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Succession Trials Candidacy – House Khanid

First post
Alar Chakaid
Khanid Works
Khanid Kingdom
#1 - 2015-09-24 15:44:30 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
Capsuleers of loyal mind and regard for the might of Empire and Kingdom united, I address you on behalf of His Majesty, Garkeh Khanid, Royal Heir to the Imperial Throne of Amarr, Khanid II of the Kingdom of Khanid, Lord of the Marches, Imperator of the Royal Khanid Navy.

Be it known that the Khanid of House Khanid stands ready to ascend to the Throne if it be God's will, and calls for candidates for Champion of the Khanid in the YC118 Succession Trials to make themselves apparent before the eyes of God and the court of His Majesty. It is my privilege and duty as Steward and Seneschal of House Khanid to assist His Majesty in evaluating the worth of those who step forward in this great cause.

The Court Chamberlain, in his wisdom and regard for proper and right tradition, has set out the rules for the Trials of Succession and affirmed the right undoubted of His Majesty to lay his claim to the Imperial Throne before the judgement of God. In addition to the rules properly made in the high conclave of our Holy Empire of Amarr, the Khanid of House Khanid wishes me to promulgate his commands as to the proper aspects of a Champion of House Khanid.

Therefore, let it be heard that His Majesty will look with favor on the True Amarr and Khanid warriors among our capsuleer faithful in the first instance. Let it also be heard that His Majesty also regards the loyal Ni-Kunni and the noble lines of the Caldari obedient to his rule as within the embrace of faith, loyalty and divinely-inspired skill at war. Also let it be heard that those who show the true and exceptional inspiration of God in all his martial fury and craft may be considered if their record serves as a true and exemplary testament of loyalty and skill.

The time of Holy Amarr's glory and unity in faith and might is upon us, let the hand of the Divine flow through the Champion of Khanid and see the King take the Imperial Throne in all His Majesty!
Aux Aliette
#2 - 2015-09-24 17:57:09 UTC
As has already been stated by Cardinal Itharen, the Communications Relay Committee are monitoring this thread.

Any posts that are not applications to represent the Khanid Family will be removed from this thread.

Please direct all questions to the thread provided above.

IGS Communications Director  ||  Directive Enforcement Department  ||  CONCORD Assembly

Federation of Freedom Fighters
#3 - 2015-09-24 21:53:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Kimsemus
I, Kimsemus, loyal subject of the Amarr Empire, Defender of our God and our Faith, wish to be considered to represent House Khanid in these trials. Long has House Khanid been loyal to the Empire, and though the Amarr and the Khanid have disagreed in the past, the time has come to bring true unity back to the Empire by placing a Khanid Emperor on the throne.

I am a true warrior of the Faith. I have participated in Imperial Crusades as a Faction Warfare pilot, laying low the enemies of the Empire, and securing new systems for our people. I have (quite literally) set out foes aflame with the torch of righteousness. For every enemy of the Empire I have slain, I feel sorrow for all those whom have yet to meet our justice. My guns never tire, my faith never wavers.

Behold my deeds, that I may be recognized as a champion of House Khanid:

Behold footage of my fleets, where I have lead my pilots (FC'ed) into battle and slain many foes, bathed in their blood, and been invigorated by their wailing and gnashing of teeth: (BLOPS) (Evasive EWAR trolling) (Major fleet flight) (Capital fight) (FCing another fleet fight)

Choose me as one of your captains, and know that I will bring righteous fury down upon our foes in your name. The glory of the Amarr Empire must be restored. Let the Minmatar, the Gallente, the Jove, and all our enemies cower before the strength of a Khanid Emperor on the throne. My hatred for our enemies is as great as my faith in God. Make me His intrument, and your sword, and I shall build an altar from our vanquished foes in the name of our God that all may look upon the Amarr Empire once more with awe and despair in equal measure.

Let me fight, die, and live again in the name of House Khanid and the Amarr Empire! None shall escape God's judgment! With Laser and Missile I shall slay them, with armor and Faith I shall resist their heretical, paltry blows.

Glory to the Amarr Empire! Glory to House Khanid! Now and forever! Let the enemy know what terrible judgment we bring.

( I also meet all ship/standings/passport requirements of course)
Sinjin Mokk
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2015-09-24 23:22:04 UTC
I, Sinjin Mokk, Cyberkinght of Khanid, Baron Holder of House Mokk, CEO founder of Royal Khanid Colonial Exploration, Chamberlain of the Royal Khanid Capsuleer Council do hereby state my undying allegiance to His Royal Majesty, Garkeh Khanid II, first of his name.

As my my King and the Council have deemed it worthy of him to participate in the Trials of Succession for the Throne of the Empire of Amarr, I pledge my sword, my fortune and my life to his just and noble cause. I pray that I may be found worthy to stand by his side this day and to the end of my days.

"Hearken we beseech Thee, O Lord, to our prayers, and deign to bless with the right hand of Thy Majesty, this sword with which Thy servant desires to be girded, that it may be a defense of churches, widows, orphans and all Thy servants of Khanid against the sourge of pagans, that it may be the terror and dread of all evil-doers, and that it may be just in both attack and defense. So swear we all in the name of the King!"

"Angels live, they never die, Apart from us, behind the sky. They're fading souls who've turned to ice, So ashen white in paradise."

Tyrrax Thorrk
Guiding Hand Social Club
#5 - 2015-09-25 00:38:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Tyrrax Thorrk
Greetings to his Royal Majesty Garkeh Khanid, Royal Heir to the Imperial Throne of Amarr, Khanid II of the Kingdom of Khanid, Lord of the Marches, Imperator of the Royal Khanid Navy.
I devoutly believe your rule to be essential to the health of our great Empire and having always been a loyal and fierce defender of Amarr I will do anything to make sure you ascend to the throne, God willing.
You have my loyalty, my skill, my service and my great experience to call upon should you require it.
I am in excellent standing with our great Empire.
I have been captain of more Alliance Tournament teams than any other warrior in all of New Eden , teams under my leadership made it to the semi-finals in AT1 and AT2 and have defeated many a powerful team.
In the years since I have honed my skills as a warrior against enemies of the Empire, mostly in null-sec amongst and against some of the greatest military minds of our age.
I have brought down titans, motherships, corporations and indeed entire alliances have crumbled before myself and my allies, I could be of great use to you.
I have flown the Gold Magnate into combat against heathens, outnumbered and outgunned, destroying many before the end.
I have flown the Imperial Issue Armageddon and Imperial Issue Apocalypse, both in tournaments and in null-sec combat, I am a very high level fleet commander and Amarr ship specialist of great skill, bravery and experience.
I am also very wealthy and my entire fortune is at your disposal.

Here is a video of a fleet I commanded in a the seventh Alliance Tournament utilizing Amarr superiority along with a few slaves in lesser vessels and dominating a powerful opponent.
Here you can see the Imperial Issue Apocalypse I owned being flown to its end by Raem Civrie under my fleet command in the third Alliance Tournament.
Unfortunately recordings have not survived of the many heathens we crushed before its might, but I'm sure you're aware of the incredible power it had when fielded against enemies of the Empire, countless thousands of heathen scum felt the glorious burn of its mighty lasers.

I pray you will allow me to utilize all of my resources, skills and experience in your service and I promise you will not regret it as you ascend to the throne of Amarr as God's chosen Emperor.
Your loyal servant - Tyrrax Thorrk
Holy Amarrian Battlemonk
Two Maidens One Chalice
#6 - 2015-09-25 01:07:03 UTC  |  Edited by: edeity
Ut Dominus Savant Ascendet

I, edeity, long of sworn fealty to house Khanid, Protector of the entirety of the Holy Scriptures, Knight Militant of the Order of Tetrimon, founder of the Holy Amarrian Battlemonks, tempered in seven years of service of Amarr including six years service to the 24th Imperial Crusade, am here to do the bidding of the divine will made manifest in the elevation of Garkeh Khanid to Emperor.

This soul whilst small and nothing compared our Lord Khanid II, has a record of some measure. Loyal to Amarr always, an inquisitive and educated soul constantly searching for truth in the faith that raises us above mere animals, mere men, mere capsuleers. Pronounced heretic by the CVA with accusation of blood crimes, disavowed by PIE, yet like Tetrimon himself called upon for help in the darkest of times. Times when the strength of the full faith is required. This dilution of our heritage promulgated by politics holds us back, right at the time Amarr must advance or face extinction itself.

It is the undeniable will of that which is, that amongst the children of men a savant must rise and take the place on the throne crafted over millenia for this very moment and turn the tide against the man machine abominations. Technology will not save Amarr. Our Lord Garkeh Khanid and the power of his faith will.

I come, descended of Ni-Kunni lineage, more zealous than even the purest of Amarrian lineage. All requirements of the Trials for skill, standings and renown are more than met. Full mastery of every Amarr ship, with blood drained corpses in my hangars delivered by The One Will through means of these ships. Additionally, the zeal I have been so blessed with brings others to the cause of truth. The Keshites, a splinter faction of Amarrian Loyalist Capsuleers, incoporated under the association of "Dirt N Glitter", the largest most active and deadliest 24th Imperial Crusade related corp has additionally pledged their very best pilots to our Lord Garkeh Khanid's cause under my leadership.

I pen this letter clad in my only real possession, a prayer robe. Caked in blood both old and fresh of rebels, heretics, traitors, pirates and beings lesser of race, dogma or belief. Like all of my order, I am sworn to three vows. Obedience. Humility. Poverty. The very definition of selflessness, there is no pride or ambition within this soul nor these words. This instrument is yours, to serve as our Lord and future Emperor sees fit.

May Khanid's enemies, weakened by petty politics and pursuit of wealth fear the unleashing those Khanid has long granted shelter. The pure, unflinching, unreserved true believers in the complete faith of our ancestors, the faith revealed to Amarr.

Pax Domini Garkeh Khanid.
Pax Sanguinis Emperor.

For the best example of how I pvp: the Battlemonk recruitment video here:

A lesser example:

And an even poorer example:

What is useful to observe about the above videos (besides the epic work of beauty and art in the recruitment one) is that what is in these videos is EVERY day. Not against random stranger that turn up, but in doing great work for the Empire against its enemies.

And yes like all the others providing links we can also do the chopped shopped large fleet combat. In this case to KPOP.
Math'ra Hiede
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#7 - 2015-09-26 00:14:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Math'ra Hiede
I, Lord Math'ra Hiede. Ket'ach to the Khanid Mashtori and Holder of Kihtaled II do hereby proclaim my undying loyalty to his Majesty King Garkeh Khanid.

My blade is his blade, my shield his shield. In war and peace for all times I will fight for the Kingdom and House Khanid.

My Loyalty is one that cannot be questioned.
For years I have fought for the Empire and Kingdom, never swerving from my purpose to defend and protect all that is held dear to our great Empires.

I have fought for the Empire for years, my unshakable resolve has never been broken and my records proclaim as much.

For 300 years the Kingdom has been 'tolerated' by the Empire before the Empress Lady Jamyl Sarum proclaimed your right to be heard and welcomed home.
The Empire has now agreed that you are to be welcomed home as the brother and heir you always were.

The time has come my King, you claimed your time was not right then but that time is nigh. The Empire and Kingdom are in peril and you need the strongest umong us to fight for you to show New Eden what the Khanid people and house are capable of.

I will fight for you, with all the power and strength I have.

Khanid Victor!

Surround yourself with the faithful, stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens. - Book of Missions, 71:21
#8 - 2015-09-29 04:45:07 UTC  |  Edited by: retro123
I Retro123 an Amarrian by birth, khanid by choice. I am filled with love and devotion for the one true amarrian family, The Khanid family. I formally put myself at your feet my lord Garkeh Khanid for consideration to take the place of champion for you at the coming succession trials. Until I found my way into the service of the khanid family I had never found my true place in the empire, having been in service to the family for what seems like a millennia , I hope to formally have my chance to prove my undying loyalty to the great house of Khanid and in turn have a chance to repay the family and you my lord for all that you have given me in the years of service to your cause.

Why do I submit myself you ask? I believe it is time for the amarr empire to have a strong emperor and through my strength I promise that not again shall the heathens of the Kador family or any lesser family stand in front of what was and is rightfully yours my lord. When I succeed, the Khanid family and you will reap the rewards that were so unjustly taken from us and in doing so never again shall the Khanid family name be set aside for a lesser family.

With me as your champion I foresee only victory for the family, for you and for the empire, if you are to pick me as your champion you will know that I will go into battle filled with love for the one true leader, bloodlust and determination to destroy all those that would stand in the way of your path, the only path. To the throne.

Throughout my years flying across new eden my proficiency in all things amarr and khanid is second to none. Through my experience with these ships I do believe I am the only one qualified for the task of obtaining what is rightfully yours - that being the ascension to the throne of this great amarrian empire. Throughout my years of loyal service I have soaked myself in the blood of my foes with thousands of confirmed kills carried out. I have been ruthless in my vengeance and retribution to those that have done me and those around me wrong. If you will allow me to be your champion I shall be your punisher, I shall be your paladin and I shall bring a curse of almighty wrath down upon their heads.

I am not a politician...I am not a diplomat...I am here to fight for you I submit myself at your feet to be your champion. Trust in me and I will not see you wrong, I will not see you once again smited from what should have been yours and instead deliver the heads of those who stand in the way of your ascension to the throne.

I am Retro123 destroyer of worlds, taker of souls
Newer Vid

Battle Record




Templar Dane
Amarrian Vengeance
Team Amarrica
#9 - 2015-09-29 06:37:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Templar Dane
Greetings, Your Majesty, Garkeh Khanid, Royal Heir to the Imperial Throne of Amarr, Khanid II of the Kingdom of Khanid, Lord of the Marches, Imperator of the Royal Khanid Navy.

I, Templar Dane of the Khanid bloodline do hereby swear to lead my team to victory in your name.

I have nine years of experience in Amarr ships and their tactics in everything from solo to large-scale battles. I have served the Amarr Militia for seven years, and have wrought grievous losses on the Empire's enemies. My small corporation has uprooted much larger Minmatar Militia entities from the systems they have held.

Some examples.....
Lifetime battle record

Battle example

Battle example 2

Battle example 3

Battle example 4

Battle example 5

And a video example and the battle report to match.

As you can see, I specialize in Amarr ships and victory while outnumbered. My success isn't based on combat prowess alone, I outsmart my enemies. Just ask them.

[03:46:02] Nitro DSP > he was like - hey let me pulll a trick see if he falls for it. i was like dude its dane you will fail

[02:13:45] Avatarofpain > fought you before dont want any ty [23:10:19] Avatarofpain Templar Dane **** that im docking

[00:10:37] Mr Barista > no ******* wonder i died

And a corpmate describing what dealing with me is like.

I look forward to serving you in the Amarr Championships and to the glory of victory.

God wills it!
Axemz Uanid
Low Sec Pirates
#10 - 2015-09-29 06:44:47 UTC
I, Axemz Uanid, come before the Intergalactic Summit of House Khanid to offer my services to House Khanid and the Khanid race alike. I am a Khanid myself, coming from a long line of humble military men who fought for the sovereignty of our great Khanid ancestry. I hereby stand as a loyal member of the Ministry of War and have fought to preserve the borders of the empire, reaching deep into enemy territory and inflicting the almighty power of the lord himself. I feel my skill in battle and level headedness under unrelenting odds places me at the top of my peers. I ultimately respect the House's choice in this matter and godspeed.

With Honor!
~Axemz Uanid
Brand Newbros
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#11 - 2015-09-29 17:04:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Soldarius
Unity or Death.

For too long I have stood silently by and merely watched events unfold before me. While the 4 major empires have always been fractious and slow to act, today more than ever our governmental bodies suffer from inertia and self-interest. Meanwhile the empires burn.

Even the blind and faithless can no longer dismiss the events unfolding before us. Following the assassination of Empress Jamyl I (may God rest her soul), a state of war now exists between the Amarr Empire and The Drifter faction. If we as people cannot act in unity against such an obvious external threat, how can we ever expect to survive? Shall we let our enemies conquer us one at a time? Or shall we stand united in our faith to defeat this deadly threat?

I believe we have been given a sign. When a friend has been stabbed on the street, does one stand by and watch them bleed to death? Does one not offer them a hand? Shall the Caldari State sit idly by while our friends and allies are brazenly attacked? No! The time to act is now!

While I cannot speak or act on behalf of the State, I can speak and act on my own behalf; hoping that my actions will inspire my fellows and reflect well on other Caldari.

The people of the Khanid Kingdom are Amarrians in their hearts, in their blood, and in their faith. Court Chamberlain Haromi in a moment of divine inspiration (for no other source of inspiration could possibly account for such wisdom, foresight, and courage) has elected to allow House Khanid to select a champion and participate in the Succession Trials, thus opening the way to true healing, cooperation, and strength through faith in divine combat.

Inspired by the act of the Court Chamberlain and by the need of the Amarrian people, I feel compelled to submit myself to House Khanid for consideration as their representative and champion for the YC 118 Succession Trials.

Barring miracles, no one expects any house heir to choose their champion without due consideration for their qualifications and good intent. As such I submit my credentials and combat record as proof of my ability, experience, and good will.

Standings and Skills:

My standings speak for themselves. The friendship I share with the Khanid Kingdom is bested only by that which I share with Mordu's Legion Command and the Caldari State.

To summarize the relevant skills, I have the ability to fly all Amarr sub-capital ships other than the Paladin and Redeemer. Of those, I can fly Command Ships, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Recons, Tactical Destroyers, and all tech 1 Amarr ships except battleships perfectly. Electronic Attack Frigates, Assault Frigates, Interceptors, Interdictors, Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, and tech 1 battleships I can fly near perfectly. I can also fly the Guardian Logistics Cruiser and Legion Strategic Cruiser, though my logistics and subsystems skills are bit weak. So I typically leave that to more skilled pilots.

My support skills in armor are near perfect. Shield skills practically perfect with the exception of certain passive tanking skills. EWAR skills are perfect with the exception of target painting and turret disruption being near perfect. Turret skills practically perfect. Missile skills practically perfect. When it comes to weapons, by "practically perfect" I mean all support skills fully trained with the exception of the individual weapon specialization skills at 4. Drone skills are good but not perfect.

Combat Record:

I am not a vain person and am not in the habit of recording and displaying my battles for vanity's sake. However, my feats and skill in public competition with TEST Alliance Please Ignore can be seen below.

As a member of TEST's tournament team, I serve as the team's primary match and intelligence analyst by examining our opponents for patterns and weaknesses, and then making recommendations to our head FC on how to best exploit those weaknesses. In addition, I am also not afraid to test and theory craft new or unexpected fleet compositions and ship fits. As such, I am more than just another pilot filling a pod. I also bring years of combat and planning experience to any team.

In addition, I have been blessed with many glorious opportunities to fly under the tutelage and instruction of various well-known nul-sec pilots and FCs of the Honey Badger Coalition, CFC, Deklein Coalition, and the Northern Coalition, to name a few.

My personal finances, while of fairly modest means, are more than sufficient to sustain my own requirements without recourse to outside funding even in the face of the occasional substantial loss or more frequent lesser losses. Money is not a problem for me.

While I do not claim to be the best, most experienced, or most well-funded pilot, I believe that I have abilities and strengths that would greatly assist any team in the upcoming tournament.

It is my sincere wish to assist His Royal Highness as he guides his people towards strength, unity, and a lasting victory over the Drifter menace, God willing.

Justice forHungary
League of Non-Aligned Worlds
Snuffed Out
#12 - 2015-10-06 05:59:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Justice forHungary
Greetings to his Royal Majesty Garkeh Khanid, Royal Heir to the Imperial Throne of Amarr, Khanid II of the Kingdom of Khanid, Lord of the Marches, Imperator of the Royal Khanid Navy.
I, Justice forhungary of true Amarrian blood wish to represent you in the trials.

House of Khanid should lead amarr to victory! Take it all!

I, a true Amarrian, am a decorated tournament veteran. I have participated in every tournament since AT VI with various success, earning two silver medals as well as a bronze medal. I have led g00dfellas team to the 3rd place in AT VI, Nulli Secunda team to the finals at AT XII and to the top 6 in AT XIII. Besides tournament play, I have also been a fleet commander for many large alliances since 2006, participating in most of the great wars of our time.

Here a video how i wipe out an entire team almost alone in one of the most powerfull amarrian ship ever made.

I represent the "Hunamarrian" community. I and we wish to take the throne for you dearest lord. TAKE IT ALL!
Justice for Khanid, Justice for Amarr! (And ofcourse Justice for Hungary!)
Torei Dutalis
IceBox Inc.
Rogue Caldari Union
#13 - 2015-10-11 06:20:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Torei Dutalis
My Lord Khanid, My Name is Torei Dutalis, and I seek to serve as your champion in the coming trials of succession. Mine is perhaps not a name that you have likely heard heralded on the lips of the mighty, nor carried upon tongues of the crowd. And yet, it is just as well this is the case, for there is great advantage in anonymity and obscurity.

Throughout my long career traversing the space lanes of New Eden I have carried many names and labored for many masters, but chiefly the fruits of my labors have benefited both the Amarr and Caldari nations. I have wrought prosperity and devastation equally, and with equal talent. And while the economic boons I have paid to the empire are not insubstantial, it is surely my talent in the art of war that bears the greatest scrutiny. My martial prowess in particular is, by fair measurement, comparable to any other challenger, and in my own opinion, preeminent.

As a patron of the martial spheres, My Lord is no doubt aware that I have recently emerged victorious over all my competitors in the recent capsuleer Oceanic Assault Tournament. If this display of utter dominance, broadcasted for all audiences in New Eden to see, is not proof enough of my skill, Concord has a myriad of confirmed ship kills attributed to my personage. These records show a clear dedication to eradicating the enemies of the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire, and to my own perpetual pursuit of excellence.

My Lord, the Amarr Empire is truly the mightiest of the great space states, but she could be mightier still. Call me to be your champion my Lord, and I shall be the instrument that leads the House of Khanid to its rightful place at the head of a truly united Amarrian Empire.

Footage of myself in battle (Brief Combat Clip) (Somewhat more tedious tournament match)
Northern Coalition.
#14 - 2015-10-11 17:53:56 UTC
His Majesty Garkeh Khanid,
Steward Alar Chakaid,

I am not one for mere words or idle action. There is no spot in the trials for pretenders claiming their allegiance for Amarr as simple words cannot describe a true believers devotion. I spit on the unbelievers looking for fame and rather than sit here and claim faith, I will rather tell you a story of how I came to know Amarr.

As a child I grew up in the rough habitats of a Caldari Factory world I will not name, I lost everything on that planet and almost lost myself. But a man changed everything, a man I today believe to be the faith of Amarr incarnated. He came to me and showed me who I was really was; he didn't utter a word, yet I understood everything he said. From that day on I knew.

Amarr pulled me from the brink and has been with me every day ever since, this is my chance at righting my wrongs, this is my chance to finally be able to give back to Amarr for everything its given to me.

I am championing for House Khanid because of all you understand the most who I am. Your house above all others have shown that more than just worship actions speak louder than words and you've devoted yourselfs to Amarr from the depths of the Udorian wars. Many of the other houses demand pure Amarr blood but I thank his Majesty Garketh Khanid for looking favorably on Caldari Born and allowing true faithfuls such as myself to be able to serve the Amarr Empire in these trials.

I will not claim my combat prowess as Amarr sees through all lies and deception, I am the rightful champion. I am also not one to usually record combat actions as pride and vanity in victory is not acceptable behavior. However as a token of my dedication I have compiled a series of kills I have acquired over the past few days for your consideration:

Its also worth mentioning I have flown in the Alliance Tournament and fielded an Imperial Navy fitted flagship Armageddon and I thank the Amarr gods for their gifts of neuts and armor for giving us this victory.

Hail Amarr, Amarr Victor.
Damassys Kadesh
Eternal Damnation of the Woken Mind
#15 - 2015-10-11 18:26:37 UTC
Steward Chakaid,

I, Damassys Kadesh, hereby submit myself as a candidate for Champion on behalf of House Khanid.

For many years I have felt adrift in New Eden. But recent events have brought to light a path that is uniquely mine. We can all feel the changes that are coming, and no other hits the hearts and souls of the Amarr like the loss of the Empress at the hands of a new enemy, and the resulting power vacuum that must be filled.

When the Succession Trials were announced, I felt a calling that has restored a faith that I had nearly forgotten. It is clear to me now, that God has had a plan for me since the day I set out from the Kingdom, leaving those of my blood behind to seek the knowledge of this universe. It was none other than divine influence that silently led my training path down unbroken, strict, and focused Amarrian mastery. This image from the Interbus Ship Identification System is proof of the foundation of my skills:

Aside from some irrelevant astrometrics, there is not an Amarr ship, nor a module/drone that can be fit to one, that I have not completely mastered. In over 9 years of active training, I have stayed pure to the extent that training projectile and hybrid weapons systems has been of no value to me.

Despite the cowardice of many of those in the regions that I frequent, I was able to capture some records of combat to demonstrate that I am actively seeking to cleanse those who are beneath the Amarr. Everything seen here has occurred since the announcement from the Court Chamberlain and has been compiled specifically for your viewing:

There is one who has heavily influenced my actions and my dedication to the Amarr since I began my journey in this life. And while I would not modify my own body, he immortalized the symbol of the Empire on his flesh during a celebration of 10 years of capsuleer flight (despite it being on a cold and volcanic world). This is the type of person I keep close:

There are those who may seek a champion position who claim that their pledges are pure, and while I cannot confirm or deny such claims, I urge you to consider if there are hidden influences behind their pledges... alliances/politics, pride/vanity, misguided religious beliefs... You can be certain that although I have spent much time away from the Kingdom, mostly in the company of Caldari combatants, that I have no reason to present myself to you other than to honour the will of God... I believe the information that I have presented here has made this clear.

The final battles of these trials will occur shortly after the 10 year anniversary since I first undocked in an Impairor. Allow me to fulfill my destiny by serving the house of my blood in this critical time of change for the Amarr Empire.

-It should go without saying, but I meet all the requirements set forth by The Court Chamberlain.
-View my biography to see how I have presented myself to the inhabitants of New Eden for many years, and for a record of my victory in one on one combat with the infamous Kil2 (using an Amarr ship of course)

Sourem Itharen > Congratulations Lady Kadesh, you have been selected by trial of fire and blood, under the watchful eyes of God, to represent Lord Khanid as his champion in the Imperial Succession trials -YC117

Know your Role
skill urself
#16 - 2015-10-11 22:41:33 UTC
Greetings steward Alar Chakaid of House Khanid

The Khanid and the Amarr have had disagreements in the past, but the time has come to bring true unity back to the Empire by placing a Khanid Emperor on the throne.

I hereby offer Royal Majesty Garkeh Khanid, Royal Heir to the Imperial Throne of Amarr, Khanid II of the Kingdom of Khanid, Lord of the Marches and Imperator of the Royal Khanid Navy, my Loyalty, Wealth, Wisdom and above all Strength to represent your Royal house, and bring back the victory that you deserve!

Early in my career I found it was my destiny and duty to fight not only enemies of the Khanid Kingdom, but evil forces all across the galaxy. My experiences in combat have vastly increased since and ships of Khanid manufacturing have been my favourite. I grew especially fond of the Heretic, which is my second most used ship in my long list of combat records. (

Dozens of fights in small groups have prepared me for the upcoming trials. Not only have I fearlessly led a small-scale PvP corporation for the few last years, I have also very successfully participated in various other tournaments, such as the famous Alliance Tournaments 12 and 13 as well as the New Eden Open II.

You can see examples of my extensive combat record here: (Retributions) (Inquisitor, Confessor)

Allow me, Leokokim, to be your champion. Let the close ties between our nations speak for themselves! Let a warrior of Caldari descent, the nation that helped when you were forsaken by the Amarr, help you to claim the Throne!

Hail the Khanid Kingdom!
Douglas Aurelius
Sanctuary of Shadows
#17 - 2015-10-12 00:04:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Douglas Aurelius
I, Douglas Aurelius, true born son of Amarr, loyal instrument of the Emperor Family, and devout fleet commander of Amarrian fleets across God's space do so humbly present myself for judgement in the eyes of Your Majesty, Garkeh Khanid, Royal Heir to the Imperial Throne of Amarr, Khanid II of the Kingdom of Khanid, Lord of the Marches, Imperator of the Royal Khanid Navy.

House Khanid has represented strength, honor and duty in service to the Lord since the time of the first Reclaiming, it is these traits that the he who sits upon the Throne of Amarr requires in these trying times for the Empire. Vile and twisted Sansha pillage through our space, Minmatar supported capsuleers press at our borders and heathens spill forth from parts unknown ravaging our Holy Empire and in an act, which will cast every last one of these demons to the deepest pits God can summon forth for them, attacked our Empress, Jamyl I, God rest her soul. The time tested leadership of House Kanid and you my royal highness Khanid II is not just needed, it is required, if our Holy Empire is to face these threats and cast them back into the pits from which they have spilled forth.

To see you upon the Throne of Amarr is the desire of all True Amarrians and no words of our mortal tongue can attest to the most supreme honor it would be to myself to ensure your succession to the throne God intends for you to hold. Through the strength that God has filled me that I have rallied fleets of those who would hold the Amarrican banner high into combat across New Eden. From Zealots lead into the depths of lawless space, to the largest collection of capsuleer Navy Apocs every assembled , it has been my honor to hold the Amarrian standard high.

I may only submit myself to your judgement my grace and offer my services in God's plan for you and our empire.

Combat Record

Golden Fleet
Cpt Marty
Tactical Singularity
#18 - 2015-10-12 00:12:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Cpt Marty
His Royal Majesty Garkeh Khanid,

I, Marty, hereby submit myself as a candidate to become the Champion of the House Khanid.

For many centuries, my family has been devoted to spirituality and the Amarr Empire. When the Khanid heir seceded hundreds of years ago, my family was devastated. Ever since, we have been working hard to bring honor and respect back to the name Khanid.

Our families have been closely related and befriended, and I could not be happier that the chance to be a champion falls on me for these trials. I have been finetuning my skills in flying any and all Amarrian ships:

Therefor I sincerely request your consideration, and I sincerely request that my name's history with yours be considered.

For the perseverence of the Royal Amarr, and for the name of the House Khanid, I pledge myself to thee.
Yours truly.
Jack Murder
Snuffed Out
#19 - 2015-10-13 06:17:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Jack Murder
I am Legatus Commodore Jack Murder and my loyalties lie with the Khanid Kingdom.

God has called me, as a Cyber Knight, to help Khanid II take his rightful place at the throne of our empire, and put an end to all foes who stand in the way. Thus, I submit myself as the most righteous candidate to fight for the Khanid Kingdom in an effort to re-unite the Amarr Empire in the eyes of God.

By His light, and His will