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New Corp Forming via Forums - Expirement(ing)?

#1 - 2015-04-27 11:30:24 UTC

This alt is named R3velation. No one knows this name; and frankly, I'd like to keep it that way.
This thread will be voided when a satisfactory amount of competent people arise.

I'm looking to begin a new chapter with a group of people looking to get space rich(er). I currently have the assets (73B liquid throughout all accounts) and connections within major nullsec alliances to pull in what's needed. I will do my part of investing, and building as I have throughout my years of managing parties. More on that later.

I do not plan to be CEO. I simply want to be an investor as my main alliance I HEAVILY invested in is, unfortunately, falling.

I'll keep the information short, if interested, shoot me a message and we'll get started on brain storming.

This is what is minimally required of any interested personnel in management:

- AT LEAST 6 months of playtime (I'm really looking for atleast a year, however, I'm growing impatient with my current group)

- Some managing expirence in other games and/or EVE

- Understanding of social manipulation and social engineering to at least basic understanding (and/or a fool to entertain chat)

- At least 1B liquid or avalible (looking for 5B +)

- Not a shitter, looking for at least 15m SP (really looking for 20m+) and/or can fly a carrier, or JF

- At least 19 years old (prefer 21+)

- Some form of commitment and understanding **** takes time. If you're looking to gain from this, consider it a long-term investment.

Exceptions can be made.

Who Am I?:

I'm sure you heard my old main's name recently with Braves failure. I managed parties for over ~7 years from MW2 sub games back in the day to semipro fragnation/gamebattle teams that fell short due to my time constraints. Recently, I managed/scouted for a LoL diamond team before I left the game last summer. In short, I've looked over many parties in my years. All have been a success, however, I never managed a pro team, and that's ok with me. I'm more interested in an investing and mentoring role, as I have a part-time schedule in RL. I can only squeeze 4 hours a day.

I've seen many corps and alliances fall. I assure you, what happened to them, and especially Brave, won't happen to us. You will be rewarded more than you probably expect reading this. We all got our part to fill. Don't miss this opportunity that can get what you thrive to achieve. Any current corp, or alliance CEO, director, or receuiter, may contact me for a separate discussion. This is an invite to create, not join.

Message me in game. Don't post in this thread; anything would be a free bump. Don't invite me to a convo as I don't go on this character, and finally, don't message me if you fail to offer at least 75% of the requirements. Exceptions can be made, but don't expect an invite. I will keep all interested parties separate under I achieve a satisfactory amount of competent individuals.

The corp will be launched in a month or two after extensive brainstorming be completed and fully planned on a different character. If you want proof of anything I previously stated, message me if you're interested and I'll provide.

Corp thieves and awoxers are welcomed!!
Fly safe, and good luck.