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Blood Power Grid escalation warning.

Zen Dad
Solitary Sad Bastard In Space
#1 - 2015-05-19 16:19:02 UTC

Can't see this as a thread anywhere . The Blood Power Grid escalation I was following was predictably loot poor and easy to progress - but the third escalation was insane. Dropped straight into a ball of ships at zero range with BIG dps and neuting.

Just warped out my Tengu in time. Went back in with a Cap boosted Proteus and Nos and that got chewed through.
Log shows a page of red lasting 31 seconds. 10% armour remaining when i warped, could not get cap at all to fight.

As this was my escalation I'm assuming that no one else had tried it and pulled that ball of death to warp in point?

So fellow Pilots beware of this 3rd escalation. Proteus was active tank not buffer but I wont be going back a 3rd time with a plate - no cap is no cap.

Maybe its a bug or maybe i'm missing something. Perhaps the authorities could take a look or someone tell me how to complete it in the next 16 hours?



Hakaari Inkuran
State War Academy
Caldari State
#2 - 2015-05-19 20:31:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Hakaari Inkuran
You can warp at no cap. So what are you afraid of?

Also use medium mjd with like a ferox or something.
Zhilia Mann
Tide Way Out Productions
#3 - 2015-05-19 20:46:24 UTC
It's not clear which stage you're talking about. The third escalation usually features a Dark Blood Harbinger which does indeed neut -- but only out to 30km. Since there are no webs it's not too hard to pull range and knock it down (and then optionally pick off the others).

The fourth and final escalation doesn't have as much damage and surrounds you with frigs, destroyers, elite cruisers (that do indeed neut hard), and a few BCs. This one is the risky stage but the tactic is more or less the same: pull range. The cruisers neut out to 40km and until you get that far it can be hard to keep active modules running. However, you can usually get an AB/MWD cycle or two before you're out of cap and can then spam it and occasionally get another speed boost while coasting out of range. From there it's just a matter of plinking everything; they're all small and it's only the elite cruisers that pose a real threat.

The second room of the final stage plays out more like the rest of the escalation. You're at range and as long as you keep it knocking off the Dark Blood Colonel isn't that bad. Wiping the rest of that room takes some time but the bounties aren't bad (and are sadly better than the loot more than half the time).
Paranoid Loyd
#4 - 2015-05-19 21:12:40 UTC
I realize it's horribly inefficient, but why not go full passive tank on your Tengu? Cap will be irrelevant.

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Jeremiah Saken
The Fall of Leviathan
#5 - 2015-05-20 06:16:25 UTC
Paranoid Loyd wrote:
I realize it's horribly inefficient, but why not go full passive tank on your Tengu? Cap will be irrelevant.

This. Really inefficient. Tengu has worst tank for that kind of rats and you'll have to use unbonused missiles for them (EM).
Hakaari Inkuran wrote:

You can warp at no cap. So what are you afraid of?

We what? Shocked

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Zen Dad
Solitary Sad Bastard In Space
#6 - 2015-05-20 07:29:40 UTC
Thanks for the tips. Been a long time since I did the Power Grid and the ball of death wasn't part of it then. Let me see if its still up.......