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Tengu Support Skills

MJ en Gravonere
ini tech
#1 - 2016-07-15 09:44:00 UTC
What would/have you trained to support flying a Tengu, mainly solo, in wormholes and 0.0 exploration sites?

If you had the chance to start again solely to build a tengu pilot and had roughly 30m SP to start with?

I have lots of experience with the other 3 T3's however Caldari is quite new to me. Im curious as to more experienced players thoughts/ideas.
RaVeN Alliance
#2 - 2016-07-15 17:03:10 UTC  |  Edited by: RavenPaine
All the subsystem skills at V
Shield skills at V, excepting the comp skills. A PvE Tengu will use an active tank, so everything related to that.
The PvE Tengu is the one ship where Tactical Shield Manipulation is better at V. There has been years of debate over the way the skill functions. but take my word for it here. You don't want bleed through in a Tengu.
Thermodynamics to V is best, to IV is fine though
Missile supports to V.
I like Heavy missiles better for a few reasons. Range from the rats, range from the warp in spot, range from E-war towers/webs and neuts.
But it's nice to be able to switch to HAMs at some point.

My goal was always a 'perfect' Tengu. Basically every related skill at V.
What I trained last were the Missile comps, Thermodynamics, and I still haven't done the rigging skills to V. (My fit works fine as is)

Probe skills at V are worth it. I use an alt with perfect probe skills.
If you want to cherry pick sites and need to travel a lot, time becomes an issue. Fast probes are better.
If you don't have 2 accounts, consider adding these in.
MJ en Gravonere
ini tech
#3 - 2016-07-15 17:09:38 UTC
That's great thank you for your input.

Makes perfect sense and appreciate the comments on Tactical Shield Manipulation :)

This will be done with a dedicated probing character so although I will be training scanning skills, I wont go for perfect any time soon on that basis.

Im going to put together a more organised skill plan based on your comments and see if it feels better than before :)

Thanks again :)