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Janwa Resh - CSM X

Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2015-02-18 20:22:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Janwa Resh
Name: Janwa Resh
Corporation: Center for Advanced Studies
Primary Focus(es): Exploration, mining/industry, pve (highsec) & pvp (nullsec)

Greetings fellow capsuleers. Some of you may have talked with me in CAS chat, fleet chat with the CAS crew in nullsec, or even in local space in highsec. I'd like to give you a bit of background on myself, and what I feel are areas I may be able to bring some focus to as a CSM.

I as a player have off and on been playing (through various accounts) EVE Online for 10 years and nearly 11 months. I've seen many of the changes that have swept through EVE over the years, both good and bad. Janwa was a character I started a bit over 4 1/2 years ago, but had to leave after a while due to RL issues that couldn't be avoided, which I returned to in December of 2014. Since the return I've spent many hours relearning the controls, play styles, and idiosyncrasies of EVE Online gameplay. I've spent nearly as many hours rereading lore, watching players videos and live streams, and perusing blogs and websites dealing with EVE gameplay.

Over the last 20 years I've been involved in game testing, quality assurance, and in a few instances development change planning for various MMO's and RPG's that have hit the market. From Ultima Online to Star Wars The Old Republic, from Earth & Beyond to Dragon Age: Inquisitor. I've spent large periods of time finding bugs and helping fix them, finding serious imbalances and helping adjust them into balance, all with the goal of making game play more fun for the players who will partake of the effort of development. These are skills that took years to develop, and I see EVE Online as the perfect place to set them to work again.

Quite often I hear people complain about how hard it is to learn to play EVE. How the learning curve isn't a curve, it's a slippery wall. While others are turned off by ganking, griefing, and a perceived sociopathic player base. And still others yet that complain that EVE is boring, it's grindy, it's all the same stuff over and over again. I'd like to put my experience into play helping to resolve those things, change those things, and help find ways to bridge the gaps that hold back players from going past their trials to a subscription or PLEXing game time.

Platform keypoints: (Each point will be covered in additional posts)

#1) Working to undo years of bad word of mouth publicity
#2) Addition of new modular/mobile structures (Ties into #3)
#3) Revamping of POS mechanics (Ties into #2)
#4) Addressing the New Player Experience
#5) Developing events in which players help shape the lore of New Eden, and are not just bystanders.

Other areas I feel need attention.

#1) Sov mechanics
#2) Wormhole space
#3) Inclusivity of New Eden lore
#4) Bringing in functionality from 3rd party programs such as EFT into the main client (as well as fixing some bugs in the fitting window)
#5) Skill training/attributes, overhaul or revamp
#6) Interface updating, and ease of use/intuitive feel work on the interface/menu system.

Update (2/22):
I've been hearing a number of new players issue about trying to find various things in the menu structures of EVE, contracts being an example. I agree that sometimes finding things in the menu system is a pain, and that the interface overall might need some work to make it more intuitive. So I'm adding this to my 'Other areas I feel need attention' list.
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2015-02-18 20:35:50 UTC
Platform Keypoint 1

Working to undo years of bad word of mouth advertising.

This, in my opinion, will be the hardest thing to do when it comes to EVE Online. With years of people leaving due to so many reasons. From horrible tutorials making learning to play a job in and of itself, to people who have been ganked, griefed, or left feeling that EVE is a place the psychopaths go to play. Those experiences shape the way people look at EVE, whether they decide to try the game through a trail account, or simply refuse to play at all.

EVE has many avenues of play available, to many to list quickly, and a great many people of all walks of life and outlooks playing it. But take a quick look on YouTube or other video sharing sites for EVE videos and what do you find the majority to be? Solo gank pvp, small gang pvp, blob fleet pvp, and a mix of 'tutorial videos' which are in large part outdated, and a few of CCP's own trailer videos and some podcasts. Basically a small fragment of what EVE is, but narrowed to a sliver of pvp, ganking, and commentary.

Admittedly, a large number of players love PVP. Admittedly, commentary and tutorials are a good thing. But, commentary without context is just words. Tutorials that are outdated are of limited use. And for players that aren't interested in blob fleet pvp, it's a turn off to see video after video with purple blob vs orange/red blob.

What we need is more 'advertising' which shows the full range of things that can be done in EVE. From exploration, to industry, to Faction Warfare, to pve missioning. We need more self policing to help remove the stigma of 'Eve is all about ganking and griefing'. We need more positive publicity to show how great EVE is, to bring about the change in image that EVE has built up over years of word of mouth advertising.

I believe it is possible to reverse this bad image in the general mindset of EVE by those not playing, and those who are playing trials and thinking of leaving. But it won't be easy, it won't be quick, and it won't happen without the CSM's, Devs, and Players working to remake the image of EVE.
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2015-02-18 20:45:22 UTC
Platform Keypoint 2

Addition of new modular/mobile structures.

The introduction of the Mobile Depots and Mobile Tractor Units changed gameplay in fun and interesting ways. They gave players a 'home away from home' with functionality that helped expand gameplay. They allowed for making missioning easier through the automated collection of loot/wrecks. All of this makes for impressive increases in playability of EVE Online.

But it could be expanded, it probably should be expanded.

My thoughts comprise this. Why stop with the Mobile Depot? Why not expand on the concept and bring in another Tier of Mobile structures that can be added to in order to increase their use beyond refit/loot horde/temporary base?

I want to work on developing the next tier of mobile structures. Structures which allow for addition of expansion modules to give further functionality to the mobile structure. Shield Modules, repair modules, refining modules, lab modules, the list goes on. These mobile structures and their modules would be a middle step between living out of an NPC starbase structure and a POS. Giving adaptive functionality, without having to deal with sovereignty, massive fuel requirements (though I would like these proposed structures to use some fuel), while letting POS's shine as the 'top tier' for player owned structures.

I've seen many wanting changes to POS mechanics, and I agree that POS management is clunky, convoluted, and seriously in need of revamp. A new tier of mobile structures would be a good place to start those changes, giving new options to players, as well as allowing development of new code and systems for player owned structures overall.
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2015-02-18 20:52:23 UTC
Platform Keypoint 3

Revamping of POS mechanics.

Over the years I've heard a lot of complaints about POS management. How it's unwieldy, clunky, and at times very buggy to deal with. I've personally had 2 POS's over the time(s) I've played EVE, and can say that much like corporation management POS management is a major pain in the butt.

With the outdated interface/menu structures, non-intuitive setup, and other things being a detractor for some to even think of working with a POS. I agree, POS mechanics need worked on badly. And as I stated in keypoint 2, one way to work on that would be to make an intermediate tier of structures that fall between the Mobile Depot and the POS.

While making an intermediate tier of structures wouldn't immediately fix POS issues, it would allow for development on new systems to replace the legacy systems POS's use. In the long run that could be a better way to work on it than trying to do a bottom up or top down revamp of the POS systems. A parallel system of management that could be eventually adapted to replace existing POS management systems.
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2015-02-18 21:03:40 UTC
Platform Keypoint 4

Addressing the New Player Experience.

I'm pretty sure at this point that no one would say that EVE has a tutorial that is engaging, fun, and exciting.

I'm also pretty sure at this point that most people would call EVE's tutorial a word wall.

I remember a time in which Aura 'read' the lines of the tutorial text to you. It was great to hear, fun even. Made the whole thing less bland and remote.

EVE needs a much more engaging and fun tutorial experience, that covers more than the pure basics. The tutorial needs clarification, simplification, and expansion to areas not currently covered.

The career agents need expanded to further advanced areas covering those unexplained skills and mechanics. A few examples of things needed to be covered include: nanite paste, overheating, use of POS (setting up, management, etc.), R&D, overview setup.

EVE is one of the worse games I've played when it comes to the New Player Experience. With massive text wall blocks from Aura that after a bit many just turn off, causing them to rely on other players to help them learn. Which in turn brings about confusion as a new player doesn't necessarily understand where you are attempting to tell them to click on something, or do something.

I'd like to help get the New Player Experience out of the word wall it is, and into a place where it is engaging, fun, and teaches without feeling like a massive cliff climb learning curve.
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2015-02-18 21:08:55 UTC
Platform Keypoint 5.

Developing events in which players help shape the lore of New Eden, and are not just bystanders.

EVE Online has quite a bit of lore, and events which have shaped New Eden. Sadly the capsuleers have been on the sidelines for most of those things. Mentioned, alluded too, even treated as feared enemies... but how many capsuleer players have really had an effect on the shape and course of New Eden? Not many.

I'd like to bring players events which can and do shape the course of New Eden. Which drive the story forward towards whatever is ahead. Wherein players can feel they really are shaping New Eden with their contributions.

EVE's players deserve to feel that what they do really can shake the foundations of the Empires, that they really are the demi-gods moving through the aether of New Eden.
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#7 - 2015-02-18 21:13:20 UTC
There are many areas that could use work in EVE. Every player has something they would like changed, fixed, revamped, overhauled, adjusted. That's normal in any game, but in a sandbox like EVE even small changes can take a lot of time.

As a CSM I feel I could bring the keypoints I lined out into focus, as well as other areas in which players feel things could be done better. I'd like to be able to help bring about those positive changes which will make EVE even better. I can't promise anything more than that I will give my absolute best effort to help bring about the changes that can make EVE the best possible gaming experience for it's players.

Thank you, feel free to ask any questions and I'll definitely answer them if I can.

Janwa Resh
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#8 - 2015-02-18 21:22:28 UTC
why have you been in an NPC corp for 5 years and what is your response to people who say that NPC corps should be for trial/brand new accounts only?
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2015-02-19 00:53:18 UTC
Lets look at this as two questions, which is what it really is.

Why have I been in an NPC corp for 5 years?

There are a lot of good reasons to be in a NPC corp, as many as there are for reasons to be in a player corp. Can't be wardecced, don't have to deal with sov issues, ready access to helpful advice in corp, all good reasons to remain in CAS. On the other hand there are quite a few reasons to join a player corp: sov warfare, ready access to pvp fleet activity, ready access to helpful advice in corp, lower taxes (generally), better access to POS refining/construction.

For me, CAS has always been the best starter corp. Lots of veteran players that are helpful in their advice. Many former CAS members available in the CAStabout Alliance for access to nullsec pvp fleeting, POS useage, and other things. Plus CAS is overall a fun place to be due to the varied personalities within it.

I've stayed in CAS because CAS has been a welcoming and friendly place, with plenty of group activity, and even with higher taxes (11%) it's worth that 1% tax hike just to not be constantly wardecced. Have I thought about joining a player corp? Yes, many times, I've turned down dozens of invitations to corporations over the years to be honest. All because I've yet to find a corporation that gives as much benefit as CAS has.

What is my response to people who say that NPC corps should be for trial/brand new accounts only?

Forcing people into player corps won't help retention of players. Most starter/bloodline corps are places people stay in for a day, week, month, while trying to find other player corps to be in. Yet CAS has people, active people, who have been playing since the first days of EVE Online. The reason? CAS does as much as a player corp with few of the downsides (wardecs, sov issues, politics). In the end I have to wonder if the ones yelling loudest for NPC corps to be limited to a certain age of character might be due to jealousy, or regret in having left their initial NPC corp.

I've always felt it is a mistake to push disadvantages at a player in a game to force an outcome. In this case pushing people to join a player corp. Currently the NPC corps have 11% tax, higher than typical player corps, as a nudge towards joining a lower tax player corp. Doesn't really work out that way though, since the no wardeccing aspect of NPC corps is worth a lot more than 1% tax.
Khumaak Flying Circus
#10 - 2015-02-19 01:12:42 UTC
Have you submitted your paperwork to be on the ballot?

Is there a reason you waited until the last minute to enter the race for a seat?

The Nosy Gamer - CCP Random: "hehe, falls under the category: nice try, but no. ;)"

Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#11 - 2015-02-19 01:19:20 UTC
Yes, submitted my application before the deadline. There was an issue with getting one piece of paperwork in, which delayed entry finalization to last minute unfortunately. But those issues are have been dealt with and all application paperwork submitted within deadlines.
Noble Sentiments
Second Empire.
#12 - 2015-02-19 05:34:03 UTC
Please elaborate on your ideas for the following:

  1. What could CCP do to encourage someone like yourself to get out of an NPC corp? It sounds like the main benefit to you is immunity to war decs. Since CCP has voiced a specific desire to get people out of NPC corps, what is your thought around how to make NPC corps a less-attractive long-term option?
  2. You mention "wormhole space" in your secondary terms - please detail what exactly you think needs doing or prevention from doing.
  3. You mention "Inclusivity of New Eden lore" - what do you mean by that phrase and what would you suggest to change it?

Author of Interstellar Privateer Shattered Planets, Wormholes and Game Commentary

Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#13 - 2015-02-19 06:57:19 UTC
Rhavas wrote:
Please elaborate on your ideas for the following:

  1. What could CCP do to encourage someone like yourself to get out of an NPC corp? It sounds like the main benefit to you is immunity to war decs. Since CCP has voiced a specific desire to get people out of NPC corps, what is your thought around how to make NPC corps a less-attractive long-term option?
  2. You mention "wormhole space" in your secondary terms - please detail what exactly you think needs doing or prevention from doing.
  3. You mention "Inclusivity of New Eden lore" - what do you mean by that phrase and what would you suggest to change it?

1) The primary reason many stay in a NPC corp has little to do with wardecs at all, but the fact that there are some really great people in them that have been playing for years. The social aspect of such varied and interesting people, enjoying being able to talk at any time (when online) is very attractive; and any mechanic that forces people to leave what they consider to be 'home' without very good justification will push people away. And in many cases those people are able to find 'sub groups' that work together missioning, pvping, mining, most anything you could do as part of a player corp.

While CCP may want people to leave NPC corps to player corps over staying in a NPC corp, the truth is some people just won't want to go. They've invested time into making a place for themselves in the NPC corp they've stayed in. Much like the time and effort put in by players in player corps they have been in long term. There isn't a lot of carrot given to entice people out of a player corp, say what you will some people just don't want to deal with politics, wars they have no say in, or the cult of personality that might exist outside of an NPC corp.

Things that might help encourage people to join player corps would include a number of things.
A) Such as the ability to set a corp as non-combatant, and members being disallowed from initiating pvp activity completely (save defensive combat when attacked first), or even giving RR/boosts to third parties involved in pvp activities. Non-combatant corps also being immune to wardecs, including those against an alliance (and unable to help in an alliance war with logi/boosts/etc).
B) Additional information available on corps in the corp window, including information such as average security status of the membership, preferred activities (pvp, missioning, exploration, etc.) which can be filtered in the corp search.
C) The ability for players to leave a corp within the first week of having joined, and return to the starter corp they were in as opposed to the bloodline corp, with an opt out option when leaving the player corp. After that initial week (or if they opt out), the character would go to bloodline corp. As bloodline corps tend to be short term landing pads for people who jump around corps, they are more in line with people wishing to return to a player corp. This would allow a player to decide if they made a mistake to go back to the place they started, in which they likely have some level of comfort in, before deciding to leave the nest again. This would remove the 'all or nothing' feeling of leaving a starter corp, and encourage people to join player corps in the knowledge that if it isn't a good fit they will be able to 'go back to the start' as it were.

2) Wormhole space is an incredible thing for EVE. While on one hand it seems to have been intended more as a highway and day trip set of locations, on the other players saw the potential to move in and 'own' pieces of it for themselves. This is pretty awesome as a concept, shortcuts to other places, yet the possibility to have your own little kingdom in the middle of who knows where. I think that wormhole space could do with more attention, additional mysteries to discover and unravel, as well as some changes to anomalies and signatures to put ore sites back to signatures rather than anomalies.

Wormhole space is a perfect place to add in new concepts for exploration and new types of sites to discover. Possibly new ways to escalate from a site, say to a connected 'adjacent' wormhole. Wormhole space just seems like the perfect canvas to try new things, or expand upon existing concepts.

3) EVE's lore has grown since before it's release to this day and will continue to grow. But, the vast majority of it happens as if the capsuleers are the big bad guys or the knights in shining armor, yet it seems very often that the actions of capsuleers really don't affect much overall. What I mean by inclusivity of New Eden lore is that there should be more events, and/or activities, in which players can help shape the lore of New Eden. Change the streams course as it were. This is a sandbox, but outside of some sovereignty map changes not much really changes due to player actions.

Wouldn't it be incredible as a player to be involved in an event, on the side of whatever faction or empire brings it about, in which they can feel their actions helped set the course of something major in New Eden? A change of solar system rule, or elevating some person to a position of power (hmm... gallente presidential election comes to mind), possibly discovering something that could shake things up (a new module bpo, or ship design) that only a select few gain through their hard work (by literally working through the event and earning it as the reward).

I know that as an EVE player 'I' would absolutely love to be involved with things like that. Knowing that my actions helped decide a direction that the 'world' moves in. And I'm sure many many others would feel the same.

Thanks for the interesting queries, I do hope my answers satisfy the questions you gave me.

Janwa Resh
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#14 - 2015-02-22 19:26:28 UTC
Many times I hear those in player corps wanting people to leave an NPC corp. I'm asked what would I need to be offered, or have changed, to get me to leave CAS. I've discussed just that a number of times in fleet, or in corp chat with others in CAS and player corps. Sometimes the discussions are short, sometimes long, and many varied points of view come out when it is discussed.

Lets be honest, NPC corps are looked at by player corps and player corp members in many cases as a drain from possible recruits. They are seen as useless, boring, worthless by others. And even then the disparaging comments of others go far further. So, lets look in a bit of detail at what I feel are the absolute successes of CAS, which some (but not even a majority of) player corps can say with confidence they've found as well. And upon looking at these successes, see what I feel should be worked on by ALL corporations, and the CCP devs to bring about truly positive changes in EVE Online's image.

The Center for Advanced Studies, for many new players they don't even KNOW they've selected a NPC Corp during character creation, but suddenly they are in it and fairly lost. At any given time several hundred players are active in CAS, many not even bothering to say a single word in corp chat, or unable to due to language barriers. But here is the new player, and he/she is asking about joining a corp, or how to do something that the tutorials cover (and those tutorials are a massive failure). The responses, from sometimes dozens of people, THOSE form the foundation of what the players expectations can be for this game. And in CAS they run the gamut of truly helpful and kind, to snide and smug, but in the majority of instances you get actual helpful comments and replies in CAS (from players as young as a few days old, to some who have been in CAS for over 10 years).

It's about community, a feeling that 'hey, I'm not alone here'; and having people who found a home and spend time in that home helping the newbros who come into it. I've been in most of the NPC starter corps at one time or another, and the only one that had that welcoming feeling, that feeling of helpfulness, was CAS. And that, THAT, resonates with new players and old. It even brings out a feeling of pride in CAS members, because in 'CAS, we do stuff!'.

How many other NPC corps have a 24/7 nullsec presence? How many have allied corps of former members that work daily with the NPC corp members?

CAS runs or is a main part of many things in EVE. CAS Combat Day (CCD), CAS Combat Guild (allied guilds, and CAS members who roam or live in nullsec), CAS Mining Alliance fleet mining (daily), CAShole (CAS and allied guilds C1 wh), CAS Incursions, CAS Explorations, CAS PVE Fleet.

On the other hand, we don't baby newbros. If you won't help yourself, why should we do it for you? EVE isn't easy. EVE takes effort to be successful in. But CAS can and will help those that need it, and are trying to succeed.

So, my counter question is this. What does a player corp offer, or is willing to do, in order to successfully recruit someone that has as much as you do available?
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#15 - 2015-02-23 21:44:06 UTC
Having received some good questions from ShadowandLight via forum mail, I feel that I should answer them so that all can be informed on my stance to those questions.

My direct question to you the canidates is: (from ShadowandLight)

- Are you for or against Input Duplication in EVE Online

- Are you for or against the various tools listed above (ISBoxer, AutoHotKey, mutli button keyboards etc)

- Should players be able to control multiple accounts in EVE Online, if so, should their be a limit?

- A CCP spokesperson recently stated that he would like to see EVE being brought to 1 Person = 1 Pilot, I am assuming along the lines of games lik Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. Your thoughts?

- If CCP does decide to limit mulitboxing in EVE (which it appears they have started to) would game design changes make more sense vs. banning players or do you feel this is a correct path for them to currently follow.

Thank you for your questions ShadowandLight. I myself am a limited multiboxer at times, so I can understand your concerns to some degree. I personally have never used a third party program to facilitate multiboxing. Though I have over the years spoken with a number of people who have done so in various games. Lets move on to answering your questions.

1) As a multiboxer at times (up to three accounts active), I don't use those accounts cooperatively. So, I have never felt the need for Input Duplication within EVE. I do on the other hand have some background in programming, as well as testing of games, and realize there are issues with Input Duplication that can cause concern to developers and players. Putting aside the obvious concern segments of a player base about 'bot armies', I find myself against Input Duplication for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, information processing priority. This is seen most prominently during Time Dilation. With spikes in data input from a single IP source the possibility of similtinaity can become a rather large issue. The more data commands in the same time segment the more conflicts the cpu's have in determining priority/timing, which can increase server loads. This can lead to odd issues with timing (which you can see in many videos on large fleet pvp), where prioritization of commands (such as module effect timing) can become somewhat disorganized and lead to the exploitation of server priority functions to a given end.

Secondly, there is the well deserved caution against exploitation of systems beyond a level of decency. I am not saying that multiboxers look for and use exploits, but that the use of Input Duplication can lead to the use of a system in such a way as to exploit the ability to use that system to break the balance of the system itself. A good example I have seen in video and screenshots being multibox mining fleets of 30+ ships stripping an asteroid belt clean of asteroids in a system within the first hour or two of server up. This is exploiting the system to a degree, and Input Duplication allowed these 'one man many alt' fleets to flourish.

2) Third Party Input Duplication programs I am against. Multifunction keyboards/mice/trackballs/etc I am NOT against. I feel that one click allowing one person to give the exact same command to multiple client instances can cause issues that effect the system detrimentally. I am not against short macro commands, limited to 2-3 sequential commands (example: cloak (F1) then mwd (F2) with click of function button whatever). But each instance of EVE should have it's commands input seperately.

I am also not against the non-Input Duplication functions of ISBoxer, or any other program that has other functions which are not Input Duplication. Programs which allow for easy switching between clients I can fully support.

3) I have three accounts, some have more. I do not oppose multiple accounts in general. There may be good reason to limit accounts to a certain number which I am not aware of. If that is the case I would support a reasonable number of active accounts, in my case that would be 3, for others it might be more. I'm sure if it comes to that discussion with the CCP Devs that some reasonable middle ground can be found. After all, CCP needs to make money, and account subscriptions and PLEX bring them money.

4) Comparing EVE to other in development or recently released space MMO's is disingenuous. Both of your examples to my knowledge are more like first person shooters with simulation additions. EVE is far more simulation at the core than either of your examples.

BUT, without good verifiable reasons for a need to reduce players to 1 player = 1 account, I would fight for reasonable multiple account limits.

5) Developers need to have firm rules for dealing with breaches of the EULA of their product. The restriction against Input Duplication I can support, but an outright ban on multiboxing would cost CCP revenue, as well as alienate segments of the player base. Changes in the systems of the game may in the end be the way to go, but banning against Input Duplication should be handled with full diligence of CCP. There may be cases in which false positives are in fact happening, if so then the ways to determine positives would need to be looked at. But at this point I haven't found any hard evidence that CCP's Input Duplication detection is flawed.

As long as CCP's ability to detect Input Duplication is working as intended, I support the banning of EULA breaches in the use of Input Duplication. Whether those bans be short term, or not, is up to CCP to decide. But repeat violators should be removed permanently.
Bellak Hark
New Eden Media Organization
#16 - 2015-02-24 12:40:48 UTC
Janwa Resh
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#17 - 2015-02-24 12:57:08 UTC
Why thank you very much. Quite well done and touches on the main points.
Bellak Hark
New Eden Media Organization
#18 - 2015-02-24 13:29:47 UTC
I tried to make it unique and what you stand for. I hope you like it and it is yours to do with as you please. Thanks for running and good luck. I put it on Twitter.