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Ed Bever for CSM

Ed Bever
Northern Coalition.
#1 - 2016-02-20 16:06:44 UTC
Hello there space friends,

I would like to hereby announce my candidacy for the CSM XI. Note, that i send the application in good time, but i have not yet had any confirmation that CCP recieved either the application or the scan of my passport, and i am still awaiting thier reponse on this matter. This means i may or may not end up actually being able to recieve votes, but i guess time will tell.
My real life name is Roland, I am 32 years of age and i have been playing the game for well over 9 years. The oldest, currently active toon i have is this one, started late 2007.
In my EVE carreer i have done pretty much everything EVE has to offer, the only thing i haven't done (not that much, anyway) is living in a wormhole. Other then that i have done loads of missions, mining, building, high-, low- and nullsec PVP (even a little solo, though that is not generally what i prefer), a LOT of incursions (mainly Sansha, a few drifter ones), exploration, POS management, (jump-) freigthering, trading, pretty much everything indeed. These days though, my main activities include low- and nullsec PVP with either NC. or Spectre (on occation), and incursions. In that context many may know me as either Martha Hamster or Truus DeMier, an FC for the incursion community called "The Valhalla Project", or TVP for short. I have also flown with quite a few others, though :D
My EVE carreer has taken me through many interesting places and has lead me to meet many interesting people. I have seen the way people react to changes made by CCP, and this has lead me to believe that no change made by CCP is truely likely to do what they intend it to do. That is the most important reason i say that any change should effect as little as possible: only the problem they seek to fix. The fatigue changes, for an example, where, in my oppinion, needed, but the implementation resembled CCP trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Regardless of what happens to the fly, you are likely to do FAR so much collatheral damage that way, and i would say sublety and a more creative approach is needed.
Other things i hope to bring to the attention include Drone Regions (they have been neglected for FAR too long), some lore-related ideas (how likely is it, for Estamel when he goes out hunting players, to bring a Rattlesnake BPC? By the time he needs it he no longer has it), and i have a few small ideas about missions (mainly, hoping to make them be a little less repetitive).
Another thing i hope to discuss is CCP's ideas concerning inflation. I feel like inflation as such is not a good thing, and it is only marginally better then deflation if at least NPC-related income is compensated. Things like LP, loot, salvage, minerals, in short, anything that draws its profits from the market, will inflate along with it, but if a newbro is grinding level 1 missions, and he was previously able to buy the ship he wanted after an X number of missions, inflation should not harm him in this sense, or we will see a reduced number of newbro's joining the game. And we all like shooting newbro's :D

Last, but not least, i would like to wish everyone running for CSM good luck on thier campaign, and may the best Bever win :P
Ed Bever
Northern Coalition.
#2 - 2016-02-24 15:02:02 UTC
My candidacy has been accepted, so YAY :D