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Candidates, your Vote Match login details have been sent to you!

Dierdra Vaal
Interstellar Stargate Syndicate
#1 - 2016-02-24 15:30:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Dierdra Vaal
I have just sent every CSM11 candidate an evemail with their username and password for their Vote Match account.

Vote Match is a website that voters can use to find out which CSM candidates match their views and opinions in Eve, and helps thousands of voters decide who to vote for. Your participation is entirely voluntary, but you risk missing out on exposure and votes if you decide not to fill out your profile. Please see your evemail for more details, as well as your login info.

We plan to open up the website to the public on February 28th, the day before voting begins. While you will be able to edit your profile after this date, we urge you to have it filled out before the 28th so you will be included in the matching process.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact me via evemail or on twitter @DierdraVaal or @EveVoteMatch.

Thank you in advance!

Veto #205

Director Emeritus at EVE University

CSM1 delegate, CSM3 chairman and CSM5 vice-chairman

Evesterdam organiser and CSM Vote Match founder

Co-Author of the Galactic Party Planning Guide

Borat Guereen
#2 - 2016-02-24 15:53:57 UTC
Done, thanks for all the work!

Candidate for CSM XII