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Bait'er De'Outlier for CSM NO MORE NERFING!!!

Bait'er De'Outlier
Trans-Aerospace Industries
#1 - 2015-02-25 18:15:25 UTC

Enhance gameplay - yes!

Enhance the first time user experience - yes!

Nerf the game more to appease the carebears - hell no!

Roll back as much of the nerfing already done as possible - yes!
Bait'er De'Outlier
Trans-Aerospace Industries
#2 - 2015-03-03 05:20:41 UTC
I was asked in game to show some examples of things I'd be for, such as what would I support in the platform bullet points previously posted.

A few examples of items I would support:

Have the Drifters go to war with CONCORD in an incursion like manner. The effect would be that the Drifters would engage any capsuleers they randomly feel like engaging and also temporarily negate CONCORDs capabilities within that system they are doing their incursion in until the Drifters leave the system/are destroyed etc.

Remove players access to NPC corps once their account is off trial. Add a new player status "No Corp" with the effect being that they are considered outlaw to all other players until they join a corp or form their own corp. Players who leave a corp voluntarily cannot join another corp for 1 week unless they are recruited straight into another corp from the corp they are leaving.
After an account is off trial any NPC corp the players characters join is considered part of faction warfare for the faction that the NPC corp is a part of.
Or both!

Having microtransactions for items that actually affect gameplay. The current microtransactions only buff how the character's or ships appearance with no effect on gameplay. If you're asking someone to pay real world money for Aurum then allow for some items in the Aurum store to be similar to the items players can purchase with Loyalty points with some effect on the gameplay. It could be something similar to what the DUST players can do without being overbearing or outmatching to the LP store setup.

Changing the bounty system in some positive way:
Remove the percentile payout and set the bounty payout to 100% of the kill value.
For any bounty of 100M ISK or higher individually placed on a character (not corp) add one OPEN killright, activable ONCE only by anyone, to the character the bounty is placed on. The bounty remains if the killright actvation does not clear the bounty.

Just a few thoughts to clarify the sort of things I'll support and push for without getting to bogged down in details.
Rayve Aries
Trans-Aerospace Industries
#3 - 2015-03-03 05:29:21 UTC
I like most of this. I really like the NPC corps all being part of FW. this will make the perma npc corpies come out to play.

I also like the bounty fix.

I am curious of your oppinion on the nerf reversal... what nerfs would you un-do?
Jenshae Chiroptera
#4 - 2015-03-04 18:48:43 UTC
I need more caffiene before I re-read that. O.o

CCP - Building ant hills and magnifying glasses for fat kids

Not even once

EVE is becoming shallow and puerile; it will satisfy neither the veteran nor the "WoW" type crowd in the transition.

Bait'er De'Outlier
Trans-Aerospace Industries
#5 - 2015-03-09 22:33:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Bait'er De'Outlier
Rayve Aries wrote:
I like most of this. I really like the NPC corps all being part of FW. this will make the perma npc corpies come out to play.

I also like the bounty fix.

I am curious of your oppinion on the nerf reversal... what nerfs would you un-do?

The nerfing of Eve has been one little paper cut at a time.

Example of a something to rollback:
Changing aggression mechanics to appease the lazy:
When the MTU's were introduced drones would aggress if the MTU was attacked putting both players involved into a limited engagement. The AFKbears screamed that this was unfair and demanded it be changed... the initial response was working as intended which later ended with the aggression mechanic being quietly changed during a patch to appease those too lazy to play the game with a degree of attentiveness beyond "at the rock push f1, launch drone and mtu - go watch netflix"....

Friendly fire as a corp option to make hisec safer for new players:
Eve's draw, for myself, is that it's NOT WoW in space. Safety is something that is never fully guaranteed. The old friendly fire on status was in existence for a variety of reasons such as allowing for corp pvp practice, corp discipline short of booting someone etc. Awoxing and safari were part of the landscape that had to dealt with through diligence/common sense and care. Now people can be even less careful, diligent etc about how they interact with people in the "sandbox" Eve once had a claim to be. Not saying I'm for rolling it back purpose of making it easier for awoxing or reverse safari etc but ffs where does it end? Does Eve officially die in the sense of being a "sandbox" when they remove all the things can cause loss or otherwise require risk? Each little nerf done for appeasement or becoming more like WoWinSpaaaaaaaaace is, in my opinion, a paper cut towards the end of the sandbox. The sandbox is about risk management and working well, or not, with others. Take away that aspect and the sandbox ceases to be and Eve loses out on being somewhat unique and essentially slides more towards being WoWinSpaaaaaaaaaace etc in my opinion.