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Character Sale and SKINs

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yor fc
#1 - 2015-06-19 13:43:31 UTC
When selling a character do the SKINs applied for them get transfered with the character? If so, is there a way to prove the character has those SKINs (API for example) outside of a screen shot?
Ralph King-Griffin
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
#2 - 2015-06-19 14:00:43 UTC
Yes the skins stay with the character .

No idea, that's actually quite a good question.
Archibald Thistlewaite III
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Miners
#3 - 2015-06-19 14:23:34 UTC
A screenshot could work.

However as scamming in the character bazaar is not allowed, if you find out the character doesn't have the skins claimed you could get the transaction reversed and the scammer would be dealt with by CCP.

It would still be a pain though, so heres hoping CCP include it on the API just like implants.

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ISD Decoy
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#4 - 2015-06-21 02:55:19 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Decoy
As quoted from the Character Bazaar Rules thread:
The sale of characters with SKINs is permitted, and prices of characters can be adjusted as seen fit by the seller to reflect the value of their skin collection on the character being sold.

Any attempts at misleading a buyer regarding SKINs that a character possess, or any false representation of skin ownership during a character sale will be treated as an attempt at characters sales scamming, and will be subject to the full penalties of an attempted character scam, including potential suspension of accounts.

Hope this helps!

ISD Decoy


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