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Character Bazaar

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2006 "Special" 14.1m SP

Chix wiz Dix
#1 - 2015-03-14 23:16:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Reznorock

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Positive Standings (Only has -.62 w/Gallente, and -.63 w/Minmatar)

T-2 Ships:
Interceptors (Caldari)
Assault Frigates (Caldari)
Cov-Ops (Caldari)
Strategic Cruiser (Caldari)

T-2 Skills:
Armor Tank
Shield Tank
Light/Heavy Missiles
Archaeology (Can use t2 Relic Analyzer for those really hard to hack WH sites)
Cov-Ops Cloak

Misc Skills:
Mining w/skiff
Decent PI skills

And to top it all off he has a birthday from 7/2006. A very small Corp history considering the number of years he has been roaming the stars. Just looking to start a new side of EVE myself and get into the Indy stuff, I need a quick infusion of ISK, so lets get this guy sold.

Starting Bid: 6.5 Billion
Buyout: 8 Billion
Chix wiz Dix
#2 - 2015-03-15 03:34:47 UTC
Offering 6.2 BO Straight away
Chix wiz Dix
#3 - 2015-03-15 03:37:25 UTC
6.2 Billion accepter, waiting on ISK and account name.
Chix wiz Dix
#4 - 2015-03-15 04:39:39 UTC
ISK and account name received, Transfer intitiated.