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Character skill advice.

The Initiative.
#1 - 2016-04-10 20:37:34 UTC
My character.

Three years ago I started my character with the aim of getting in to PVP but never actually got started.

I kept my character training for a time before eventually letting it slip. Now I'm going to try and get started as I meant to then. Admittedly a lot looks like it's changed and I feel like even more of a rookie than I did then!

My first question is this.. how does my character look?

Skills seem to have changed a bit and I've been trying to fill the gaps of my character. I spotted a couple of small gaps in my navigation skills and I'm trying to work on those now.

Where would you guys recommend starting out in terms of learning to fight?

Thomas Gargol
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#2 - 2016-04-10 21:53:39 UTC
You're well set skill-wise for a decent Minmatar action.

In terms of learning how to exactly PvP, try some solo in faction warframe space in complexes that are max the size of your ship and hope for honest fights,

or get into contact with some lowsec/faction warfare groups that have a lot under their belts and would be willing to 'train' you on Sisi or in actual real situations on Tranquility.

You might want to train up in some T2 stuff (Interceptors, Vagabond, Broadsword, Sabre, etc.) to be useful in certain doctrines and learn the ropes of some unique PvP roles.

All pretty much depends on how you want to PvP.
Laphroaig Inc.
#3 - 2016-04-11 01:57:37 UTC
Hinikal wrote:
My character.
My first question is this.. how does my character look?

it looks rather nice.

the four glaring holes i spy are pretty easy to fix too.

1: Thermodynamics IV or V, Nanite Interfacing/Operation I-IV are missing from Engineering. Heat management is a key aspect of PvP, especially in close fights.

2: You have nothing in Drones. So, Drones V, Light Drones IV and the supports to III or IV, add medium/heavy/sentry as desired. T2 drones are handy, but the faction ones are pretty good.

3: You're missing Capacitor Emissions Systems. This is the skill that lets you use a Neut or Nos. Get it to III or IV.

4: High Speed Maneuvering is needed for Microwarpdrive prop mods.

As for which ships to use, spend some time in cheap T1 frigates. The Rifter is good, and you have the Cap skills to get the most out of it. The Firetail can take on a range of opponents and isn't a bank buster. The Thrasher destroyer is a lot of fun. Buy a bunch of ships and fittings, hit 'undock' and find someone to shoot. You will lose ships, so don't go overboard on expensive T2 hulls and shiny faction or deadspace fittings straight up.

Perhaps join Red V Blue for a while?

Once you get some experience under your belt, have a gander at the Svipul tactical destroyer.

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#4 - 2016-04-11 02:13:25 UTC

I link the above video all the time. It's an experienced PvP vet pwning on a days old alt. PvP in this game is about what you know and how much experience you have not your skill points. If you want to get into PvP just do it.

If you want to get good at PvP then you'll have to learn it which requires starting at some point which refers back to my first point which is just do it.

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