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Succession Trials Candidacy – House Ardishapur

First post
Rehniz Zateki
#1 - 2015-09-24 17:27:26 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
Faithful of Amarr, I speak on behalf of Lord Yonis Ardishapur, Holder of the Demesne of House Ardishapur and Holder of Derelik.

With the passing of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Jamyl I, we are bereft and must seek amongst the sacred and the worthy for God's chosen representative in this world. As Steward of House Ardishapur, it is my duty to declare the candidacy of Lord Ardishapur for the Imperial Succession of Holy Amarr.

During this time, I will accept the applications of worthy capsuleers wishing to stand for Lord Ardishapur as his Champion in the Trials of Succession. The Court Chamberlain has laid out the rules for the YC118 Succession Trials and all those seeking to contend on behalf of Lord Ardishapur must of course fulfill those requirements.

In addition, Lord Ardishapur has stipulated that he wishes to seek his Champion from amongst the ranks of the faithful and redeemed lineages of Amarr and its domains. Therefore those of True Amarr, Khanid, Ni-Kunni blood will stand high in the estimation of His Grace. In addition, loyal subjects of Ammatar and redeemed Minmatar bloodlines will be most carefully and well considered. Piety and loyalty to Holy Amarr must though stand high in the evaluation of a Champion, and therefore the exceptional of other lines may be considered.

As is well-known, the Lord Ardishapur has been a long-standing supporter of the efforts of our loyal militia of the 24th Imperial Crusade and be it known that service with those faithful paladins of Amarr will be most favourably looked on. Obedience, loyalty and, above all, faith are the marks of a true Champion that the hand of the divine may act through in communicating His will.

House Ardishapur now awaits applications for the Champion of our liege in his rightful candidacy for the Throne of Holy Amarr.

Let the light of Holy Amarr shine on the faithful!
Aux Aliette
#2 - 2015-09-24 17:58:04 UTC
As has already been stated by Cardinal Itharen, the Communications Relay Committee are monitoring this thread.

Any posts that are not applications to represent the Ardishapur Family will be removed from this thread.

Please direct all questions to the thread provided above.

IGS Communications Director  ||  Directive Enforcement Department  ||  CONCORD Assembly

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#3 - 2015-09-24 21:33:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Rodj Blake
Lord Zateki,

As one of the first capsuleers to formally declare support for Lord Ardishapur in the upcoming trials, I would now like declare my candidacy as his champion.

Whilst I may not have been so active on the front lines in recent times, I have over twelve years experience in space and all them have been as an unstinting and loyal supporter of the Empire. I have also been constantly training over that time, amassing a formidable set of skills.

I fought as a wingman for an unsuccessful Ardishapur candidate during the last Succession trials, and this time the contacts I have made over the years will ensure that I will fly with the finest team of Loyalists in the cluster. Furthermore as a proud and long-term member of PIE Inc, there can't be many pilots with more hours logged flying Amarrian vessels than me.

During my time as a pilot I have been involved in many important battles. I've taken on and beaten terrorists, blasphemers, pirates, abominations, anarchists and libertines as well as other enemies of the Empire that defy a single word description.

For example, I was in the fleet that escorted an Imperial Apocalypse battleship to Amarr and I led the battlegroup that allowed Brother Joshua of the Speakers of Truth to evade the Star Fraction fleet seeking to prevent him from delivering his judgement against Lord Kor-Azor.

But arguably my proudest moment as a capsuleer was when as CEO of PIE Inc. the corporation received a commendation for its work in the Bleak Lands from none other than Lord Ardishapur.

More of the incidents that I have been involved in are listed as a part of my biography. You will note that these have been deemed newsworthy by those who are a better judge of these things than me.

More recently I was in the Loyalist fleet that took on and beat a Drifter force in Sarum Prime. This was captured on video by a fellow fleet member.

And then about a week ago, while commanding the Armageddon-class battleship TES Gloriana on an inspection of an Amarrian facility in the Oyonata system I was attacked by a Minmatar battlegroup. Now, the other candidates who have posted footage of their battles will have decided to only show their victories. I'm going to do something different and post a video of the Gloriana's final moments as it fought against the onslaught, taking down three Svipul-class advanced destroyers in the process. I do this not to aggrandise my own abilities as others have done, but to honour the martyrs who gave their lives in the defence of the Empire. In my view, a true warrior is always prepared to face defeat and with it, the possibility of death.

I have never fought for glory, nor for wealth. I have always fought for Amarr and with me heading up the Ardishapurian challenge, the right candidate will ascend to the throne.

Your most loyal servant,

Rodjinald I. Blake
Admiral Emeritus, PIE Inc.

Dolce et decorum est pro Imperium mori

Ivan Stoner
Old American Syndicate
A Class Apart
#4 - 2015-09-25 14:36:01 UTC
Lord Rehniz Zateki of the holy Ardishapur House i might be only a Caldari. But the friendship of the Amarr and Caldari strong and holds for a long time (even with the traitor Tibus Heth).

With the blessing of Lord Vaari the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Silent Infinity alliance. My nearly 4 year expirience in the Providence Region which build up to show the holyness and power of the Amarrian Empire. The uncounted fights against the evil we called Sansha, Blood Raiders and the newest thread the Drifter. Also the over 4000 capsuler kills which try to undercut the power of the Amarr. Should proof that iam the right choice for the Trails.

My Missiles and the holy Laserlight are ready to defeat any other opponent in the Trails.
Imperial Pharmacy
#5 - 2015-09-26 21:03:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Vaari
I, Lord Vaari, jarll of Sosan VII, High Father of the Imperial Pharmacy,Ssymbol of unchallenged victory, The world's most beloved hero, Morninglord, Golden Mountain, Carrier of the Heaven's light, Teacher of Pure Faith, Speaker of Unquestioned Truth, Lion of the Universe, Vanquisher of all heretics, Bane of the witches, The great miner, skilled industrialist pledge my undying support tp the House Ardishapur

My Lord Ardishapur, if you wish to know more, following lines come from my humble hearth and will tell why you should allow me to represent your grace.

I member of amarrian nobility and jarl of very minor amarrian settlement of Sosan VII. I have joined the ranks of independent spaceship captains over ten years ago, and I have not kept single vacation from my important duties to spread God's word within and beyond the realm.

Vast majority of my time I have spend in Providence in order to bring stability and spreading faith, but always ready to defend my flock against any foe or dangerous thoughts. My unwavering faith and strict and uncompromising attitude towards what is holy has also brought clashes with other loyalists, who I still call my friends and dear brothers and sisters.

Because of my duties in Providence I have not been able to take part in Holy Crusade, but I have seen them brave and honored men and women and I have many times spoken how we should prepare special place and services for their corporations, if they want to rotate their numbers in order to keep good fighting spirit. Stable and safe Providence helps keep 24th Imperial Crusade in good fighting conditions.

My corporation has been independent for years, but we are not joined to the Most beloved Holder Alliance in Providence, the Silent Infinity. In this population rich and industrial oriented alliance I have made special arrangement with the alliance leader, Most Serene High Lady and Canoness Raely. This is unique in entire world and example for all loyalist alliance. While our dear leader holds supreme political rights, Im the alliance religious leader, holding the title of Ecumenical Patriarch. Im consulted on most of the decisions if they are pure and follow the faith. I have been able to elevate our alliance in new heights of purity and faith in reasonable short time. Im also senior diplomat of our alliance, so our devotion is seen by all and if necessary, felt.

During my long years I have specialized my skills in amarrian vessels and rised to the unrivalled mastery in all classes except on titans and motherships. I have not trained any other vessels so my time is spent to learn more secrets of our great ships.

Allow me to be your champion.

Fear the God and honor the Empress!

-House Valius battle shout.

Shaddam Daphiti
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2015-09-28 18:49:15 UTC
After great consideration and prayer I am announcing I must lend my lasers to Ardishapur.
I fee that you are best equipped to lead the Empire in the ways it must be lead, to bring not only those outside to reclamation but also those within to a closer walk with our Holy God...

Lord willing, My lasers at your service.
Pandemic Legion
#7 - 2015-10-03 04:31:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Dancul1001
Lord Yonis. I stand before you distraught. I am not a man of politics, but I can sit idly by no longer! Unlike the other heirs, you were never afraid to speak your mind. I admire that more than anything. And yet the list of so-called men wishing to represent you is so unfitting for a man of your stature. An old man holding onto the glory days and a plethora of talking heads. Allow me the honor and I promise you the Empire that you rightly deserve.

On the Privy Council you are a shrewd tactician unafraid to back down from conflict. On the battlefield, I find conflict and charge into it. In the last five Alliance Tournaments, there is but one year where I did not stand at the end of the competition with a medal around my neck. I stand on venerated grounds, the grounds of a champion. My True Amarr blood runs cool through my veins in this most hectic of moments. I have honed my warrior skills for over a decade, never wavering from my heritage. Allow me to use these skills in your honor.

Allow me, Lord Yonis, to be your champion. The Empire needs a new heir change has for our glorious Empire to survive. You are the only heir with enough guile and savvy to lead us through this tumultuous time. My life’s work has brought me to this moment. Your lordship, I beg of you, allow me to join you on this path. I swear an oath to make sure your journey is free of roadblocks.

best video i could get a short notice
lost my hdd with eve footage on it will update when i get new footage
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#8 - 2015-10-10 09:59:50 UTC

Lord Yonis,

after much deliberation I have decided to humbly declare my candidacy as your champion and hope you may find me worthy to fight on your behalf.

Like many of my Praetorian comrades I have been serving the Empire for nigh on nine years. Much of this time was spent under the flag of the 24th Imperial Crusade in Devoid and the Bleak Lands.
It was in Kourmonen, on battlefields stricken with debris and soaked with the blood of our enemies that you saw fit to bestow upon me the honour of your attention.
Never since that day, has my zeal cooled or my courage faltered, for I knew then as I know now that God's Chosen will prevail and that under your leadership All will be united under God.

During all these years I have experienced victory and defeat as both a medium to small fleet commander and as a solo pilot. Many may wish to exalt themselves as great heroes, but I know that it is not only skill, but also our Faith in the righteous will of God which leads us to certain victory. And while this forum may only be intended for me to represent myself I will also pledge that I will offer to you only the most pure in faith and deed as wingmen.

As a humble servant of God I can only present a humble ammount of footage for your pleasure, but I have faith that it shall suffice:

Your most humble servant.
An Eye For An Eye
Phoebe Freeport Republic
#9 - 2015-10-10 21:52:54 UTC
Rehniz Zateki,

Thank you for sending this message to Lord Ardishapur.

My name is Venix and I come from one of the oldest corporations in New Eden, An Eye For An Eye. I offer myself to you today as a Champion for the Amarr Empire. I have spent my life in New Eden as a combat pilot, and as you can see by my corporation history, a very loyal combat pilot. I believe firmly that those who are fickle and haste in their decisions are often the first to turn on you and take what you have earned. As a pilot of great character, I can assure you that this will never happen while I stand at your side.

As a former member of the Amarr Militia, I know what it means to support the Empire and its factions within. While I myself am not of the Amarr worlds, I have always supported them via combat. This Succession Tournament will give me an opportunity to prove to both the Empire and House Ardishapur that my loyalty is true and pure.

A bit about my combat history can be found here ( ). While much of my information can be found via public record, a lot has been lost over the years due to the corruption and the demise of null sec empires (no api info for older kills). From what can be seen, it is clear that I take combat seriously. My efficiently is among the highest in New Eden. I kill those who stand against the Empire and its allies without hesitation, and I will slaughter those who stand in the way of our true Emperor.

My piloting skills are at levels which many capsuleers have only dreamed of. I can pilot with perfect skills all of the Amarr subcapital hulls and use their choice weapon systems at the same efficacy. I proudly fly the Armageddon battleship on a regular basis to rid New Eden of non-believers.

Choose me as your champion, Lord Ardishapur, and i assure you that you will sit on the throne as Emperor of the Amarrian Worlds.

"Casting his sight on his realm, the Lord witnessed
The cascade of evil, the torrents of war.
Burning with wrath, He stepped
down from the Heavens
To judge the unworthy,
To redeem the pure."
- The Scriptures, Book II, Revelations 2:12

SoulLess Zealot
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#10 - 2015-10-11 07:00:20 UTC  |  Edited by: SoulLess Zealot
To: Rehniz Zateki

My Name is SoulLess Zealot it is one you and my lord i am undoubtedly sure have never heard, but it is one that i hope, for the rest of your lives you will never forget. I wish to beseech my lord for the blessing of being his champion. i don't expect you to deliver my name to lord Yonis without merit, so before you cast my name aside as unworthy let me explain who i am. Let me tell my tale, prove my faith, and placard my cunning and prowess in combat.

I was born into slavery. Though from my understanding now it was very privileged. My parents were sebiestor; both from what information i have been able to piece together were very intelligent and capable people. I don't remember very much of them. I hardly remember their faces. I do however remember living on a station, my parents were scientists. I would imagine their holder had high expectations for me as well... That would be why i wasn't sold off, ... why I am who I am today, ... and why I write to you today .... I remember my days were filled with studies. Mostly scriptures, but arithmetic and science as well. I couldn't have been more than eight or nine years old at the time. But one day it happened; I hardly remember anything but the screaming. The terror in their voices, the deafening thunder of small arms fire. My heart races still as i recall it. I ran from my class room; i wanted to be safe with my parents. As I was running down the corridors I was leaping bodies and trying not to gag and throw up. My heart was racing and the panic was in control of me. I desperately tried to make it to my parents lab. I rounded a corner and my feet slipped out from under me. I lifted my head up off the floor slowly; dazed from the bump to my head. I was eye to eye with a woman not more than an inch from my face. We were eye to eye, but i felt as though she wasn't looking at me. It felt like she didn't even see me in front of her face. I started to come out of it , my clothes were soaked. As i started standing up i saw the blood all over the floor, and as i looked again at the woman it hit me. I was covered in blood and the woman i now stood over was my mother. I lost all control of my stomach, and of everything else right after. Somebody grabbed me from behind and picked me up. I flailed as hard as I could. My eyes filled with tears I couldn't see anything. I must have blacked out shortly after,Ii don't remember anything else.

The story just mentioned took place during the rebellion.

The next thing I remember i was on a ship destined for Minmatar space. Soon after that the rebels who I was now in the care of conscripted me into their pod pilot program. Apparently I was highly compatible. It would be a few years before i was old enough. The rebels expected me to be relived I was out of bondage, free of the Amarr. Secretly i held nothing but disgust and hatred. If it wasn't for them my parents would still be alive, yet they acted like they had done me a favor. I'll skip the description of becoming a pod pilot; lets just say it didn't help their case.

Some years passed and during a ship maneuvers exercise i fled. I went as far as i could, to the darkest reaches of space.
In the deep of null sec i started a new chapter in my life. I tried to forget, and i succeeded . For a time i knew nothing but myself. I forgot my past, and only concentrated on the now, but you cant escape forever and at the end of my cheeks, where the last drops rolled off; a fire started that burned clearer and brighter than anything I have ever know before or since.

" The great Amarr empire was founded to cultivate the spirit of man.
To do so the enemies of outside had to be defeated
and the enemies of the inside controlled"

With my doubts extinguished my focus solidified. However i couldn't go back. I would be labeled a rebel. i was sure no one would hear me, so i set out to prove my loyalty. The state protectorate seemed like my best choice. I had killed many Guristas in null, it made it easy to get in. During my time in the protectorate i reached the rank of strike commander. I have flown in many combat missions; in various ships and fleet sizes, I scored many kills. Many more of my kills being made solo.

Steward Rehniz i beg of you to let my lord hear of me. Let him hear my resolve as I have heard of his. i come to his house because i know him to be a devout man. I know of his resistance to Jamyl's return. I know of how he cares for the people in his charge. let him know my faith. Let him hear my conviction in the face of overwhelming odds.

Lord Yonis I beseech you let me do gods will. Let me be your champion and I will lead you to the throne so you can lead our people to salvation and glory.

your servant
SoulLess Zealot


I have included some recent gun camera footage

Ode to Lord Yonis Ardishapur
Alner Greyl
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#11 - 2015-10-11 23:50:27 UTC
Rehniz Zateki,

I can only hope that you send my message to Lord Zateki.

We can't choose where to born, same as we can't choose our destiny... at least in the begining of our journey.
I'm standing in front of you and waiting your decision and in my head i hear voices repeating "You can. Believe"
I don't know how those voices can know my future, I don't know how they can rule my life but I know one thing - everything is possible when you have your Faith.
And I believe that Faith can show me my pass.

I'm sure that you want to read something about your candidate. My name is Alner Greyl and I live New Eden for a long time.
Destiny wasn't very kind with me but all challenges that I went through made me strong enough to stay calm, courage enough for not feeling fear in front of danger, Kind enough to forgive pain and betrayal.
Forgive but remember. Experience makes us new persons. I passed thtough few wars when I lost everything and gain wisdom and intuition. They will help me during the championship to defeat my opponents.

Ardishapur Family does amazing job supporting forces of 24th Imperial Crusade. Without this help situation could turn bad way for whole Amarr Emprire, I appreciate this. Without it a lot of brave people could lose their pass in New Eden.
Amarr Empire and Ardishapur Family changed their lifes and gave them light of the Faith.

You are looking a person who can lead his team to the victory and stay strong all the way. Can I be your Champion? Yes, I can. Amarr Empire was always a symbol of might in New Eden.
Every decision changed this world and touched every inhabitant. Being your Champion is a great responsibility. When I win, yes, when, I pledge my everlasting service to our glorious Empire.
I'll continue spreading Empire's desire in New Eden, I'll be warrior of the Empire, I'll be voice of the Empire in every deep corner of the universe.
And every dark corner will get light of the Faith.

For Lord Zateki and Ardishapur Family: