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CSM Campaigns

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#1 - 2016-02-21 20:46:53 UTC  |  Edited by: edeity

Hi! I am edeity.

8 year eve veteran, Null, Wormholes, but mostly Low Sec and Faction War. I am one of the 2 candidates running from the Faction War alliance - Local Is Primary, most famous for our key cultural driving force, Dirt n Glitter.

Look forward to my campaigns Video, a lot of Propoganda posters and interviews and discussions on various eve social media.

Not being part of a large voting bloc, I need your vote, and it does matter. This is a serious campaign from someone who loves eve and knows it very, perhaps too well.

There is much to fix, including the CSM itself. Not all of it is achievable in a single term.

Details of my platform will be posted once the official list of candidates is up from CCP and you can watch my video with some catchy tunes and IRL interviews of some low sec personalities, my kids talking about eve (not fans), and maybe my dog.

Until then, please research the candidates and consider who will best represent transforming the CSM, represents your interests beyond changing a few moduls or ship bonuses, and who can influence real change.

Good luck everyone. Eve needs you to help make it better in this election.