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Naiyon Tai - Undocumented overseer

Henry Plantgenet
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2015-05-10 13:29:28 UTC
As with many of eve's secrets and complexes (nullsec and lowsec) There are many undocumented (can't find on the internet) Overseers and complexes.
Where does one find Naiyon Tai? (He has some modules in the database which look....Interesting let's say?)
Him/her being caldari tells me it could be a 0.0 or lowsec Cosmos site but i have no idea where to start looking.
Bobb Bobbington
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2015-05-13 02:28:35 UTC
Well, when I look up his modules, they are all called Naiyon's Modified (whatever), so by the looks of it he's an officer NPC. All I can say is best of luck finding him. I believe it's, oh, 1/4000 chance of a belt rat spawn being an officer spawn, plus it might not be the right one, so lets say, oh, maybe 20,000 belts you'd have to check if you're a little lucky, and in the numbers of multiple tens of thousands if you're really unlucky.

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Traejun DiSanctis
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#3 - 2015-05-13 06:21:26 UTC
It seems to suggest he's a Caldari Navy officer. To my knowledge, empire faction rats don't spawn in belts - only pirate factions. Without having any specific knowledge on the issue - as I don't engage in much PvE anymore - I'd say start looking in places where you fight Caldari Navy rats.
Xylem Viliana
homeless bum
#4 - 2015-05-13 17:34:56 UTC
very quick look on market and forums didnt see anything regarding thsi officer. Possible that its not ingame?
Paranoid Loyd
#5 - 2015-05-13 17:42:10 UTC
Entity doesn't have it, probably doesn't exist.

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