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Succession Trials Candidacy – House Sarum

First post
Olacar Sarum
#1 - 2015-09-24 15:43:31 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
Greetings and salutations, prospective Champions,

With the announcement of the YC118 Succession Trials, the Sarum Family seeks those with unswaying loyalty to the Imperial Throne to represent his Highness Lord Merimeth Sarum on the battlefield of the Amarr Championships.

While a base set of rules has been established by the Imperial Succession Committee, Lord Sarum wishes to extend his own requirements for potential candidates in order that his interests be properly represented during the Succession Trials.

His Lordship seeks candidates with a solid and demonstrated ability in combat and a record of outstanding performance on the field of battle. In addition to this, those with an extensive record of service to the Throne, with high standings toward organizations within in the Imperial Military will be of highest consideration, including long service with the 24th Imperial Crusade, and high standing with the Amarr Navy and Ministry of War.

House Sarum prides itself on being a key proponent of the traditional values of Holy Amarr, and stands firm on ensuring that the heritage of the Succession Trials remains intact. Those of pure Imperial blood, and those of Ni-Kunni and Khanid heritage will be most highly considered to represent his lordship as candidates, however, those with outstanding records of service who are of lesser heritage may be considered, with adequate justification.

To arms, pilots! We await your applications with a keen eye for those who will best represent Lord Sarum.
Aux Aliette
#2 - 2015-09-24 17:54:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Aux Aliette
As has already been stated by Cardinal Itharen, the Communications Relay Committee are monitoring this thread.

Any posts that are not applications to represent the Sarum Family will be removed from this thread.

Please direct all questions to the thread provided above.

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Elise Randolph
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
#3 - 2015-09-24 23:46:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Elise Randolph
Lord Merimeth Sarum I humbly appeal to you to be named your Champion for the Succession Trials. While my blood is not that of True Amarr, the choices we make in life supersede mere birthright. During the last Trials your Aunt, the venerated Empress Jamyl, chose a Champion based on their blood. That decision was nearly catastrophic. Were she not so wise and resourceful, perhaps the usurper Doriam Kor-Azor would have leveled The Empire unto rubble.

When the Empires first approached the empyreans for militia work, I was quick to lend my aid to the 24th Imperial Crusade. While the other militiamen sucked on the teat of The Empire, begging paper-pushing worker bees for mindless work for loyalty points, I ascended the ranks to Imperator Commander through blood and wreckage alone. In the summer of YC 109, The Scope declared me the most vicious militiawoman to ever grace the Crusade.

I then left the service of the militia to train to be a more complete warrior, and in so doing found myself part of the most Amarr of all capsuleer groups: Pandemic Legion. I spent the next several years espousing Amarr virtues while popularizing the great Amarr war vessels: first the Zealot, then the Abaddon, followed by the Apocalypse Navy Issue, the Archon and Aeon, and now the Legion. Our tactics were so profound and dominating that measures had to be taken to lessen their greatness. You will find no pilot more skilled at combat in an Amarr vessel than a Pandemic Legion pilot – a gilded group that I can draw from for support should the need arise.

When the Drifter threat first appeared, we were the group to assist in understanding Entosis technology. In the Empire-run simulation, we excelled not through diplomacy but through force – dominating the competition like no other.
In these trying times the people – your people – wish to have the Sarum family leading the charge. No heir is more fit to lead than you. To prove my loyalty I have waded through the filth of the Godless Heathens of Delve and secured the crown jewel of the region: NOL-M9. It is named in your honor, and to remind the SCUM that cower nearby that Sarum is a force to be reckoned with.

As your Champion I will promise that none shall best me, none shall out-think me, and none shall out-maneuver me. None can boast more Tournament Gold. On the final day it will be me raising you on my shoulders amidst millions of supporters chanting the name of their new Emperor: Emperor Merimeth.

I kneel before you, eager to dispense Judgment. You are the wisest of the heirs, allow me to be your Champion and I will make your fist as formidable as your wit. The others will run from us, and they will be crushed. Some may stand, but we will make them fall. By the end they will kneel, and you will save them.

I will add videos every week to showcase my skill and versatility in small-scale combat, however for now feel free to peruse some of the following.
Comet vs Heathens:
His Will carrying me:
Navy Omen:

Updated Wednesday October 7
Sarum Issue Tormentor vs 3 Frigs:
Sarum Issue Tormentor 2v1:


R I 0 T
#4 - 2015-09-25 13:31:34 UTC
Lord Sarum,

I kneel with one hand on my sword and the other with our lords bible requesting that you accept me as your champion for the coming of the succession trials.

Being a true to Amarian bloodline I have taken your sword and your bible rejoicing the Amarr word through new eden for some years.

Training myself to be a pure Amarian fighter with maxed out Amarr skills. Having spread the word in your name I joined chaos from order and over the years we have grown to be known and feared even in the alliance tournaments.

I will retaliate with supreme force on the drifter colonies for the murder of Empress Jamyl and will unite the forces of New Eden to rid this tyranny of the devil.

Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.

Your servant always


Infinite Point
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#5 - 2015-09-26 16:13:03 UTC
Lord Sarum and retainers,

I am Aiwha, capsuleer and servant of the Empire and the Sarum Family. I don't make it a secret that I am originally a Caldari citizen, however I can only call the Amarr Empire my true homeland. Since my commissioning in YC111, I have maintained a high standings with the Empire itself and its other servants, and your family. I have also served the Empire in securing its capsuleer territories in Providence, held in stewardship by CVA and its allies, and served the 24th Crusade during the offensives of YC114.

I have an innate fondness for Amarrian engineering, and while I am accomplished with many races technology, given the choice, I will select an Amarrian hull over any other ship. Especially legions. I love legions. There is nothing a good legion won't see you through. But I digress.

It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your champion in these trials. However, if you chose someone more worthy than myself, rest assured that my loyalty and support will remain with the Sarum Family and Lord Marimeth throughout the Succession proceedings.

Amarr Victor, and may God's will be done.

Sanity is fun leaving the body.

Mitara Newelle
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#6 - 2015-10-04 20:22:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Mitara Newelle
Greetings and blessings, your Highness Lord Sarum.

I, Mitara Newelle-Shutaq, offer myself as a candidate to be one of your Captains in the upcoming Trials.

It has been my privilege to serve Amarr as a member and, for a time, CEO of PIE Inc. for more than seven years. Our dedication to the Throne and Faith are without question and it is well known that we pilot only vessels of Amarr and Khanid design. Who would settle for less?

These years have been spent repelling the Matari invaders from our borders and reclaiming our sovereign space. I have seen large amounts of combat[1][2], against heretics within and without, with the vast majority of it being small fleet operations such as what will be encountered in the Trials.

My work in the warzone has led to incredibly strong standings within the 24th Imperial Crusade and being appointed Divine Commodore very early on in the war. It is not by chance that outside of the 24IC, it has been my privilege to work with agents of House Sarum and the Imperial Navy.

There has never been need to keep video records of the operations I have been involved in, so I have hastily assembled this combat reel [3].

With the appearance of these ‘Drifters’ and the assassination of Empress Jamyl I at their hands, it is without doubt that you, Lord Sarum, are destined to ascend to the Throne and to demonstrate the power of Amarr against any threats as only House Sarum can.

It will be an honour to assist you claim your rightful place, should you so choose. Know that whatever your judgement, I forever shall be a loyal subject of House Sarum.

I will close with a Scripture that speaks to these times -

We can not fail, for we will have an Emperor to lead us and destiny to follow

Your servant,
-Admiral Mitara Newelle-Shutaq, PIE Inc.

Lady Mitara Newelle of House Sarum, Holder of the Mekhios province of Damnidios Para'nashu, Champion of House Sarum, Sworn Upholder of the Faith, Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade

Admiral of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris

Ethereal Corporation
Phoebe Freeport Republic
#7 - 2015-10-06 20:42:46 UTC
Your Highness Lord Merimeth Sarum, I come forth your presence to become your champion in the Successions Trials.

I wish for nothing else but the greatness of the Amarr Empire and it's people and it is my firm belief that it is Your Highness the only one true ruler that can restore the Empire its Glory and Pride that has been lost.
Bring us back into the pinnacle of society were we belong! Lead us into crushing the insult that the Drifters represent! Let me be your sword and I vow that you'll see nothing but victory and dominance on your way to the Throne.

To prove my expert combat mastery, I present Your Highness with my AT XIII performance, were I lead my fellow men to a smashing win with our Amarr ships! No other ship can match our might Apocalypse Navy Issue!
Video: (commented by Elise Randolph present here were you see is Aw to the NAPOC)

Amarr Victor! Lord Merimeth Sarum Victor!

- Cyric's
Gr0und Zer0
#8 - 2015-10-10 12:02:33 UTC
Humble greetings Lord Merimeth Sarum of House Sarum.

I Zeratha have come to answer the call of House Sarum. I bow before you and pledge to you my lord and your family my life and service if you would have me. The long road I traveled to find myself before my lord has prepared me for the task you lay upon us faithful,hardened and the tested.

My blood is Matar but I grew up within the Empire borders where I studied and received my faith. It is through my faith that I have been given the chance to offer my life as payment of the debt my people owe for the service of your family’s protection of my home system. I never took for granted the honor your family bestowed upon my humble colony with its royal oversight and nurture. I feel I have come full circle to be able to offer you to reap me as the culmination of the harvest your family has carefully sown throughout the Amarr Empire.

The wars I have sought and fought since my first rebirth have hardened my resolve. In my new life I have never known peace. The fires of war and conflict has forever molded me and my journey into the cold dark void has tempered me. The end result is a weapon, a sword decade in the making ready to be wielded by your lords hands against his enemies.

War for war’s sake was never enough for your lords new weapon. A thousand victories against the nameless masses of the Empire’s enemies is something a novice general with a numerical and tactical advantage can achieve. My greatest tests and victories have been inside the arena. This is where the his lord’s sword gets his bite and notoriety. From all 4 corners of New-Eden I have fought and achieved my victories. From the flying tournaments over the sands of Matar, inside the great space domes orbiting Luminaire VI, the famed Mind Clash tournaments on New Caldari and finally the slave fighting pits on Amarr Prime.
(Eve Radio Tournament, audio but very descriptive)
(Fighting for Monkeys with Guns as underdogs)
(Fanfest 2009: Team captain of Loki’s Disciples, 3rd place winners)

Glory to the Amarr Empire. Glory to House Sarum.
Your Servant - Zeratha
Amarrian Vengeance
Team Amarrica
#9 - 2015-10-11 19:19:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Flyinghotpocket
Lord Merimeth Sarum, I beseech you to choose me as your champion.

I am the CEO of Amarrian Vengeance, the successors of the long noted Amarrian Retribution which helped fight off the Blood Raiders years ago. I started as a lowly agitator and anarchist fighting for the Minmatar Militia. After seeing the unity and righteousness that the 24th Crusade fighters showed, I decided on a new path, the holy path.

Through my +4 years of service so the 24th Imperial Crusade my corporation has brought down the largest of minmatar strongholds in the warzone with none other than Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris at our side. My corporation for many years held 2nd place in victory point collection (2nd only to PIE inc) when nobody else cared about warzone control. And i hold the most victory points collected by any 24th Imperial Crusade member. My standing with the Imperial Navy and the 24th Imperial crusade are both +8.0

Myself and my corporation became a unifying figure leading the 24th Imperial Crusade to some of its greatest victories like the conquering of Arzad which demonstrated our faith that Gods will be done. Our stories told in this forum will inspire our forces for many years to come about how so few continued the reclaiming against so many.

My combat experince, i have much to showcase
my solo experince against a superior force flying a coercer
My group experince against a superior force flying an inquisitor
My battleclinic killboard top 500 players in eve. please note that my top 5 ships are of amarr design.

Me and my chosen pilots will lead your house to victory. Have not results in Arzad taught the invincibility of Amarrian arms?... It is the destiny of the Amarr to spread out far beyond their present domains. Through will and determination, we will see our neighbors accept enlightenment and turn away from their lives of sin. As has been seen in the rock that is fortress Sahtogas, we will be as an unbreakable force to see your rise to the throne.

Amarr Militia Representative - A jar of nitro

Midori Tsu
Northern Coalition.
#10 - 2015-10-11 19:39:18 UTC
I, Midori Tsu, have been selected by Evolution to represent House Sarum in the upcoming succession trials. Evolution has a long history including representation in succesion trials of YC105. Unfortunately the failure of Shrike to lead her team to victory lead to some disgrace, Evolution wishes to return once again in service to House Sarum. Evolution has pledged all of the corporations resources into the effort.
Smitty Uitra
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#11 - 2015-10-11 21:20:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Smitty Uitra
Lord Sarum,

First let me thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate my qualifications to be your, Lord Sarum, future Emperor of Amarr's warrior for the Succession Trials. I am of Caldari bloodline but have spent most of my life serving Amarr. Amarr is my home. I have spent that time learning the art of 1v1 and small gang warfare in my alliance, Devil's Warrior Alliance. My record speaks for it's self. Here is my killboard:
Here is a fleet fight from when I was very young and inexperienced:
I have embraced these skills and become one with them. I live and die to pvp and want to serve you, my lord, in the most honorable way I can, as your warrior. If you choose me to represent you and my team by my side, you will have the greatest chance to sit in your rightful place as the Emperor of Amarr.

Thank you for your consideration.