2.4b/month, which is 2 plex/month. so in 4 months i get 8 months of playtime, but with only 4 of skill gaining, so basically i'm paying 50€ for 4 months of skill gain. of course, i can play in the 4 months with no skill gain, but i would have to undock with my +5 implants character, which i'd prefer not
- if i immediately sell the extractors to buy plex, i get approx the same game time as directly adding time to my subscription, so this is not remunerative
Solecist Project
#2 - 2016-08-13 08:55:04 UTC
50 bucks ... 15 s.e. ... 200 million p.u. (assuming price is still accurate) 15x200=

One plex from ccp = 20 bucks, a 900 million.
50 bucks = 2.5 plex = 2.5ish billion

From my reseller:
two plex for 35 bucks, 1.8bill aka 900mill per 17.
So 3x17=51bucks is three plex is 2.7 billion
Four plex, 70ish bucks, 3.6bill

Then comes in the injector.... and wow, i realize it's almost money printing machine. O:

Tbh i'd just sell the extractors, because i couldn't be arsed to use the time on an sp-farm, including the "bureaucrazy" behind it... but this is interesting. it actually pays off to not waste isk on the sub and instead paying with cash while keeping all the isk.

Hmmmm.... sorry if i'm of no help. Thank you for pushing my thoughts into looking at this.

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Ficus McCloud
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#3 - 2016-08-13 19:14:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Ficus McCloud
just a precision, highest buy order is 230m, and they can be easily sold at 240m, so 15x240m= 3.6b (not 3b)

btw, i decided that it is a good deal to buy isk ingame, but not a good deal to buy gametime through plex (it is better to simply buy 3/6 months subscription).