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Maladapted Tribe - small gang pvp [0200-1000] evetime

Fallen Rabbits
#1 - 2015-03-06 08:15:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Bluetippedflyer
Malad Recruitment

~Selective Recruitment~

Who are we:
- small gang pvp'ers
- mainly korean speaking, english/korean both spoken regularily in fleet.
- aged 20-30'ish
- I myself am fluently english as well as Rekina.

What do we do:

- move around eve in dense null (0.0) , lowsec , and using wh's to attempt fighting regularily
- compositions of fleets change almost everyday. Great Variety of pvp styles are used.

Who are we looking for?:
- [OUR FOCUS] pvp'ers who fly their ships well
- [OUR FOCUS] friendly persons for playing games, good friends feel
- people willing to roam usually in the eve time of: 0200 - 1000
- roam time change subject to change on target selection

Ingame Channel : MALAD
Contacts: Rekina (english/korean) , GonRin (korean), Bluetippedflyer (english)