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CLOSED (Not SOLD) WTS Exhumer/Expedition Frigate Miner 4B Buyout

August Rosewill
The Sandbox Lie
#1 - 2016-03-18 23:18:14 UTC  |  Edited by: August Rosewill
I am for sale!

I'm a dedicated miner with some of the following highlights:

  • Over 5m SP
  • Can Fly Exhumers
  • Can Fly Expedition Frigates
  • Currently 2 Days From Covert Ops Cloaking (Cloaking 4 in training)
  • Shield Upgrades 4 (Tactical 3)
  • Planet Management & Support Skills @ 3
  • Reprocessing 5
  • Drones 4

CCP requirements:

  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive Isk Balance
  • Located in Amarr in Station
  • In NPC Corp

The primary skill points here are into the ships that can be flown and the support skills for those ships. There is very little, if any, waste in SP here since I only used this character for mining and reprocessing certain hi-sec ores with a view toward industry/trading in the future.

Bidding Starts at: 3B
Buyout: 4B

Not sure if this is obvious or not but I WILL PAY THE TRANSFER FEE.
August Rosewill
The Sandbox Lie
#2 - 2016-03-19 21:53:53 UTC
Bump. Adjusted Price. Also note there are 2 bonus remaps available!
August Rosewill
The Sandbox Lie
#3 - 2016-03-20 04:46:47 UTC
Bump. Going to leave this up for another 24 hours then biomass. Thanks for looking!
August Rosewill
The Sandbox Lie
#4 - 2016-03-21 04:19:20 UTC
Last bump.
Kosmi4eskiy Oleg
Anyone need anything from Jita
#5 - 2016-03-21 12:10:15 UTC
August Rosewill
The Sandbox Lie
#6 - 2016-03-21 13:24:34 UTC
accepted. Send isk and info in game and I'll start the transfer.