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Scope Network mining challenges incongruent

Tactical Narcotics Team
#1 - 2016-07-24 20:35:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Kujo Minowara
I would like to open a discussion pointing at a simple issue: the mining challenges for the Scope Network are not balanced among them.
I noticed that both Plagioclase Shortage and Veldspar Shortage require 500.000 units to be mined, in the same amount of time, offering the same reward. However, as every miner will know mining 500.000 Veldspar units requires less than a third of the time to mine 500.000 Plagioclase, simply because mining yield is measured in volume and not in units.

What do you think about this fact? Is it good, offering variation? Is it bad, just defining very different times for completion for the same reward?

Personally, I believe that the Plagioclase Shortage requirements should be aligned in volume to the Veldspar Shortage ones. Mining 500.000 units of plagioclase is time-consuming also for a seasoned miner as myself, for everyone not into professional mining it would be probably the most boring challenge of them all, therefore they would probably skip it, which is not ideal. However, the requirements could be kept as they are, but then augmenting the reward. So that it would take three times the Veldspar one, but giving (for example) double the reward. It might be a good compromise.
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