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Full body view + jump and undock

Virgil Scipion
Bionesis Technologies
#1 - 2016-03-03 20:11:40 UTC
Two minor related bugs with no consequence on gameplay,
Apparently nobody reported it here, so it worth to be told :)

Bug 1
In pod,.
Open full body view (show info on character, click on portrait, click on "full body").
Jump through a gate. During the jump sequence, spin the character in the full body view (not sure, seems to be only during the blue pipe animation, not start or end of jump).

Then the full view body camera goes drunk : it centres on the character's feet and it moves and zooms in every way (I guess it's the wave move of camera activated by default in the new camera system).

After that, if you open full body view in station and undock, camera does the same. Before that, it doesn't.

Close the full body view, reopen it, camera is ok.
If you dock, the camera stops to move. Centred on feet.
If you jump, the camera freeze for a second and continues its dance.

It doesn't trigger during warp or out of warp.
If you log out and log in back, situation come to step one (undock is okay, jump initiates bug).

Bug 2 :
Board a ship, open "full body" view in station, undock or jump.
Character disappears from the body view.
Every time.

Both bugs tested with old camera mode, with two characters, with different character in full body view and very often (more than 50 tests, I can reproduce it on demand).

It's a really minor aesthetic bug, so no real need to correct it. But it can be a symptom of a bigger camera bug.
I hope my report is helpful, specific situation bug, not easy to reproduce, I'm glad to participate to the community effort to make a better Eve :)

Virgil Scipion Bionesis Technologies

Helios Anduath
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2016-03-04 00:04:50 UTC
The right way to report bugs is to open the Help Menu in-game (F12) and click "Report Bug".