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Green Skull LLC is Recruiting!

Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#1 - 2015-11-01 22:21:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Garen Lemmont
Green Skull LLC

Ganks, Wardecs, Low Sec small gang fights, and good fights. Want them? Then we want you.

From inception as a small indy corp with high aspirations and a trail of hilarious losses we’ve broken out to become a prolific small gang roaming organization. While our corp emphasis is on the small side of small-gang we form up regularly, in substantial numbers, in support of alliance goals - all while working tirelessly to uphold the dangerous reputation that low security space deserves.

We often fight outnumbered so if this fact-of-life brings you to pause or the notion of losing your special snowflake fit drives you to wake in a cold sweat, we may not be the right fit for your gameplay.

If, however, you are keen to advance your skills in game with a chill group of duders that have your back, fly with phenomenal FC’s, take part in operations essential to maintaining hegemony over a small cluster of systems, reap killmails of extraordinary quality, and most importantly – die gloriously, give us a look.

Sh!t-talkers look elsewhere, we let our KM’s do the talking (unless we’re feeling particularly froggy or you’re BHA ;).


- Full API key
- 10 Million SP minimum
- “No Drama” or more specifically, team player with a “Can-Do” Attitude – a little whine on the side is a conversation starter,
total bittervet syndrome is just f’kin annoying
- Proactive and Self-Starter - victims aren’t going to self-destruct just because we ask
- TS3 and a working mic


Due to the scope of our operations, which sometimes drive us to High Sec, it is essential that all members either maintain or be willing to sec-up to regain a > -2.00 security status (from -6 to 0 is roughly 300M-ish isk).

We offer only limited SRP atm, so being self-sufficient (i.e. able to supply thyself with alliance doctrine and personal/corp roaming ship fits… multiple times over) is mandatory. Carebearing is not discouraged in the slightest, however, the focus of all corp members is PVP. We fully expect the majority of your logged-in time to be spent accordingly.

T1/T2 ship doctrines are our bread-and-butter. Faction fit T2 doctrines are used more sparingly, like a nice dinner out when the occasion strikes. Fully decked out capital usage while dropping the bat-phone hammer is extraordinarily rare. If your idea of PVP revolves around “dropping all-day, erryday”, there are other organizations who would suit you better.

We are not a training corp. This does not mean that we shy away from helping newer players or that all questions will be re-buffed with intense flaming, however, we fully expect to be able to explain a concept or refer you to a source and be confident in continuing to move forward.

We have no CTA’s, this is a game last I checked. However, making timers/ops is highly encouraged and boatloads of fun!

Under new management, although Val's glorious hair will always be in our hearts Pirate


3TEARS – Cat herder-in-chief (USTZ)
Rob Popevocchi – Teller of "really" tall tales (USTZ)
Krisdtt – Our Lord and Savior (EUTZ)
Garen Lemmont – Laundry queen (meh)

Favorite .gif

In game
Chat channel: GSLLC Public
Recruitment Ad: Green Skull LLC
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#2 - 2015-11-03 01:17:27 UTC
To the top!

Engage a victim on Sunday.... recruit her to corp on Monday. That's just how we roll, recruitment still open!
Agent Blackbear
Celestial Precision
#3 - 2015-11-03 01:27:03 UTC
10 months in this is the best corp I've ever had the pleasure to be in, good times everyday.
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#4 - 2015-11-04 02:47:17 UTC
Up for MOAR recruiting!
Black Summer
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2015-11-04 18:43:10 UTC
I think I like the cut of your jib... will drop by public channel later
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#6 - 2015-11-05 00:09:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Garen Lemmont
Looking forward to meeting you Black!

For the rest of you lurkers... get out of the forums and into Eve!

Another new addition welcomed yesterday, what're you waiting for?
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#7 - 2015-11-06 00:29:59 UTC
Up and at 'em, still recruiting for lowsec shenanigans!
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#8 - 2015-11-07 01:42:48 UTC
To the top!
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#9 - 2015-11-08 03:05:18 UTC
Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#10 - 2015-11-09 02:38:11 UTC
Big fight tonight, stop missing out!!