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[pvp] Svea Rike, largest/most active Swedish 0.0 pvpcorp is recruiting

Emmy Mnemonic
The Northerners
Northern Coalition.
#1 - 2015-07-24 07:23:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Emmy Mnemonic
Svea Rike [.S.R.] has been around in EVE-Online since 2004 and we've been in nullsec since 2006. Svea Rike has been fighting in all major null-sec wars in EVE the last 9 years, on all sides in the Meta that has ever existed, and we are still here today as vigorous and active as ever!

We're somewhat of an Swedish-institution in EVE-Online, and have been spreading the Swedish Välfärd™ in New Eden for many years now.

We're open for all EVE-players that like to pvp and who understands and can communicate reasonably well in Swedish. You also need enough SP to sustain your pvp-habit in nullsec (i.e. be able to generate enough ISK to sustain your pvp).

In Svea Rike you will play EVE-online with other swedes who like to focus on pvp; from solo, through small- and medium gangs up to the mega-blobs that puts an unearthly stress on the poor CCP hamsters. Svea Rike speciality is small gangs, we fly a lot of corp-roams usually with 10-25 corpies. We're also one of the most active corps in alliance-fleets.

We endulge in Black Ops drops, hot-drops and other forms of unfair fights when we get bored.

In Svea Rike you are expected to be active, participate in coalition-, alliance- and corp-fleets when you are on-line. You are also expected to be on TeamSpeak and helpful/friendly to your corpies.
In Svea Rike you are expected to respect your enemies - they are players to and we all do this for fun. We can ****-talk in local a while, but in the end we salute them respectfully. The Meta is not something Svea Rike as a corp cares about really, that's why we are still here after 11 years, although you are free to get into it as an individual if you like.

Svea Rike has free pvp-ships and a Ship Replacement Fund for our major corp-doctrines, to encourage members to pvp - no one should stay docked due to fear of loosing ships! In Svea Rike you will loose a lot of ships. A lot! Big smile

Svea Rike is one of the top 20 corps in our coalition when it comes to number of registered pvp-pilots flying capitals (carriers and dreads), and we encourage our members to go that way. We also offer support to members that want to go for Supercarriers and Titans.

But most of all, Svea Rike consists of a nice gang of 58 assorted Swedes (and a guy from Finland) who are all very active in EVE. A really nice and friendly gang who greets new players into our team. We have yearly IRL corp-meetings/parties, many corpies meet over a beer or five IRL, people go to the CCP Fanfest together and we have a lot of fun every night together in EVE-Online.

Get into our in-game recruitment-chat 'SR Rekryt" to learn more.


Ex ex-CEO of Svea Rike [.S.R.]

Emmy Mnemonic
The Northerners
Northern Coalition.
#2 - 2015-07-25 06:35:51 UTC
We're mostly on vacation IRL atm, but some recuiters are still on-line. Join our chat!

Ex ex-CEO of Svea Rike [.S.R.]