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Succession Trials Candidacy – House Kador

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Rinah Kador
#1 - 2015-09-24 15:41:04 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
In the name of His Highness, the Royal Heir Kador, it is my honor and duty to announce his candidacy for the Imperial Throne of Amarr in all humility before God and in the tradition of the great and steadfast loyalty of House Kador. As Steward of House Kador, I will represent my liege as administrator of his candidacy and in particular with regard to communications with those capsuleer paladins seeking to represent His Highness.

Long is the history of House Kador in the annals of the Imperial Throne and the Holy Amarr Empire, and long ever will be the obedience of House Kador to the word of God and the lawful rule of the occupants of the Imperial Throne. House Kador welcomes the announcement of the rules of the Trials of Succession as set out by the honorable Court Chamberlain, Lord Pomik Haromi.

It is the view of our Lord Kador that the Amarr Empire has for too long suffered from instability brought on by a departure from the great traditions of the Empire, therefore the Champion of House Kador will be sought from the ranks of loyal subjects of True Amarr, Khanid and Ni-Kunni lineage. The Khanid people have long stood with the True Amarr and the Ni-Kunni people have surely demonstrated their loyalty and faith.

Besides the sure superiority gifted by redeemed blood, it is fitting that the Champion of His Highness, Uriam Kador, be of sound and right thinking, solid in their faith, and strong in their arms. The Hand of Divine will surely work through one who partakes of all these aspects in fulness. Yet let there be no doubt that the signs of divine favour are paramount, and those who can show undoubted command of themselves and their skills sufficient to overcome the obstacles of their blood should be considered, no matter their heritage.

To build anew the greatness of the Amarr Empire and to once more take on the task given to our people by the Lord Above of Amarr must be our goal in life. The Lord Kador of the Imperial and Royal House of Kador will seek to bring these values and traditions once more to the fore should God will him to take up the mantle of Emperor of Holy Amarr.

House Kador will now consider the applications of those who would be our Champion.
Aux Aliette
#2 - 2015-09-24 17:57:41 UTC
As has already been stated by Cardinal Itharen, the Communications Relay Committee are monitoring this thread.

Any posts that are not applications to represent the Kador Family will be removed from this thread.

Please direct all questions to the thread provided above.

IGS Communications Director  ||  Directive Enforcement Department  ||  CONCORD Assembly

Ithica Hawk
#3 - 2015-09-24 23:21:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Ithica Hawk
I, Ithica Hawk, formally submit myself for His Highnesses consideration to represent the mighty and righteous House Kador in the forthcoming Amarr Championships. It is only through brutal dedication and strong leadership can we ensure the rightful heir takes the throne.

I have fought for the empire in the past but the Sarums are pretenders so I moved to piracy and being a gun-for-hire while I waited for this event, as it was foretold. In all this time, my faith in the Amarr race and the one true God has never wavered. For every time I undock out I spoke with God and he guided me, my ship, and my weapons. I am his vessel. I deliver justice to unbelievers and pretenders in his name.

With god behind us it is certain we will be victorious, no matter what ships we must use:
FIghting alone or in a team, we will be victorious:
I have flown in the great Alliance Tournament, a true test of small gang piloting:

Now, with the chance to place a Kador on the throne I vow to the future emperor that I will stand as his champion and I will not rest until the entirety of New Eden bows before God. It is his will.

And his will be done.
Max Singularity
House Singularity
Sixth Empire
#4 - 2015-09-25 00:31:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Max Singularity
I, Max Singularity....

Present myself to the Great House Kador, to the Royal Heir Uriam Kador, through the duty of Rinah Kador, my application which I present with humility upon bended knee, with my eyes gazing to the stars.

By Blood Rite and parental lineage I am registered as True Amarr, of the Religious Reclaimers line by my Mother’s Kador heritage, and of my Father's Tash-Murkon heritage.

House Singularity and House Kador have shared business arrangements and alliances throughout history. I have served as a High Admiral within the Kador Fleet (retired), and for classified reasons I know the true measure of Uriam Kador’s mission, but what is not classified is the threat not only of the Drifters, but a lurking storm from the other three empires that would enjoy seeing the demise of the Great Golden Amarr Empire. This must never happen.

Uriam Kador holds progressive views that have inspired me to create the Sixth Empire concept, and even create “The Sixth Empire” Alliance with members of all capsuleers from all four active Empires.

Per Slavery, I have endorsed the age-old traditional Kadorian values of Nexum, and have denounced the abomination that servitude through enforced drug use, that which is known as Slavery in its current form. We need to embrace these traditions again, for us to redeem our Empire’s rightful place in humankind as a Just and deserving people.

My standings with Amarr Empire, and Concord are positive and in order as I exercise free navigation of will. While some may denounce my actions against the Amarr Empire, it must be refuted by the facts that I have indeed cause mayhem among Capsuleers of New Eden, especially those that were of the corruption set about by Jamyl Sarum 1.5. Yes, 1.5, for I attended the funeral of Jamyl Sarum 1 (rest her soul) and the collusion of her return is yet still under investigation.

However… yes… she is gone, and a New Dawn unfolds for our Empire. I do indeed repent any transgressions against the Amarr Empire, while still standing steadfast in my resolve to protect this great movement of humankind as pure, and on course in His view, regardless of cost to me. We must stand-fast.

The beauty of the stars, and the heavens upon which we fly can only be described by a poet. I shall send a poet, and a man of tradition. That poet is Uriam Kador, may all blessings and grace be upon him as our Empire’s best hope to restore the shine our Grand Golden Amarr Empire.

May the blessings be.

/s/ Max Singularity

Video application requirements: Soon(tm)

Video extras:
Hello Fedo
The Horror
Priority Message
Learn to Die

Harbinger of Faith His Holiness Maximilian Singularity VI, Pope of New Eden

First Champion House Kador (defeated) - #MagnateGate

Viceroy Interview & Apostle In Amarr

Gorski Car
#5 - 2015-09-30 17:10:43 UTC
Hello Rinah Kador. I Gorski Car present myself as your champion in the Succession trials. I was born on Rens and at young age I was forced into the Minmatar Militia after a troubled youth. I have always been a theist and I have since birth had a firm belief in God. Because of this I was in constant fear during my forced service in the Minmatar militia and I did my best to blend in. I managed to achieve the status of Valklear General and once I met the militia high command I realized how horribly wrong they have walked in the path of life. They have abandoned all will to do anything and were worshipping a strange Krab-God. I knew then what a horrible sect I had been forced into and I carefully planned my escape.

After my escape I quickly became one of the most wanted men by both sides and I was forced into a wormhole called Thera where I hid praying and meditating getting closer to God. Once I heard about the horrible events that occurred and the fate of Empress Jamyl Sarum (peace be upon her) I was horrified and felt emotionally sad. When the Succession trials was announced I knew my destiny and what God had planned for me!

I embarked on a road to redemption determined to fulfill my destiny to become a True Amarr. I went from being one of the most wanted men at a unmodified -9 standings to slowly becoming favourable with the Amarr empire. I believe this truely shows my dedication and that I am ready to represent Lord Kador in the trials.

I am now a member of your Militia and I have claimed many systems in the name of God and fighting my former allies in Minmatar.

I think that you should choose me as your champion because I have redeemed myself and proven my worth to the empire and my dedication to following the words of God. I may not be of the right bloodline but I believe to have overcome all the challenges that my birth caused me. I am proven to be an experienced fighter and have claimed many kills during my many years of service and I believe that my road to redemption shows more than anything else how dedicated I am to making sure that you Lord Kador will claim your right on the Amarr throne. If God wills it choose me as your champion Lord and we will reclaim the rightful place your house has on the Amarr Throne!

My lifetime record of combat for your consideration:

Collect this post

Hendrick Tallardar
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2015-10-07 03:54:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Hendrick Tallardar
Hear me o Lord Uriam. I, Hendrick Tallardar, hereby pledge my mind, my body, and my warrior spirit to your cause in these Succession Trials. It is with great humility and respect that I offer you, the wisest and most loyal of the Amarrian houses, my skills in combat.

As a man of great intellect and wisdom I beg of thee look past my lineage, of which I cannot choose. Instead witness my tenacity in the field of battle over these many years fighting in the ways that would make your ancestor proud.

I am a warrior, born of warriors. When I was of age I set out into the cosmos looking for purpose. Early on I discovered my true calling in the lands owned by the Amarr. I knew it was my duty to fight the enemies of the Amarr and to ensure the survival of my adopted homelands theocratic and cultural ways. I served with the allies of the Amarr Empire, the Caldari, in order to learn more about the ways of war. My training grounds were in the Devoid and Bleak Land regions fighting the Minmatar. From there I departed further into the reaches of New Eden seeking out pirates and vagabonds that dared to disrupt the harmonious Amarrian peoples. After some time, I pushed out even further seeking those that threatened to disrupt the tranquility of the Amarrian peoples, my adopted bretheren.

From there I was recruited into one of the most feared military groups New Eden has ever seen, Pandemic Legion. I relocated myself to the Amamake system, but made it known that although it resided close to the Minmatar core systems, those that flew for the Minmatar Militia would not feel at ease. For years now I have worked with my comrades in the Legion to personify, not through our ethnicity but through our actions, the ways of the old Amarr. Never resting, I have worked to educate new pilots in the ways of war utilizing Amarr's greatest weaponry, the Abbadon.

I, along with my comrades, have petrified entire regions of space by our mere presence. Pilots foolish enough to attack us at our weak points have been equally beaten down, it is this perseverance and persistance that I offer to you.

It is you Uriam Kador who personify the righteous and historic traditions of the Amarr. It is you Uriam Kador who will bring all of Amarr's people into perfect harmony. It is you Uriam Kador who will protect the Amarr Empire from all threats, foreign and domestic. It is you Uriam Kador who is the most fit to succeed your many ancestors as the Emperor.

For your consideration I submit records of my combat utilizing Amarrian ships and weaponry:
Caldari State
#7 - 2015-10-10 20:33:59 UTC  |  Edited by: AsiaFury
Rinah Kador,

I pledge my services to the Kador Family. I do this because my true lineage is related to your great house.

When I was only learning how to walk, my family was forced to make extreme decisions because of extreme circumstances. The Minmatar revolt was becoming ever more successful, and as such, my family was forced to flee. As a prominent trader among the Amarr and what is now the Minmatar worlds, my father made the decision to send me into hiding. I was raised by a loyal servant of my parents hidden within the Caldari State.

Growing up I was educated in a traditional Amarrian manner. I was also taught how to hide in plain sight among the Caldari citizens. My keeper raised me to trust no one outside of our people. The ruthless Caldari ways were never a part of my life. Instead, I managed to balance a faux appearance of Caldari capitalistic ways while keeping my faith in the empire strong and unmoved. I read the Pax Amarria daily, but I had to hide my book within the pages a Gallente Transport Handbook so that others would never know my true allegiance. I knew that “power of God's light” would one day bring me back to my people.

With the announcement of the Amarr Succession Trial, I knew that my opportunity to reunite with Amarr had finally come. I give myself to you and your house on this day in hopes to finally free myself from the shadows of my own life that I have lived within for so long.

I submit to you my combat history as well ( ). I have taken it upon myself to rid the universe of those who oppose the Amarrian way of life. I served for a brief time in the Amarr Empire through the faction warfare system; however, this type of combat was too docile for my tastes. As such I have spent a great deal of time in null security space purging those who would stand against the Empire. I have been loyal in all aspects to Amarr including strict piloting practices. I have exclusively flown Amarr ships in combat ( ). I can pilot all of the ships that the Empire has to offer with maximum level skill, and I have spent my life specializing in Amarr combat ships and skills. I pick my battles wisely and I know when it is time to move on, and as such, I have never lost a ship. I was taught that a ship that can fight another day is more useful to the Empire than a wreck which stays on the battlefield to be collect by scavengers and thieves.

Rinah Kador, your Highness, the Royal Heir Kador, will not be disappointed with me as his Champion.

May God take me away from this Holy Amarr Empire should it be necessary in order to secure his rightful place as Emperor.

Long Live Kador! Long Live Amarr!
Joshua MIstweaver
The Tuskers
The Tuskers Co.
#8 - 2015-10-11 01:17:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Joshua MIstweaver
As a man, rough and free
thru the dark I came to thee
so here I stand with gleaming heart
with laser and sword to fulfill my part

but hark Lord Uriam Kador!
nor knight or hero I've been before
sometimes named a reckless privateer
flown thru slaughter, lived through fear

longed for ISK and burning ship
but faith and meaning slipped my grip
shattered by gallentean temptations
abandoned by the greatest snake of nations

with holy love and dignity
the lord stretched out his hand to me
due to his allmighty wits
I became a sinner faring to the cleansing pits

arose anew with righteous zeal
now only before God I kneel
the sacred waters still drop wet from me
with booming voice, he commanded us to follow thee

Uriam, conscientious Heir
cleanse the human race of all despair!
frozen infidels and sleeper wrecks
shall ornament your warpath tracks

in thy saintly company
with immortal wrath I'll fly my prophecy
through faithful deeds the repentant sinner bold
shall help forge the kingdom to the shining knight of old

for ever Amarr be graced with prosperity
pick up that mantle and thy reign may flourish endlessly
in this great cause no sacrifice is ever adequate
therefore I will, with blazing guns, everything I have commit!
Nobody in Local
Of Sound Mind
#9 - 2015-10-11 12:47:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Calavoow2
Your Royal Highness Uriam Kador,

I, Calavoow2, present myself as candidate Champion for the Amarr Succession Trials. The untimely death of Empress Sarum, first of her name, has left a deep impression in us all, as in me, when I witnessed the swift strike by the Drifters on her Highnesses' TES Seraph. It is my duty to Champion for the House most suited for the Throne, House Kador, and restore the splendor of old.

For some time now, I have been living in Wormhole space, those lawless systems beyond the unfathomable wormholes. Even before the Drifters started encroaching on Amarr territory, have I been fighting their kin, the Sleepers, every day, returning precious research materials to the Empire. Wormhole space is ruthless, but this has also instilled into me a sense of independence, cunning and leadership. Every day have I lived under the threat of being attacked by other capsuleers, and every day have I also instilled that fear into others. What better stage exists to forge a Champion?

The combat I have experience with ranges from small to medium sized fleets. My corporation is but a small group compared to the alliances in Null-Security space. However, this has made us proficient in fighting with small, but strong strike groups. What better experience to mold a Champion and his team?

Lastly, I strategise on possible fleet compositions, ranging from niche to the powerful. As such, I am deeply familiar with the inner workings of Amarr ships, their strengths and weaknesses, and capable of quickly fielding a strong fleet even under the varying restrictions of the Succession Trials. What better experience to steel a Champions' knowledge?

Your Honor, I humbly present myself as candidate Champion for House Kador.


* Video footage of small scale combat in the newest Amarr technology, Confessors:
* Video footage of a medium scale operation of my corporation:
uppo nalle
#10 - 2015-10-11 15:13:45 UTC
Hear me, my liege Uriam Kador, the only true heir to the throne of our glorious empire.
I, uppo nalle, sword of the empire, guardian of the drone region gates,
put forth for your consideration myself as the champion of the esteemed house Kador.
My heritage is of the purest Amarrian stock with no blood of lesser races staining my bloodline.

In the past i have flown in many groups. Ranging from the Honourable peacekeepers and upholders of Amarrian law in the remote region of Providence,
to disgruntled pirates laying waste to the uncontrolled territories of lesser empires.
My current post is set as the guardian of the gates to the lawless areas of the Drone Regions, where me and my few but extremely brave brothers have fought gallantly
to uphold order against the unlawful residents claiming the area as its own. Aswell as seizing their ill-gained assets for the glory of the one true god.
In addition to these claims i bring to thy knowledge my previous participations in the Honoured and much anticipated yearly Alliance Tournament
where in two consecutive years my team did finish within the top-10 alliances out of all 64 participants.
For the team i wish to put forth i have handpicked the cream of my finest warriors, yearning to spill their blood and the blood of those who oppose you to ensure victory of house Kador and the glory of the one TRUE emperor.

In addition to these claims i humbly present you, my lord, my killboard stats as they currently stand. And in addition my undying resolve burning with the power of a thousand suns.


Your loyal subject and defender of the glory of house Kador
uppo nalle

Tr0pa de elite.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#11 - 2015-10-11 23:59:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Fafer
Amarr Victor!
Noble Rinah Kador of House Kador, Steward of House Kador, please accept my application to
represent His Highness as the Hand of God.

I have been awaken in the middle of night by yet another vision, a vision that led me to offer my sword
in the service of His Highness, the Royal Heir Kador, blessed be he, a vision that I have no doubt is of Divine nature.

This is not first time I have been touched by Divine force, as evidenced by following combat prowess records:

Alliance Tournament 9, 5th place:
This is to testify of my valiance, as I rather died in the fire then left the field

New Eden Open, 3rd place
Here is the testament of my skill as one of the best Sentinel pilots ever, one of the hardest Amarrian ships to fly,
witnessed and confirmed several times by no less than two noble Speakers of the Truth, CCP Falcon and CCP Fozzie.

Syndicate Competitive league, 3rd place
This record is the evidence that I Vindicated the three Sins, and made opponents flee the arena out of boundaries, as the Captain and FC of the team.

Alliante Tournament 11, Gold Medal
Alliante Tournament 12, Bronze Medal
Alliante Tournament 13, Gold Medal

Following the Faith, guided by the image of noble Amarr who rose to the stars to bring the light of the Faith to the New Eden,
I made a peace in the distant Drone Lands, so that the children no longer fight each other, but the hated machines.
This feat is by no doubt the proof that I have been touched by Divine, as otherwise the deed would be impossible:

Please convey this pledge, in your own breath and voice, to His Highness.